Constitutional Emergency


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Ther scariest part of all of this is the utter single-mindedness of those who oppose rational thought about the American Exceptionalism and traditional core values that over the years, have made us unique in the World as AMERICANS. The radical left has sold their agendas to all those willing to absorb the modification of those values to a system of political correctness that in and of itself has become one of the most divisive single aspect of life in this country. It is being preached in the educational system; especially to the elementary kids in places like Illinois, California and Masssachusetts that no faith in anything but government is warranted, that homosexuality is and should be the norm, that illegals are just people looking for a better way of life but, they are doing so at our expense as Citizens, and THAT is not being taught, Christiantiy is under constant attack by the secular government and the ACLU. Unions are advocating violence as a means to an end and, as Jimmy Hoffa recently stated, are ready and all too willing to be Obama's Army to :"Get those SOB's." One can only hope and work toward the education of the electorate that their civil liberties and way of life, their sovereignty and the future of their children are at high risk and that The Tea Party and groups like the Patriot's Union and the Veteran Defenders are one of the brightest hopes with both the will and the committment to preserve all the Founding Fathers worked so hard to present TO us.



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