Yesterday (9/4/2009), Glenn Beck Show had David Horowitz on his show. Horowitz made know bones about the fact that he had been a communist in the 1960’s. He was with the SDS, as well as the fact that his parents were communists. After 1975, when the North Vietnamese took Saigon and then slaughtered 2.5 million Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians, he changed his philosophy about the Vietnam War (both John Voight and Dennis Hopper did as well) and communism. He’s dedicated himself to stopping communism. He told Beck several things that we should know about the COWARD and communism. First, he said there was no doubt the COWARD is a communist and most of his administration is (I think we know that). Secondly, Beck asked Horowitz whether the COWARD was elected or anointed. Horowitz said, anointed and Beck said “Soros”. Horowitz basically said the PUPPET (my wording Puppet not his) was groomed. I would call Soros the PUPPETEER. Third, according to Horowitz, the communists only want one thing, “power”, and will do anything to get it. That’s why they got the Stimulus Bill voted on, and why they want Obamacare and Cap and Tax. However, Horowitz said, when they get the power, they don’t know want to with it. The next two points are the main topic of Horowitz’ and Beck’s conversation.

Horowitz says those of us, which is the vast majority of Americans, love our Country and our Constitution and don’t want either one changed. Regardless of whether you are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or just Independent, we love our Country and our Constitution, and we will fight to keep it. He says stop the squabbling between us and become one Nation. When we do that they can’t win. We have already started in that respect with the Tea Parties.

The final point that Horowitz talks about has to do with protests, townhalls, Tea Parties, etc (to me, that includes Militias). Always stand up to the communists and their thugs. Thugs are always bought to protests and start trouble (fight in some cases), while true Americans are protesting (or fighting if necessary) for their Country and their Constitution.

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