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I said this very thing when I spoke at the first Yorba Linda (CA) Tea Party on April 15th 2007.  The current job of people like Dick Armey, whom I admired as a congressional conservative, is to make sure the TPM gets absorbed into the Republican Party.  As Rush Limbaugh has been saying over the past few days; the Republican Establishment wants to be known as the "Conservative Establishment.  We all know there is a gaping gap difference between them.  Also, beware of blogsites that ban patriots for being anti-Republican, pro- Ron Paul or too pro-Constitution.  The current liberal Republican Party does not tolerate these attitudes.
D's are virtually 100% taken over by socialist NWO types. I doubt there is any hope to reform them.

The only way to come over is become conservative and uphold our values. Otherwise don't come close.


We've always been infiltrated by the enemy to some extent. It is most important to clean our house because the entire D group is sold out to socialism and getting only a few of our representatives gives them complete control.

Here is how I see the Republican Party to whic I prouydly quit years ago.  I have argued these points with Greg on another site under a pseudonym.  That party desperately needs to be remade back into the image of the Founding Fathers.  I believe we need loyal people to hang in there and attempt to steer the party towards constitutional conservatism from which it has strayed terribly.  At the same time, those of us who refuse to vote in favor of their liberal RINO crap candidates are needed to provide an external threat to their quest for power.  Both factions are needed if we are to resurrect the party into one that will serve the needs of constitutionally minded patriots.  I will never vote to the liberals Newt Romperry any more than I voted for the treasonous John McAmnesty.  That candidate deserved to LOSE the election and the party should be ashamed of itself for his nomination.

Also, though I'm no hard core Ron Paul fan, I find the anti-Paulers to be the most vicious Republobots who tend to march to the polls in cult-like fashion and vote as their party instructs them.  It is more often their obsessive hatred of him and his fans that i see posted, rather than otherwise.  Thinking objectively though, if Ron Paul were to get the nomination he would pull the Republobots, many independents, and the anti-war lefties.  So if one's only interest is to win the election at all costs, Ron Paul might make the most sense.  He will get votes across more demographic lines than anyone else.  Personally, I'd like to see Cain get it because I would vote for him and as Rush observed, he'd actually be America's first truely black president which is a title I'd love to see taken away from the communists. 

BTW, I heard Andrew Breitbart at the Nixon Library the other night.  I highly recommend his new book.  It is a textbook on how to defeat the Democrat-Media Complex.

There are too many waking up. Don't think they can do it.
Well, since we are all entitled to our opinions, and since I believe EVERYONE is entitled to MINE RIMLITIA, some of what you post about Beck and the TPM is how I feel about Jones.  If there is a kook fringe on the right,which I'm not sure there is, he would certainly qualify.  He seems to be the king of conspiracy theorists and I believe he hurts the credibility of those he interviews or seems to take seriously.  He seems like a George Noorey of the internet. I expect him to accuse the government of collaborating with the martians to abduct citizens to conduct nefarious experiments.  I could be wrong about him but as of now, that is how he comes across to me.
This patriot pastor is a chaplain of the Tea Party.

He is a pied piper who beats to his own drum when put on the spot to uphold the U.S. CONSTITUTION Article II Section I Clause V he DUCKS and STICKS his HEAD IN THE SAND and hopes it will pass so he can continue to get paid!


HOOYA TWANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SEMPER FI Little Sister

Have you guys heard about John Dummett?  He is a registered presidential candidate for 2012 who is mounting a legal challenge on Ayatollah Obongo's citizenship, and donations to his legal fund can be made here:
nice guy but has no idea how to win.



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