Global Collaspe.........who is the best GOP candidate to have in the White House??

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The damn elected parasites have caused this. 

Providing we actually have elections, and NObama does not do one of his famous, non approved executive orders, saying that he can run for a 3rd term, or declare Martial Law, so that the election process will be postponed until he lifts the declaration, which he never will. I do not see anyone capable of digging America out of the deep pit he has dug for us. It would take a minimum of 2 terms for a person willing to take the necessary steps to alleviate our dire situation. We are Trillions of dollars, I believe around 18 to 19, in debt right now. Every year more money has to be borrowed just for our Country to pay it's expenses. The person who can fix this may not even exist, as this is a debt factor that will take a dedicated, willing to make desperate cuts, and tick off a lot of illegals, and those who are lifers on our welfare system. It will take a person who will cut grants to companies which basically accomplish nothing with the funds they receive annually, a person who will stop sending foreign aid to all Countries, with the exception of those who have a serious natural disaster, and actually need the help. A person with a personal Christian belief system, a person who knows how to be strong against our enemies, and who will STOP the influx of Aliens, and so called refugees streaming into our Country. A person who will defend our borders, and deport those who are not Citizens of all Nationalities. A person who knows how to handle those who want to go to war with us, without kid gloves on. A person who will put us back into the space race, expand our studies of our surroundings, a person who will bring back the Military which is ready, willing, and able to fight for our Country. A person who will rule by Constitutional law, and abide by his/her solemn Oath to defend it against all enemies both foreign and domestic. A person who will not let go those who have been captured, who are our enemies, and if released, will reenter the fight against us. One who can actually balance our our highly inflated budget, pay down our debt to a very low level, and eventually, completely before we loose our standing as the Worlds Reserve Currency. If this happens, our dollar will become basically worthless overnight, and our debtors will not take our dollar as payment for our debts, but only Gold, Platinum, or the new world reserve currency, whomever takes that title away from us.
We are up to our chins in the outhouse excrement NObama has placed us in, and he continues to make waves. I am not sure there is any candidate who can handle this tremendous obligation, and absolute reality, before our Nation collapses into a third world Status.
Donald has made it big in Business, and obviously knows how to make money, reduce costs, keep his employees happy, and started with little to accomplish this feat. I believe he has the skills necessary in this respect, I am not sure about how well he would do diplomatically. My second choice, Ben Carson, brought himself up through the ghettos, to a standing as the most highly achieved neurosurgeon in the Country. He is a brilliant man, and even does ALL his speeches without notes, using only his intellect for his lectures, and speeches. He is a devout Christian man, is not a racist, and is among the brightest in the pack.
Who can handle all the above, and do it before we fall from our pedestal, I do not know. I do see our best chances, through either Trump, or Carson. I have not seen much which truly impresses me, of the rest of the field of candidates running for the position. Actions speak much louder than words, and are much more visible.

no politician can / will stop the economic bubble from exploding...

I tend to agree but, how about "managing" the collapse Gary??

If we're talking business and finance, Trump knows money and would probably have the best ideas on how to rebuild our economy.  I do have concerns with Donald's lack of filter from time to time.

Agreed, no one can stop it...we are mathematically beyond that point...but SOMEONE does have to manage it in whatever way possible.
Like him or hate him I pick Trump. He can't possibly fix the disaster Obama has caused, but at least he will carr enough to help the U.S.

Donald is ok, as with all national elected politicians / officials he is connected with the agents of the

global elites. if elected , he promises to accumulate another 5 trillion in national debt.

i would be thrilled IF he can stop illegals and support Christians. i doubt he will allow more infringements

upon the second amendment....hillary / bernie as POTUS will destroy completely destroy us....

Source of this Gary  he promises to accumulate another 5 trillion in national debt.

Donald publicly stated the us economy can manage 24 Trillion in National Debt.

He acknowledges his spending programs coupled with  current fiscal polices will be funded

with more debt.


I would like to read the document/report or video of this statement.

CANNOT HELP with that, so much tv / internet coverage of Donald , yet i did

witness that statement, i believe it was his response to media / audience question.



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