Given the chaotic, destructive conditions created by politicians in positions of power in the United States of America,  as well as the world, isn’t it comforting that God has told us He is the “same today, the same tomorrow, the same forever”...and that He “will be with us always”?  
Without God’s promises, I for one, would throw in the towel in preparation for the worst in America. 
He is still the source of the wisdom we need to save America now...putting on our boots under prayer and God’s direction as Operation American Spring has been shouting for six months, is still the vehicle to begin constitutional restoration and bring lawless leadership in D.C. to their knees, not only in surrender of their political positions, but in surrender to God.
Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, and Eric Holder have all but totally destroyed America internally through purposeful constitutional destruction, failed policies, encouraging moral decadence, encouraging social unrest, pitting groups against each other, citing racism at every opportunity, rewarding laziness, and generally destroying any confidence in the smallest measure whatsoever of political integrity. 
America has been reduced to third world status in the eyes of enemies abroad, our economic power-house taken into unimaginable debt, emasculated our once “second to none” military force structure to a shell, deleted our credibility to command even the weakest of third rate powers to release a prisoner for making a wrong turn into Mexico, stand in complete surrender as the Mexican government deposits or allows tens of thousands of illegals across our southern borders, make a mockery of our sovereignty,  allow the murder of our diplomatic contingent with only a whimper, wring our hands and watch as terrorist reclaim Iraq, cower to the incompetent and corrupt leadership in Afghanistan while American blood spills, release the worlds worst terrorist from Gitmo in exchange for a U.S. deserter, on and on....just to name a few of the recent crimes and impeachment considerations related to these incompetent, self-serving politicians pretending to govern.
With our Independence Day celebration just around the corner, my heart tells me it is a thing of the past......only a dream of what once was, given the wholesale attacks on our Rights as our Creator has given us, along with the near total melt down of the three branches of the United States government under the United States Constitution.  July 4th is three weeks away...a time of joy? While thankful for what God has allowed us to enjoy for over 230 years, my heart is heavy as to the longevity of our beloved free nation. 
America is out of control, ruled by tyrants on a day by day basis, waiting for the smallest spark to flame into civil violence.
A righteous, united, rise up of “we the people” is the only hope...God is with us, but He won’t do it for us.
Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret
Crestview, FL

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“OAS - A call to Constitutional Restoration and Prayer, not a Call to Arms”

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The state of mind in America, in our lifetime, has been that WAR and KILLING is the most terrible thing we can be involved with. America has been brainwashed, to be soft and complacent, allowing evil infiltrators their NWO plans to overthrow us. The commie infiltrators, in every high level leadership capacity of the American way of life has been totally breached, and we find ourselves in an unimaginable situation where America has been taken over from within (mainly by a network of billions of members of secret organizations, such as the freemasons and many others). The WAR'S and the KILLING's (and false flag operations that fool the foolish) are happening, but not by peace loving patriotic Americans, but by the greedy, the commie infiltrators and their MASSIVE multiple secret organizations who desperately try to stress and push the sanity of peace loving Americans into chaotic behavior. So far, America has been hit real hard, but the worse is yet to come. I believe America will literally burn and the world will watch it burn with great sadness. Yes we can fight them and that day will come soon enough, but can you imagine how many people will lose their lives, how many mothers will be screaming in the streets, and how huge the destruction will be? There will be no reconstruction after all the destruction because satan is geared to win until Jesus comes back and destroy's him and all his devils at Armageddon. Argue and/or debate all you want, but the bottom line is that EVIL is getting worse and worse and it is so obvious that the LAST DAYS, spoken of in the bible are upon us and the damage to America and the world is already done and it is only a matter, of a short period, of time that satan's NWO plan and the mark of the beast plan is complete and this EVIL world converges upon Israel in the valley of Megiddo, you know as Armageddon. Your only hope to save yourself, your family and friends, is to JUMP quickly aboard the ARK. The ARK is the LORD JESUS CHRIST. We can pray for God to heal our land and turn from our wicked ways and humble ourselves BUT after the great Tribulation, HE WILL heal our land BUT not as we know it today (there will be no auto's, no cell phones, no tv's, no gas stations, no grocery stores, and etc.....) but with complete obedience to Him in the thousand year reign of Christ. JESUS is the TRUTH, everything else is vanity. Your not giving up America, evil has been at work forever and has taken it, because America is killing millions of innocent babies, allowing gays to prosper, and much more evil to advance. You must now prepare for eternity.

