Good News/Testimonies/Observations about Voting Today From PFA Members

Everyone please post your good election testimonies here. We are all in need of some good news and testimonies.

Today I noted my polling station in my precinct was full for several hours that I observed. That is unusual for my precinct. But I seen friendly faces and folks stepping up to do their duty to start the restoration of our state and republic.

I sat outside of my polling place with one of my sister-in-laws and waved signs but I was really there observing. I wanted to observe people going in and how folks would respond to us sitting out there. I found some were friendly and waved, all had an expressive look on their faces that told they too have experienced the horrible last 4 years under a despot government.

The turnout says a lot...............we as a people in my community want to live in liberty and do not take kindly to elitists putting their boots upon our throats.

Please share you good reports, testimony's and observations here. We are all in major need of some good news.


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Early poll voting here in Ohio favored Obama. At 4:30 that changed big time. All the Republicans on stopped their way home from WORK  to vote. 

When I voted this afternoon around 2:30 PM, the numbers of voters was well ahead of any that I can recall up here in Michigan.  According to on of the workers, the numbers showed over 50% of the registered voters in our precinct had already voted and they were looking at around 75% by closing tonight.  I have no idea about who was ahead, but hopefully will know more tonight or tomorrow.  I was voter 278 and that is far higher than any previous election in Oscoda.  The workers were doing a great job of getting everyone through and fixing problems with the machine that checks and counts the ballots.  I am getting good vibes from this.

from Tommy:

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Early results from eastern time zones ( 2-3 % reporting )  Romney / Ryan 68 %  - Obama / Biden 30 %  !!!  PRAY that this holds up ALL night.

Romney camp smells victory in early returns
Election Night returns are just beginning to come in, but the Mitt Romney campaign has been very confident of winning all day. 

WND has a reporter traveling with the former governor, and stay with WND all night for in-depth election coverage and analysis.
Read the latest now on

Everybody who has experienced anything but smooth sailing at the polls; would you also please report to

True the, they also have a phone number if you want to talk to someone.  True the Vote will be collecting incident reports nation-wide, to be followed up by lawyers and officials.

In my area, the paper ballots are mail-in or hand-deliver to a ballot box or the local county clerk's office. The ballots have the registered voter's I.D. number, a bar code of identification and the outer envelope has to have the voter's signature on it to match up to the signature that is on file.

I delivered my vote to the county clerk's office on the 29th of Oct. and double-checked today, to see if I was the only one voting under my name. Everything checked out A-OK! I think the paper ballot is the best way to go.

Concerning the voter fraud, one thing that should be done is that when people relocate, they should have to turn in their previous voter I.D. card in order to get a new one. A form can be required to be filled out and signed to be mailed back to their previous county of residence so it can be documented that this voter will not be able to 'double'vote' in both locations. Require at least a photo I.D. driver license and if the address shows as an old residence when compared to the utility bill that was shown, then they need to change their Driver license to show the same address BEFORE they can vote! If people don't register early enough, then they have to arrange for an early request to vote as absentee at their old location or lose their vote for that election event. Don't allow same day registration and don't allow weak I.D. by utility bill only.

Thus far in Alaska I have yet to see anything in my district to indicate voter fraud. Only able to view my location.



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