Global Collaspe.........who is the best GOP candidate to have in the White House??

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During the Kennedy Administration, (June 4, 1963 Kennedy Decreed Executive Order 11110, and was signed with the authority to not only deny the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest; but the Federal Reserve Bank would as well soon be out of business. Never happened, and Kennedy assassinated a little over five months later on Nov 22, 1963), Modern Money Management came into play. Under Modern Money Management: For every dollar of savings in a bank - the bank could loan out $9.81. Now the 981% loan increase in a dollar in savings / and today 'retirements' is dependent upon the 'size' of the banks. Which the big boys can go 981%, and the smaller ones not as much. Problem though, regardless of the size of a bank - for every loan up to 981% there MUST BE another dollar in savings for another up to 981% loan from the banks. Yet what's been actually happening is banks were making so much profit, that on the same $1 originally invested, up to another $9.81 was loaned out on the ORIGINAL dollar, and another loan on the Original Dollar, and another, and onward. Which there weren't just only American Citizens investing; but money from other countries. And with the banks continuing to loan out up to 981% of money invested over and over again = more than just the $43 Trillion you might have heard about a few years ago - For in actuality, it's several hundred Trillion Dollars in loans, far far beyond the original investments.

America is already going BANKRUPT. And yes, the 20 Trillion + blank check authorization from most DC Legislation, is going to hit us that much harder. In the very near future, once the American Dollar begins to lose even more 'respect' and Global Recognition - Bankruptcy is going to cause our Economy to go Belly Up, the dollar is going to lose major value, and all hell is going to break out. Not just Welfare People; but many Companies shutting down, SS checks, Retirement checks - savings and retirement funds gone, etc. Martial Law will become necessary, not only concerning Muslim, Gangsters, tons of Radicals exploding, power outage affect on our youth, etc; but to ration out water, food, medical and such to the population. And those in uniform, including military, national guard, law enforcement and such + volunteers coming out of the woodwork must be first in line, along with politicians and billionaires to receive rationing.

As a combat vet who worked out with Special OPS, those who do have some water, food, guns, ammo and such in storage is fine; but - what about medical? Do you have your own hospital? There's heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and quite a few dramatic medical issues that regular medication can't do anything about. In fact, there's going to be so much wildness going out on the streets that even those of us who have been in direct combat are facing more than we can imagine. For way too many years we have sought the face of fellow mankind for solutions - instead of THE FACE OF GOD.

We the people, and especially Body of Christ have allowed GOD and the Original Intent of the United States Constitution to be deviated by our State and Federal Administrative / Legislative / Judicial Leadership for many years. Whether it be ungodly and unholy Laws, the ransacking of Amendments, deceptive Documentation, and overall the allowable continuance for man's law to be Predominant - Through the actions of the vast majority and man's law now ruling - GOD's Law has been Overturned, Grace has been Disdained, and since the legalization of sodomy in 2003, America has Completely Dissolved as one nation Under GOD.

Beginning with the Mayflower Pilgrims, and onward to Pastors and Leadership under GOD, nurturing the Birth and progression of Godly Ethics and Honor - one nation Under GOD, For The Sake of Grace, Godly Values, Biblical Principals and Foundation of GOD's Law aspired to become the greatest nation that has ever existed upon GOD's Earth. Not that this nation was ever perfect. For since by one man has sin entered into this world, corruption has long ago been established. Yet for Education to erase Biblical Principals, and Godly Values to be cast to the wayside - Knowledge of Good and evil degrades, transgresses, and collapses into the abyss of the days of Noah.

