Georgia Obama Ballot Challenge Update........If True, How long will this judge last?

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Thanks LTC Reade! That's what I'm looking for.

Now, will the commander and thief show up?? He'll ignore the law and try and stall until after November 2012. I pray the Judge goes after him with all the power the LAW gives him.

Yes, this is true.  All TEA Party members and/or like minded patriots are welcome to be there on the 26th.  One of the plaintiff's is Carl Swenson...TEA Party 9-12 in Clayton County.  The law suit may be online there.  Go to Clayton County Republican Party's web site.  Obama's request for Motion to Dismiss was DENIED....  Setting the stage for a full fledged hearing on the 26th.  This is HUGE !!!!! and the general public knows not about it....Why?  The news media would be punished for publishing news about it....  Plain and simple.  So, the ball is in the Judge's court to rule judiciously in the definition of "Natural Born Citizen."  Do you not remember the Democratic Party challenging Cain's eligibility as a Natural Born Citizen, because he was born in Panama....on a military base?  Only to have Cain and Palin drop the ball on challenging Obama.....   Sad.  Trump did and gave us the fraudulent birth certificate that plainly stated the father was not a citizen of the United States..... 

It is absolutely true.  Several states have Natural Born Citizen challenges pending but GA is the first to get a judge to hear ours.  It is set for January 26th.  In ruling to deny Obama's motion to dismiss the judge ruled in favor of our side on all the procedural issues of the case, leaving only to determine whether or not Obama is a natural born citizen.  Once the judge rules on that it will then be up to the Secretary of State to remove Obama's name from the ballot (provided that the judge rules in our favor).  If that happens, he is done.  AZ will be right behind us and because the precedent will be set I am sure there will be a lot more.  The best part about this whole challenge is that we don't have to question his birth certificate or any other claims as to where he was actually born or his citizenship in general.  He has plainly admitted that his father was a Kenyan citizen so that fact is without question.  The key to the challenge lies in the fairly recently discovered Supreme Court case of Minor v. Happersett in which the Court described a Natural Born Citizen as a person born in this country whose parents are BOTH citizens of the US at the time of his birth.  Clearly, Obama is not a natural born citizen.


Myself and three others have the GA challenge going and yes, we'd better pray for the safety of this judge. He has slammed the door on Obummers defense team and stated, emphatically. that there will be a hearing and he will rule on the Constitutionality of BHO being on the GA ballot on Jan 26th.

Right now it's just preperation time to make sure we have all our t's crossed and i's dotted because, for the life of me, I can't see how the defense can get a win here. Kevin Powel and I have GA State Rep and Atty Mark Hatfield as our council and he's a bull dog plenty up for the challenge. If you'd like to keep up with how this is proceeding check out this web site... Don't be confused, there are three seperate cases. They are not, as originally planned by this Judge, lumped together. Mark and Van Irion both asked for and were granted severance from Orly's and each others case.

If you care to help me out with the legal costs you can contribute and I'll add you name (first name and last initial) to the growing list of Patriots who can see that this is and will be handled by GA, her citizens and this brave Judge.


Thank you,


Carl Swensson

Thank you so much Carl.NOW NAIL HIS A$$.

Carl, I think some of the GA patriots should provide some protection for this judge.. watcha think surely some of them have a few hours a day to Kinda look in on him or out for him... I live in KY and can't get away cause of bypass surgery but I would if I could  you may expect my donation in the morning... thanks

This should get interesting. messiah mullah osama bin obama has thumbed his nose at judges without penalty before so I don't expect this to be any different. He won't comply and this judge will be overruled by higher courts. We can always hope I am wrong, and I do hope so.

Sometimes, things work out for the best. Maybe we needed shock treatment and this clown is wayyyy over the top.

His election directly resulted in the Tea Party movement, record gun sales, the "birther" movement, the greatest outpouring of patriotism since WWII and the greatest attention to the Constitution since the Founders.

If he flouts this court, many, many people will rise to the next level of outrage and take others with them. But too many  didn't when Barnett, Keyes, Drake et al v Obama was dismissed, didn't when Kerchner was dismissed, didn't when LTC Lakin was kangaroo Court-Martialed, stripped of his rank, pension, discharged and imprisoned.

Remember that the founders didn't just revolt at the first provocation.   It took many injustices and outrages over a long time to REALLY pi$$ them off. Although some of us are already there, Joe sixpak and Jane Chardonnay aren't yet.

Pat you are so right it was a total setup in Tucson. I live in Phx and the obummer demonic org OFA had their t-shirts in that gym i day after the shooting. Judge Rolls was the target They just used her format and Jared got taken by CIA's mind control people because he was a loose cannon

An e-friend just posted an article on My FB page,it seems that the Good People

of the State of Alabama have already followed suit.I'd love nothing more than to

see every last State in the Union pile on this like mad dogs!

Then check this out:

Home page bookmarked,and subscription entered.




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