Constitutional Emergency

Georgia Court Ruled Against Obama, January 26th set for eligibility hearing!

Well friends, here we are, again! But this time, the court has already ruled against obozo and stated that it will decide eligibility based on the Constitutional requirement of a 'Natural Born Citizen'!

This is from the class action suit that I'm a part of. Read all about it here!

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Hopefully no free ride the 2nd time around!! 

There have to be 1 or more courts that will keep Obama off the ballot if  25 or more states challenge his unknown stats. This wasn't done the 1st time. Please God help "US" in 2012.  We can't win our nation's battles without YOU!  

Amen! Please God, bring this nation back to that which You've blest, and can bless again!


You got a link?

crashaxe, if you are asking me then yes.


We will have to wait and see how this turns out and pray that there are some with the backbone to stand up and do what is right.

Let's hope this judge doesn't cave as the judge did in California a year or so ago.......

Judge Carter caved in Oct, 09. At the September 09 hearing, it sounded like he was was with us. A month later, I saw in court that he was hostile. We learned he had hired an employee of Obama's attorney as his clerk!  Three weeks later: case dismissed. It's still bouncing around in the 9th Circus , er ,Circuit, Court of Appeals.

Absolutely G Miller......wer were all encouraged by Judge Carter being a retired Marine...however as you state, he caved.

I'm wondering WHAT IT IS THEY'RE TELLING THEM THAT SCARES SO MANY OFF? I've heard that they're told something about bo spending time at a CIA place right after college, and that maybe he's actually a plant by the kgb and they're scared of what will happen if the world finds out we've been taken over.  (Search Bari Shabazz for these rumors. Godfather politics has some good links.)

Yeah. We never find out why they are scared off.

just because a judge says his pants are worth 54 million $$$, it doesn't make them worth that much, unless you must pay.



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