Yet, although darkness descends upon GOD's Earth of form and void - - Justification, Justice, and Scriptural Education Unto Sovereign Creator GOD - Bowing unto our Lord, Savior, Redeemer Preeminent Christ Jesus - And through Divine Power and Guidance of The Shekinah Glory Holy Spirit - History can still yet be extended for our children's children's children. However, without Street Revivals, and with sword in hand being an UnYielding Barrier in the face of the darkness - The continuing ignorance to first seek fellow creation for solutions, whilst SILENCE continues to allow ME The People to prevail, then very soon, and even before Christ Jesus Comes - GOD's Wrath upon this nation SHALL Be Severe. For unlike Northern Israel and Judah sacrificing sheep - The Body of Christ in America is primarily Praying and Giving Speeches instead of Physical Action for the Atoning Blood and Resurrection of Christ Jesus. Our Founding Fathers and those fighting in the Revolution faced nothing near what we do today - And they sure didn't put up with what they faced. So, if we want to actually see some very positive changes in this nation - We very quickly Pray, go forth and Witness Christ Jesus; but as well Lock and Load, and risk life and limb For The Sake of Grace - - - Or all Hell is very soon going to bring immense suffering upon America.

Rick Mitchell
Nazarite Priest

They are only two presidential candidates which are NOT POLITITIANS. Donald Trump and Ben Carson. So I believe that is the only choice to get away from political correctness and crooked establishment. But it has to be somebody, who can deal with Russia. Second in command of NATO, Gen, Pavlik in his speech said, that most dangerous for Europe's security is not ISIS with all immigrants sending to Europe, but Russia. The today's turmoil with immigration in Europe is masking and taking eyes from Russia, You can Google his speech.

In my opinion, I have to give Gen. Pavlik credit:

-Under Putin, Russia increased finances and modernization of military 30 times, when USA decreased financing of military to the point where it can not efficiently defence the country and is somewhere in the line with military before the 2nd world war. Russia now with the collapse of the oil market is in bad financial crises and their foreign exchange reserve is good for about 18 month.

-Europe is under heavy bombardment of Russia disinformation and news  (in many countries are Russian web sites masquerading as the domestics) to the point, that by estimation close to 60% of adult population in Europe believes that USA and NATO want to start 3rd World War by military attack on Russia.

-Military doctrine of Russia is:

There never will be a war on the Russia soil.

Pre-emptive strike is the best defence.


So who is the best future commander for military? You have to decide.

Trump caught lying again by little old Megan.

Politics Trump Praised Megyn for Debate Moderating in 2011: 'Great Job,' 'I Could Never Beat You' Published January 27, 2016 Facebook0 Twitter0 livefyre0 Email…

Rick Mitchell,
You are absolutely correct in your understanding, and obviously your Bible as well. I hesitate to respond to your post, as I have been lightly chided for my participation in, off subject, material in other posts.
I will only lightly mention a couple of things which I see. Much, if not all of what you have mentioned in your comment, is on the money.
I have been in deep study of the KJV Bible for some 40 years now. Most of that study has centralized around Prophecy, beginning of sorrows, pouring out of the vials of his wrath, The dragon, the Beast, the bowls, and the trumpets, and end of days. I have found, that we are at very least in the beginning of sorrows time frame, and all of the rest is soon to follow. I am firmly convinced that all we endure right now, is proof of that fact. I am also convinced that his will be done, regardless of what is happening, and that all of it is in his own plan. The plan laid out throughout both Old and New testaments, are beginning, and I believe he will do his bidding, as prophesied thousands of years ago. He is in charge.

