Constitutional Emergency

By Julian Pecquet - 04/23/13 04:04 PM ET

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Tuesday unveiled a report on last's year attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that blames then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for lapses in security.

The 46-page report by the five committees of jurisdiction concludes that reductions in security levels prior to the attack that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were approved at the highest levels of the State Department, including by Clinton herself. 

The report also concludes that talking points from the intelligence community were altered to protect the State Department from criticism of inadequate security levels.

The report from five committees of jurisdiction – Foreign Affairs, Armed Services, Oversight and Government Reform, Intelligence, and Judiciary – comes as more than half of the Republican conference is demanding that Boehner authorize a select committee to investigate the attack and its aftermath. Boehner says his committee chairmen are up to the task.

Please watch this space for updates.

Russell Berman contributed

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I'm not sure she will. If she does, she'll loose the support of the DNC. They are all communists.

Clinton does what she is told by Obama. Kerry is another suck up and will do the same and I personally witnessed his "heroism," along a certain river in Vietnam in early February of 1969. The man NEVER should have been appointed to the position vacated by Clinton. Neither one of them gives a fiddler's damn about this country; only their own self-aggrandizement and thirst for power. They BOTH, along with their boss, disgust me to the point of regurgitation of my cookies. The investigation should be swift and thourough and appropriate constitutional punishment adminstered promptly if guilt is found, as by all appearances, it SHOULD Be.Fat chance in this sordid administration! I am a real glutton for punishment as Kerry hads been my senior Senator for decades in my home psychotic state of Massachusetts.

Oh poor poor pitiful her! Just making her the victim, to build the "pity her vote" just like they pitied her after Bill's sudden disclosure again of Bills in ability to keep it in his pants. All the "Undocumented future democrats" that they are still keeping the doors open to so the word can spread just how great it is here all the free stuff and great things just for showing up.

It is a planned usurpation of our Nations electoral process. The further treasonous acts by a group of Openly Communistic-Marxist democrats. The self same group that is allowing the slow creeping insidious religious fanaticism of the Sharia laws to be used in our nations legal system. and Kerry Just Doubled that to $250 million

The very same group that has spent and is still spending Billions to further the Muslim Brotherhood world wide.

The ones that are arming them with state of the Art top line weapons systems land sea and air. Supplying rebels groups with weapons , non combatant “US plans to provide about $130m in new non-lethal aid to the Syrian opposition that could include for the first time battlefield support equipment such as body armor and night-goggles.” and Kerry Just Doubled that to $250 million now I wonder what that is going to be used for?

Then there are all of the other Muslim Brotherhood members inside of our Security Network which lead to the murder of our CIA's agents in the Middle East. strange isn't it?

Then Benghazi incident surprise the transfer of weapons continued.

Oh yes by the way who are those weapons going to be used against?

Oh and just as an aside where did the Chechen Boston Bomber just get his lesson plan?

And where did Obama travel after graduation when he was 20 years old with a college friend, after first seeing his mother and half-sister in Indonesia.?

Karachi,Pakistan in 1981lovely place to visit, and it must have been a life long experience for sure. How long did that Boston bomber spend in Chechnya?

Now Obama is ready to jumping and assist the Syrian Opposition, once again lending aid and comfort to the enemies because the current government is doing all in it power to keep them from taking control of their country and Obama is all for it. 



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