Global Collaspe.........who is the best GOP candidate to have in the White House??

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If debt reaches $24T, that's the point of no return

If we have another 3 or 4 years--we're at $18 trillion now--we're soon going to be at $20 trillion. According to the economists--who I'm not big believers in, but, nevertheless, this is what they're saying--that $24 trillion--we're very close--that's the point of no return. $24 trillion. We will be there soon. That's when we become Greece. That's when we become a country that's unsalvageable. And we're gonna be there very soon. We're gonna be there very soon.

Source: 2015 announcement speeches of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Jun 16, 2015
there are many videos with his announcement to run.

Gary, If you happen to believe the video, the end is near for the world economy....don't worry about continued debt, there is no soverign nation nor money pit to borrow from...all are under water...........we'll be down before the November election I think........

in my view, the funny money provided by the federal reserve has two

purposes 1. float the economy so the the Global Elites can misuse the

military for their purpose  2. cripple our economy with debt....

Craig Roberts / Ron Paul agree with you , declaring economic doom 

this year.

Gary, exactly where in that statement did Trump say he would increase the debt to 24 T. I see Trumps warning about reaching 24 T. The end statements are not his but others opinions. Current spending policies are Obama's and Ryan's spending policies, not Trumps. I have read all of Trumps proposals, VA, Border security, economic growth and rebuilding the Military and don't see any of your so called proposed increase in spending. I suggest you do your own homework instead of relying on other's opinions.

you are too naive, Donald is well aware of the debt trend, that he cannot

stop he initiates his programs coupled with those in place

and the the ss/ va / military / government welfare obligations, the debt will

rise to 24 trillion, you should bone up on fiscal / monetary polices and

basic economics. look at the trend starting in 2000 and understand also,

the debt exceeded GDP in 2014. ask why he decided on the 24 trillion

number ?  he knows the only way to reduce debt is to slash , slash n slash.

will he ?  not likely ...

THANKS for posting this is real good 

In an epic rant, syndicated talk show host Dave Ramsey slams voters who expect politicians to solve all their problems.

If / When we put all the pieces together; Immigration and all the Syrians and other Muslims being brought into the country; 20+Trillion Dollars debt; 47+- % of Americans on some kind of Government payroll; Add in the current policies of the EPA & BLM to take more and more land away from private citizens so that it can be sold or given to foreign corporations; Obama's TPP and Paris accord Climate Change agreements (which no one knows what is in them); Add in the UN Agenda-21 and the UN small arms treaty (which Obama and Kerry signed without Congress); Obama's latest push to initiate total gun and weapons control, (Sanders vows to confiscate all guns);
If you listen and read all this stuff you would think maybe somebody was trying to "Fundamentally Transform America";

NO -- - - !!!!! THAT can't happen here ! This is America.

NO ! I don't see anything wrong here people, just move along, nothing to see here. That's why I just spent $1,000 building a new Green-House for the wife's vegetable garden and another $1,000 on iron and ammo.
I don't know if Donald Trump can fix anything or not, I think anybody would have to be a little crazy to even want to step into that office up there if they know anything about what is going on in this country.

NOT BAD, we own rural property in Holt, fl. where we can plant our stock piled seeds to provide our needed

food..Most do not have this option. If / When our economic bubble bursts and government checks stop

or slashed, millions will be forced to take what they need..of course, Big Brother will certainly declare 

Martial Law which is a page in the Global elites playbook.Martial Law will not serve as protection for the




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