I do truly hurt, and am appalled at what our Nation has become, as have most. God many times poured out his wrath on the Children of Israel due to their, on again off again disobedience to his will. Many times he allowed their enemies to ravage them, because they ignored his commandments, and served tangible Deities, false Gods, and would not follow him. God turned his back on them many times, and every time they would come crying back to him saying Lord, we have sinned, please release your anger upon us. He wanted only their truth to him, and for them to remember that he, and only he, was and is the TRUE God. I could quote multiple scriptures, telling us that the end is truly near, but I believe ALL True Born Again believers all know the truth, and that he is in control, whither or not we are happy with the fact. When you see all these things Look up, for your redemption is near.
America through the years remained relatively prosperous, and life was good for most of it’s people. There was a strong belief in God, although not all, but it was not deviated to the degree of forcing his anger upon it and it’s people. I cannot say there is a point, where God was actually stricken from this Nation, but since the takeover of this once great Country, by the obviously Muslim raised, and sympathetic man sitting in our Presidents chair, he has almost single-handedly shook his fist in the face of the one true God, he has brought into being a fight against Judeo-Christianity like none other before him, and persecutes them relentlessly. As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words, and his actions are more than evident, and well planned towards the removal, if possible, of God from America.
He has replaced Good with Bad, and Bad with Good, he forces the LGBT lifestyle upon the masses, he promotes Islamic teachings in our schools, while he disallows Christianity to even be mentioned. He hosts EVERY Muslim event in and around the Whitehouse, While he ignores, and makes a outstanding effort to eliminate any event, Holliday, of Christian belief from his domain.
He has put Christians, and so many others on the official Government list of possible terrorists, extremists, traitors, and anti-Government sentimentalists, that it is impossible for many not to be on that list. Please see that list here, and judge for yourself, whither or not you are on the list.
He has launched a all-out war upon Judeo-Christianity, God, Jesus Christ, and our Holy word of God, the Bible, that it is impossible not to see his calloused disregard for any and all of it.
I am not a defeatist, in fact, I am a fighter armed and ready to defend myself, mine, my friends and believing neighbors. I am, however, a realist who is able to understand, comprehend, and cross reference the word of God to get the big picture of his word, and warnings to us of what to watch for, be aware of, and be ready for.
I easily see that which was foretold us, and understand that he is in control, ALWAYS. Jesus Christ is coming soon, in the clouds, with great power and glory. Those asleep in him, will be the first received unto him, then we who remain alive in him will also be received to him, and will forever more be with him in his Kingdom. Eternally in the Joy of God. Those, as the one who so strongly fights against him, will all take their place of Eternal punishment, sorrow, pain, suffering, burning but not being consumed, tortured, and tormented every moment forever. There will be no second chances for them, and there will be no possible chance of escape of the life they have chosen for themselves in their choices and decisions, during their short time on this sliver of dirt in his Universe.
God be with us all, it is going to be a long, bumpy, difficult ride for we who live, but stand firm in your faith, and your crowns will be given you when you reach the destination you have lived for. Spend the days you have left, spreading the good news, the gift of salvation, and eternal peace to all who will listen. We have been told in the Word, that we will be tortured, and killed, for his name’s sake. I am ready to enter that which I have been promised, be sure that you are.

My Brother Freedom Fighter:

Praise GOD and it is indeed Joyful to hear from and meet Brothers (and Sisters) in Christ Jesus.  For we have come to a time when there are many, many corrupt Polytickens (of the Poly Ticks Family, sucking the blood out of America).  Thereby it's actually not of Wisdom to vote for the lesser of the two evils - for then the lesser becomes the greater.  Yet, there is as well a matter of what the future Shall Bring if something is not physically done against the darkness now descending upon GOD's Earth of form and void.  For whether one be a Pre, Mid, or Post Tribulationist - Once the END Begins - It's not actually going to be a full seven years - Jesus tells us that GOD Shall Shorten the days lest none be saved.   

From Noah to the Patriarchs / Judges / Prophets / some of the King's / and several people - Onward to GOD in Flesh Christ Jesus / Apostles / Preachers & Teachers / Elders & Deacons / and many more people - Even unto 1740 - 1750 the Baptist, Methodist, and Presbyterian Pastors who united for The First Great Awakening in the Colonies, which about 15 to 20 years later united and began to Recruit and help Train the Colonial Army for our Founding Fathers - Is an ancestry of men and women who knew that most of the world was ungodly; but there being a nation, even if a small nation that bowed to Sovereign Creator GOD, then history would continue for their children's children's children.  

