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Georgia Obama Ballot Challenge Update........If True, How long will this judge last?

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Welcome!  We need dedicated patriots to blow the arrogant, unqualified, Marxist puppet usurper out of office. We'll show them what Cloward-Piven looks like, in reverse.

Me too, we might think about protecting this judge on GA.   watcha think patriots???????????

    WOW we actualy have a judge who has a set.I thought Obama and his minions would drag this past the election.I may have been wrong and i hope so.Thanks judge i feel a little better about our system of justice.God bless you and may many more follow your path.

Please Lord, put your hedge of protection around this judge. Protect him from both those who would harm or take his life, and those who would destroy his ability to work and provide a living for himself and his family. Please give him courage, strength, and wisdom as to how you would have him to proceed, and wisdom to rule in such a way as to help Thy people in this nation which Thou has blest. Please Lord, have mercy upon us, and help us to undo that which Thine enemies are working to build harm and destruction upon this nation.


I think the second option is the most likely. Anyway the Military could arrest obozo??


The level of public apathy and official corruptionn is staggering. How many impeachment or eligibility rallies have you seen?  How many people were at them?  Remember the Georgia Pitchfork Rally? The DC Veterans' Rally? The San Diegoi Impeachment Rally?   I thought so.

It will take something really horrible to sufficiently anger the People, like the cancellation of the SuperBowl, or the wrong people winning Dancin' With the Stars, to really fire up their revolutionary fervor.

G. Miller,

You have it EXACTLY right. We've become too comfortable and apathetic. We see no need to do anything. Think we can't do anything about. On and on.

All I can do at this point is be prepared( I am ) and try to encourage others that this is THE REAL DEAL.

When the folks have enough PAIN, they'll react. Meanwhile US folks must keep up the drumbeat.


Has anyone heard if the results of Arizona's Sheriff Arpaio's (sp) research has been published?  Wouldn't that be timely.  Not sure if his research is more on the birth place or the fact, that Barack Obama's father is not an American citizen.  I would think his research focuses more on the birth place, as the citizenship of Barack's father is not in question, and that fact, plainly violates the constitution and established and accepted case law.  As does the everyday talk that Republican Marco Rubio could not be president because his parents are from Cuba.  Republicans are keenly aware of the Natural Born Citizen clause, and abide by it, but evidently Senator Nancy Pelosi willfully and intentionally chooses to ignore it when she and that other lady on the DNC committee intentionally and maliciously coverup Obama's failure to qualify as a Presidential candidate!  Is this not a felony?!?!?!  Or should be.....

It appears Arpaio's investigation is least I'm seeing email requesting donations.  And yes, as I see it the parental citizenship aspect of "natural birth" is key.  Both parents must be citizens of the United States when a child is born for that child to be identified as a "natural born citizen". Where the child is born is not key, it who the chid is born of.....  Both Obama and Rubio fail to meet the test as "natural born citizen" as neither had parents(plural) that were United States citizens at the time of Obama and Rubio's birth. In Rubo's case, neither of his parents were United States citizens when he was born..

It's not only a felony, but a considered TREASON.  We put all politicians in a higher class, but they are only people.  Unfortunately, they are governed by their own selfishness, greed and need for more power.  We as voting citizens just listen to what they are going to do for us, but we never truly look into the person's beliefs, wants, and truthfulness.  We want and expect the people we put into office to be honorable, trustworthy and faithful to our constitution.  Then those people we voted in elected office, they take it upon themselves as if they are Gods that can do no wrong and they do what they feel is right.  So in their eyes, it's ok to be greedy, untruthful, untrustworthy...this is normal for them.  Just like it's ok that Obama's father was not born in the U.S.A., it's just a formality in their eyes.  What ever works for them it's ok. THEY HAVE NO ALLEGIANCE TO THE CONSTITUTION OR THE CITIZENS OF THE USA.  Since no one in the Judical system has taken Obama by the horns and said you cannot be President of the USA, then the process goes on letting others from other countries come into our Nation to be in elected to Federal offices.


It means that our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AS A WHOLE SHOULD BE PUT IN JAIL FOR TREASON.  YES, IT IS A COVER UP and WE HAVE ALLOWED IT TO CONTINUE.  Obama should not be in office as our President, Obama is not Commander in Chief of our Military, all the rulings he has changed should be erased, made the USA a GODLESS NATION and purposely FINANCIALLY BROKE THE BANK FOR OUR NATION.  WE HAVE ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN, NOW WE HAVE TO CORRECT THE ERROR.  OTHERWISE WE AS A NATION WITH FREEDOMS WILL NOT EXIST.




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