The Colonel challenged me a couple months ago to think outside the box, so here goes:

For those who remain eager to make a difference, as the voting season progresses, please help me spread the notion that all debates among candidates for office and all news media interviewers should confine themselves to the 12 Technidigm elements.  The Facebook Group is at:

and the much more detailed $3 book on what it all means and how to apply the 12 elements is at:

The 12 Technidigm elements were developed by an MIT and, also, Johns Hopkins graduate (with 3 masters degrees) who also happens to be a retired naval officer who served in Tonkin Gulf on USS Enterprise, his first tour of duty after graduating from the US Naval Academy with the class of 1966.  The 12 Technidigm elements are a simplified (to allow understanding by at least most people) paradigm that draws in the honor of public service envisioned by the Founding Fathers, the integrity required of public servants envisioned by the Founding Fathers, and the systematic approach to public expenditures expected by each of us now and in the future.  Google Technidigm and politics if you like.

The author currently goes to work daily to teach federal employees from across the US Government highly classified (Secret) nuclear weapon technologies and non-proliferation (classification) requirements.  By the way, if you live near a nuclear power plant, you might like to know that he spent a dozen years inspecting them to ensure their safety.  Google Technidigm and nuclear safety if you like.

So, if you don't mind, please spread the word that you will vote first for those candidates who at least try to understand and use the 12 Technidigm elements.  Join the Facebook Group.  Read the book.  Share.  Vote.

Best regards to all patriots across the US!

Charlie Jones

Germantown, MD



USS Enterprise CVN65
USS Bainbridge CGN25

Nuclear Energy Manager and Consultant since 1966

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So how do the 12 elements work together to "keep things inside the box" of common sense?

The 12 elements in a box:

Your 12 Elements in a Box makes an interesting case for measurement and feedback.  However, in my experience, I would prefer to take managers, engineers, and technicians out of the new cool, trendy, and fashionable box, and put them back in the old box.  The new box seems to contain stuff like six-sigma, endless meetings, and zero productivity.  The old box contained real Americans, hard work, and real productivity.  I would argue, that in the abstract, there are only 5-Elements - - Time, People, Money, Energy and Materials.  Time and people are the most difficult to manage, and materials is the easiest to manage.  We need less talking and more doing.  Less checkers with clipboards, and less kids with mobile phones.  Today's young techies seem to think that any "real" job involves a desk, a chair, a computer, and lots of wasted time spent in social networking.  I believe that America's real strength came from real jobs in Mines, and Mills, and Factories, and Farms.  But, that's just me.


You might like this - - "America at the Tipping Point", a political novel - -



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