Global Collaspe.........who is the best GOP candidate to have in the White House??

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I hear you Rooster...........

True....Old Rooster......everything you just posted is true.

a conex / shipping container can be fitted / stocked to provide a security shelter should desperate people attempt

to take your provisions / valuables. properly modified ,  these people would move on to their next target finding entry

into your shelter too difficult . here again , all the preparations one may take , they are temporary . within months,

either you can safely grow your food and have a safe water supply or you will be forced to search for what  you

need in dangerous regions.

the logistics of another revolution would be insurmountable based on the massive population and their lack

of resourcefulness.however , a close alliance of a certain number could ban together and survive for years.

We, the American people need to elect a strong willed individual to lead us out of this mess however everyone thinks this one person will do it. If you're one of them you are so wrong. Everyone has to work together including us if we're going to accomplish this task. There is going to have to be a lot of changes made, people are going to have to go to work and off government support. Pray to God people, pray to God.

my prayers ( communications with the Father ) are many.  thus far, i have concluded HE is terribly

saddened by this nation rebuking him ( SCOTUS bans school prayer / biblical teaching ) And the

Christians Did Nothing....

you are way wrong thinking anyone you elect can defeat this corrupt government.

now, a dictator who loves his people as GOD does could change things provided he had the support

of the military....look what the people and General Sisi accomplished  , they banned the Muslim Brotherhood

and are making real gains in recovery.

Here's another trend that we haven't really seen in the Main Stream media.
American corporations (jobs) moving out,,,,,,,,, getting away from the high tax rates.

A Tidal Wave of Corporate Migrants Seeking (Tax) Shelter

It's pretty clear there will be a global economic collapse. Yes, inept American politicians and cruel, crusading Leftists in the current mis-administration have contributed to the coming collapse, but the US is not the primary cause this catastrophe-in-waiting.
The bigger culprits are Europe, specifically the European Union -- an illusory quasi-state with no cohesive nation underlying the paper union. The EU gave its made up currency, the Euro, value without even any sort of national reserve to back it. If y'all think our money is based on debt, consider that everything in the EU is based on debt to themselves with nothing to back the method of payment.
China and all within its sphere of influence. Red China's is an ephemeral economy -- made up entirely of the assets belonging to others. Theirs is strictly a build & export phase of an economy. There is so little domestic market in Red China as to say there is no domestic market. There is not one China -- some 58 major ethnic groups speaking more than 110 languages & dialects. Outside of the zone around Beijing Mandarin is hardly spoken and is used only for official business. And while Red China is officially an atheistic state there are more than 40 different religious traditions operating there today that the state has not been able to neuter. The Red Chinese manipulate their currency so often that it has no actual value -- only a barter value with trade partners.
The Russian Bloc is a one-trick pony: energy production. Russian domestic production is low in quantity and lower in quality. The Russians and those in their bloc are net importers of nearly everything they need except energy. The Ruble is essentially worthless as a convertible currency and yet Moscow continues to pour its scarce economic resources into its military -- and they get very little for it.
The US bloc is a victim of its own success. This nation has produced riches beyond imagining at any other time in world history and most of that national wealth has been frittered away by feckless and ideologically driven buffoons in both parties. But as bad off as the US is we are still the strong, most stable country on the planet.
There will be a day of reckoning. The world economic order will collapse. Eventually the US economy will implode, too, but we'll be the last man standing ... the last to fall.
It really matters not at all who is in the White House or which party has control when that day comes. The Central government will be able to do little to soften the blows the people must absorb. What will follow the collapse in the US will be a period -- perhaps a decade or so -- of utter chaos with much misery and loss of life attendant; but from those ashes will arise a follow on society ... smaller, and for a long time nearly cashless, but still viable.
The upside of the worldwide collapse will be the erasing of all debt. Every nation or group of nations will have a chance to restart. I doubt Europe and the Russian Bloc will learn anything from the coming trials & troubles. Their histories do not portend well for their futures.
The other up side will be the complete demolition of the Islamic World, which is built 100-percent on exporting energy products. With no markets for their oil, their so-called civilizations will collapse. With scarcely any ability to raise foods in the desert their populations will be decimated, and the machinery used to grow crops in Iraq will break down and then rust in the sun because few in that part of the world know how to repair them. Within a few years of the collapse their cities will lie nearly empty, beginning to decay from lack of upkeep and the survivors will return to herding sheep and living the nomadic life. Their moment of modernity will have passed them by.
I do not look forward to the coming collapse but I am convinced of one thing: the people of North America will get by and then come back faster and further than anyone else on the planet...not because of government but despite it.

Jim...I really enjoyed and appreciated your post.

A very plausible analysis Jim............thanks.



Very interesting postulation Jim. Personally I think your dead on.



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