Constitutional Emergency

Good Morning Vietnam - Documentary Starts Oct 26th -Oct 30 ,Streamed (This will take us back to our service in Viet Nam Brothers and Sisters)

Subj: IMPORTANT: Good Morning Vietnam ,Documentary Starts Oct 26th -Oct 30 ,Streamed
  PLEASE, Pass ON  to others ....
 October 26 th - Oct  30th at  400pm  - 600pm  Central Time  :
 also  Played again for 10 hours on Veterans Day 800am - 600pm Central time
commercial Free..
A MUST, listen to the details by Mike Bates .. click on link below ...
It will be streamed too  online at :                 
 WEBY  1330 am   Milton ,Florida
Most of us will have to listen via Internet streaming at the above site............
The program will also play again on Veterans Day for ten full hours, no interruptions.

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One of my favorite movies of Robin Williams,also one of my favorite war type movies.

not a day passes that i fail to remember my tours there and memories of those who did not return

By the way, Mike Bates was a big supporter on his radio show in the Pensacola, Florida area of Operation American Spring, and in fact, went to D.C. with us.............

Yes,  he was a major supporter of OAS in our Area..

   69-70 RSVN..

Yes working class Americans

Remember and never forget all these Democrats Presidents

These Democrat presidents have harmed America and the working class.

Johnson, sent America to Vietnam and killed off 55,000 young men in a war that killed Americas pocket book and this campaign did nothing for the average American Citizens. 

Johnson went into this war just after pushing legislation thru congress, in 1964, that gave Americas wealthiest and Corpirations a 25% tax break, just after Kennedy's assassination.

It was said to be a post war act, instead, this was done at the dawn of the the Vietnam war and when just starting the nation on a race in compitition with with the USSR to become the first to walk on the moon.

Carter, overhauled all union labor protection laws covering the surface, trucking, air, train and shipping industries which set up Reagan to attack the air industry as it allowed for cheaper non-union companies to be allowed to come in and compete against unionized transport companies.

Also Carter finalized the China trade agreement, allowing for most of Americas industry of common used necessities products to be offshored to china,  the items that are necessary to sustain an economy during periods of high fuel costs that hurts America truck and SUV auto industry.

Then Bill Clinton CAFTA agreement to ship industry south of the border as well as the deregulation of banking restrictions from the removal of the Glass and Steagall Act, put in place by FD Roosevelt to stabilize the banking industry after the 1929 stock market crash and long term depression that followed.

Later, this resulted in the 2008 financial crash from long term unemployment that exceeded the allowable unemployment insurance term, an unemployment insurance that barely sustains the monthly house note payment without extra for necessities to live on.

Obama working against us constitution rules by overriding governmental protocol by passing policy without Congressional approval as well as secret TPP trade . A partnership with Communist nations were the common working class dont pay a mortgage because they dont earn enough for home ownership or private property.

I will try and get it on my PC at work to listen to it. Why won't FNC broadcast it that way XM listeners could get it on XM channel 114.

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As you husband Kathi, I spent all of 1969 in Nam as well as half of 1962 well before "hello Vietnam".... country 1967, very close friend Al Geyer, KIA with 173 rd .

1970, second time honored to serve under General Peers.


I sent it to BankvsYou, a ustream show. I'm sure Jim will air it as he supports our Veterans & Military. I hope everyone will take a look at the show as it covers everything happening & a lot of people have become better informed.


Thank you Col. Riley for the post!!

I saw Adrian Cronauer at the 1st Vietnam vets welcome home party :)



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