  I am in the same camp the other 70 PLUS ladies below are in.  I am 78 + and had the exciting privilege of being with the other Patriots in DC May 16.  What a thrilling experience to hear and see so many expressing WHAT CAN WE DO TO GET OUR CONSTITUTION AND COUNTRY BACK.  I learned so much that I really did not know that our country has illegally done to us!!!! It is truly amazing that God has blessed us this long....when someone survives a tragic situation and accident, we often say that God has a great plan for your life and for you to this God's way of bringing the USA to this point in history???  What are we left here for.....only He knows this answer and we have to listen and be patient...Yes, I want to see so much done to revive us and I WANT IT YESTERDAY!!!!  How thrilling it was to deliver our white envelopes with the very clear messages of what is wrong and how distressed we are and PLEASE HELP US AND ALL THE USA BACK TO A COUNTRY THAT WE HAVE ALL FOUGHT FOR ....BUT THEY SIT IN THEIR IVORY TOWERS AND DO NOTHING...... They think, along with so many, many others that we will go away and they will continue doing what they want to.....NOTHING!!!!!  I remember WW II and all the heartache and all the pride that went with it...I guess this is what we will have to have again......we have not had enough heartache yet....there will be more as each day passes and as those in the TOWERS realize we are waking up and they have to move faster....Our country has removed God from EVERYTHING and I believe HE is a little upset by this and expects us to change that.....after all, He put us here and He can take us away....It maybe to FEMA camps, or our heads lopped off as we have seen done to so many in pictures......the usual reply to these is that this cannot happen here in America.....yes it can and will if we do not turn our country back to HIM and prepare ourselves for what is coming...He has given us eyes, ears, a brain, a body that can do certain jobs and preparation.....He does not expect us to sit and wait for Him to do it all..Those who are not blessed with these physical abilities will need our help.... what else can be said.....GOD HELP US ALL AND GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS AMERICA....AND GOD HELP US ALL TO HELP HIM TO HELP OURSELVES!!!!!!

DAN e...I don't disagree with most of your post...GODS WILL will be done,,,HE might spare the righteous IF they have

earned HIS blessings..

CINDY,,,evil spirits in America (17, 500, 000, 000,000)  have defeated Americas righteous .America has earned zero

blessings...only physical action can remove the maggots you elect...

When are the American people gonna wake up, stand up and DO something about this purple lip, flap eared nee-gro they elected to destroy this country....He and his cronies and all his scum lying pals, including Hillary "The butcher of benghazi" Clinton , nancy Pee-Louzy, harry "horse thief" reid, eric "lying" holder, joe "stupid" biden, john "Vietnam Tratior" Mc Cain and the kenyan coon homo obomo need to be run out of town on a rail...if not jailed.

DENNIS W.,, here. here. attention all national politicians, officials, state dept. mags, scotus, and the fed...get out now !

return at your own risk...

Exactly, unfortunately the Constitution is out of the window by now and Obama as any dictator is doing what ever he wants.  By another point, "we the people" let him to do away with it. Now he has his " private army" equipped with the modern weapons, including automatic guns, bazookas and urban tanks. History repeats itself. It reminds me of the brown shirts not too long ago in Germany, followed by millions of death.Yes, there is a small minority, like you colonel, PFA and myself. How do you want to defend yourself and get back the Constitution? You tell me. Soon you will even loose the first and second amendment and I do guarantee, that "we the people" will do nothing. I know how its works. I was living under dictatorship where people did not have any means to defend against the government. At least you  have some, but I know it will be for a short time. Disorganized and grossly out-powered. As you see peaceful demonstration means nothing. In Europe I was watching news every day. Not even a peep about the demonstration in Washington. Maybe some states will separate and save itself, but USA is already gone. Lots of talk...criminal, impeach...but nothing is done. You do not achieve your goals by talking. It does not works with the dictatorship. Letting the terrorist out of Gitmo is the proof, and that if you are willing to forget Benghazi, Fast and Furious etc. Sorry, but I do not see the way out.

I hear you Jerry and value your observations..........God only knows what the final surge will be.........I fear the worst but at 76 I'm well enough to get engaged in the fight.  Let it come, if that's what it's about.....and I know there are many more my age and older that will go to the wall as we will not surrender to a socialist/communist nor his minions..........

I am with you, Col. Riley.  I did my time in the Air Force for 20 years (out as an O4).  I WILL NOT allow a tyrant dictate to me, I strongly believe in a democracy in which the majority rule (may not always agree, but will follow) and I will ignore the one or two that thinks they have free rein over the majority.  A quote from a famous Patriot," Give me liberty or give me death" and New Hampshire's state motto, "Live Free or Die".  My oath of allegiance to the United States of American is still strong, "I swear to defend the United States of America (and US Constitution) against all enemies both foreign and domestic, so help me GOD".  A domestic enemy is sitting in the White House!!!

When Abraham question GOD about the total destruction of Gomorrah, If one hundred believe, will you destroy-GOD's reply if 100 believe I will not. Abraham ask If 50 believe-GOD's reply I will not.  If 10, or 5, or even 1 GOD will not.  The few of use who strongly believe in GOD will be protected by GOD when all hell breaks loose.

And all hell is about to break loose very soon. Watch for a bank closing and the dollar collapse. Then you will know the wrath of the people.

People are not hungry enough! Just wait until the banks close and the food runs out. Only then will you see the people get angry at the government.......... and they will get angry!



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