I am Thankful unto GOD for being born in the Baby Boomer Generation, for there was much more FAITH, Witnessing, Godly Values & Biblical Principals, and United Standing that as the years progressed has come to a term that GOD's WORD states is the Elect.  From 12 to 17, most of the youth attending church, want out as soon as they are 18.  From 18 - 35, over 80%+ /  62%+ of the Middle aged / and 45%+ of the Senior Citizens want sodomy to remain legal.  For upwards to 70% overall have 'friends' and family who are sodomites.  Which are humongous VOTES.  Yet, weepingly sad, satan is now influencing and education our youth not only in many Elementary schools; but Kindergartens.  

Back when I was a kid, there was a heck of a lot of us going down to the altar and accepting Christ as our Lord, Savior, and Redeemer.  And even as a teenager, and mid twenties - a heck of a lot of kids, and older youth were doing the same.  And for several years it has gotten to the point that satan is able to influence all the way down to 5 year olds unto damnation!!!  Why?  Because unto GOD - there's SILENCE.

Way back in history at the base of Mount Sinai - Caleb and several others sure didn't get drunk, party, nor dance around that golden male calf worshiping it like it was a god - a four legged beast of the field that ate grass and chewed cud.  Surely those not involved Prayed, Rallied, Gathered together, Talked, Signed a Note, Wished Moses was back, and whatever it took to NOT make a STAND, and with sword in hand tell those heathens, "Over my dead body".  

Today, that golden male calf has a golden Bull having sex with it, a golden cow with a spear pierced into her womb, and a golden he / she BullCow all being worshipped like they are gods.  And for anyone who seriously believes that Judge Jesus is going to clean up the mess that The Body of Christ allowed - yet pull us up to Heaven without having to face HIS Judgment really needs to reconsider Scripture.  For GOD is The Same, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow - For Sovereign Creator GOD to allow tens of thousands to be murdered following Acts Pentecost, which by 1990 the record was broken as until today more and more Body of Christ are murdered / beaten / imprisoned / or all three combined in The Name of Christ Jesus - but not in America? America is no longer one nation Under GOD, because of The Body of Christ, and it's time that The Body of Christ Street Revivaled, as well as locked and loaded, got face to face unto the darkness, and became an UnYielding Barrier regardless if it's giving our life for Christ Jesus.  There's still time, for our children's children's children to extend history, and for GOD to do some Healing of this nation; but we have to, we must take II Chronicles 7:14 more seriously than just talk.  Time to Walk our Faith.

GOD Cannot Lie.  There Shall Be End Times; but - GOD does give unto mankind the right to choose, and it's our choice that either brings GOD's Wrath, or GOD's LOVE.  And for our children's children's children - For The Sake of Grace, GOD's Law, and Biblical Education - Give us Godly Values and Biblical Principals, Or give us death.

As a combat vet - it's amazing to me how Nazism, Communism, and Islam has been fought against in Other Countries; but is now hear in our own nation - many in leadership positions - and we ain't either seceding from the union or overthrowing the evil despotism of tyranny.  This nation is becoming a Sodomized Abortionist Socialism country.  Time to FIGHT.

Rick Mitchell / Buchanan, GA

Nazarite Priest

There is only one solution to fix all this and put our country back on solid footing.  Since there is about a 90% chance of us NOT having an election ever again. We have no choice but to take our federal government back.  No amount of elections in the world can fix the amount of trouble we as Americans are in.

I have written hundreds of articles detailing the Islamic takeover and how everything is in place for it right now. One trigger event needs to happen first; then it will begin. That trigger event is an epic economic collapse that will happen before the end of March 2016.  If this is allowed to happen without Americans standing up for OUR country, it is all over.

Our Founding Father recognized this was a very real possibility, and that is the purpose of the Second Amendment. While I do not advocate violence, in sheer numbers we could arrest Obama, Congress, and the Supreme Court as well as others. They can be imprisoned and held under the freedom robbing "Freedom Act", "The Patriot Act", and the "NDAA". Upon arrest for no reason, they can be detained, not talk to a lawyer, not get a phone call and can be held indefinitely without a trial. 

This is what they have done to you. Where is the outrage? Have we turned into a bunch of loudmouths, do nothing Americans that won't even save themselves and future generations?

When I crunched the number on what it would take to do this it come to .02% of the US population.  With 3% we broke away from Britain. There are about 100 million gun owners (that won't have them for long) which amount to 30% of the US citizens. I have tried for years at great peril to myself to implement this plan, and while most everyone wants to bs about all the problems, so far there is no action that will really fix the problems.

This is no pipe dream. I have planned and refined this plan for over three years. In encompasses all that is needed to a successful outcome with a minimum of casualties. It provides a path to keep the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the rule of law in place and will strengthen it by removing the corruption and self-serving politicians. 

I frankly am embarrassed to be an American for the first time in my 60 years. On the Democrat side we have one of the biggest liars and criminals of all time that has provided open access to our National Security to our enemies, wants to do everything the way Obama has done it and, if elected will be the end of the USA.

Then we have Bernie Sander, a publicly admitted Socialist. The USA is a Republic; WTF is wrong with Americans?

On the Republican side, we have Trump, an egomaniac that suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder as the lead candidate. Does anyone really have any idea of what he would do as President? I do this professionally, and I know he could be the best or the worst thing to happen to the US, since Obama.

Then a host of other candidates that are hell bent on killing off social security and plunge our elderly that paid in their whole lives into severe poverty. Yet, we hand money out to other countries at the drop of a hat. Our Veterans are committing suicide at a truly alarming rate. I could go on for a month, but if you can't see the severity of the problem by know you fate is already sealed. You can learn more by reading some of my articles on, search “Tim McClellan”.

I can see Bloomberg will join the race and as most everybody knows he wants the entire population disarmed. The Founding Father created the Second Amendment so the Government would fear the people. Where are these people? Do you think for one second, they fear us? 

Also, if Bloomberg or any Democrat were to win the Presidency, they would also pick the next appointee to replace Judge Scalia. They would most certainly appoint a liberal which gives the liberals the majority on the Supreme Court. Bloomberg will accomplish his life goal that he has said he will do whatever it takes to remove our guns.

The appointee has to be confirmed by Congress. Do you trust Congress to make any correct decisions that do not directly benefit them? Think they don't fear us now, what until we are disarmed.

There much bigger plans are working that honestly you could never imagine. I have sources all over our government, the Agencies, right down to the local law enforcement. As well as hundreds around the world. 

The US problems are in no way unique to what is happening in the rest of the world. It has to end somewhere before there are the "Elites" and the "Minions". Should that stop us from taking back our country? No, by saving our country we may just save the free "Western" world.

In summary, we have one last chance to take our country back. It is our right and obligation via the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Your choice is to do nothing, keep bitching about everything while you slowly lose what little Rights you have left, or stand up in unity to take our country back. What's it going to be?

If you will take a stand for our country, email me at and provide a brief description of your skills, contacts, etc. If accepted, you will join a private group that has details. Put USA Guard in the subject field in your email. The time is now to make the decision.

Tim McClellan Geopolitical Strategist, International Investigative Journalist & Counter Terrorism SOP

Tim.... From reading your credentials you should be able to easily answer my question.. You state that "in shear numbers we could arrest Obama, Congress, the Supreme Court as well as others".
Can you cite within the acts you listed where we have "Arrest Powers"? Thanks..
Tim.. Hopefully you'll get back to this site, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around your post. So you think that if a large enough number of people showed up in Washington and demanded that the President, the Vice President, the Supreme Court, members of Congress and the Senate and any others you deemed as breaking the law that Law Enforsement would honor those demands and arrest them and that our judicial system would actually try them in a court of law?



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