By J.B. Williams
March 6, 2016

The great divide of the GOP electorate started all the way back in 1992, when Republican Pat Buchanan and political outsider Ross Perot decided to challenge incumbent George H.W. Bush for the presidency. Bush managed to hang on to the GOP nomination, but Perot was able to take 19% of the vote as an Independent in the general election, allowing Bill Clinton to win the White House with only 43% of the popular vote.

The GOP electorate has been systematically divided into competing factions ever since. The GOP ran Sen. Bob Dole against Clinton in 1996. Dole and Clinton were essentially tied, 49.2% of the popular vote each… except Perot grabbed 8.4% of the GOP vote, allowing Clinton to win re-election and a second term.

Since 2000, the GOP establishment has been dead set on flooding the field with too many prospects and picking losers for their GOP presidential nominees. The presumed GOP favorite in 2000 was originally Sen. John McCain.

The 2000 GOP Primary field

1. John McCain
2. Steve Forbes
3. Gary Bauer
4. Orrin Hatch
5. Lamar Alexander
6. Pat Buchanan
7. Elisabeth Dole
8. John Kasich
9. Dan Quayle
10. Bob Smith
11. Herman Cain
12. George W. Bush
13. Alan Keyes

By mid-way through the primaries, everyone had dropped out except Bush, McCain and Keyes. Bush went on to win the GOP with 62% of the GOP vote, but the fracture in the GOP electorate would show in the general election when Democrat Al Gore won the popular vote by a half-million votes, but narrowly lost the Electoral College vote, making George W. Bush President.

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, the GOP was much more united behind Bush for a period, as the nation recovered from the worst act of war on American soil since Pearl Harbor. So, Bush defeated John Kerry 50.7% to 48.3%.... The political divisions in the nation were galvanized and divisions in the GOP were about to get much worse.

By 2008, GOP divisions would become insurmountable. The GOP field…

1. John McCain
2. Mike Huckabee
3. Mitt Romney
4. Ron Paul
5. Fred Thompson
6. Alan Keyes
7. Duncan Hunter
8. Rudy Giuliani
9. Sam Brownback
10. Jim Gilmore
11. Tom Tancredo
12. Tommy Thompson

McCain won the GOP nomination with only 47.3% of the GOP vote. McCain then lost to a totally unknown nobody from nowhere with a blank résumé, Barack Obama, by a 52.9% to 45.7% margin… the GOP was perfecting the art of losing…

“A house divided against itself cannot stand."

In 2012, the worst President in U.S. history was re-elected for a second term. Again, it is due to the fact that the GOP establishment was totally committed to running another loser, Mitt Romney.

The 2012 GOP field

1. Mitt Romney
2. Rick Santorum
3. Ron Paul
4. Newt Gingrich
5. Buddy Roemer
6. Rick Perry
7. Tim Pawlenty
8. Gary Johnson
9. Michelle Bachmann
10. Herman Cain
11. Thaddeus McCotter
12. Jon Huntsman

Romney won the GOP nomination with only 40.7% of the GOP vote… a worse GOP showing than even John McCain in 2008. As a result, Romney went on to lose to Barack Obama in the general election, 51.1% to 47.2%...

Enter 2016…

1. Scott Walker
2. Donald Trump
3. Ted Cruz (ineligible)
4. Marco Rubio (ineligible)
5. Bobby Jindal (ineligible) (endorsed ineligible Rubio)
6. Mike Huckabee
7. John Kasich
8. Ben Carson
9. Jeb Bush
10. Rand Paul
11. Chris Christie (Endorsed Donald Trump)
12. Carly Fiorina
13. Rick Perry (endorsed ineligible Cruz)
14. Rick Santorum (endorsed ineligible Rubio)
15. Jim Gilmore
16. Lindsey Graham (endorsed Bush)
17. George Pataki (endorsed ineligible Rubio)

The GOP field is more divided than ever, and so is the GOP electorate.
As of today, Trump leads the race having won 12 state primaries, 3,596,663 votes and 391 delegates.

Ineligible Cruz is running second having won 6 states, 2,994,300 votes and 304 delegates.

Everyone is out of the race now, except Trump, Cruz, Kasich and Rubio…

The GOP establishment 1st choice was Jeb Bush, who was forced out of the race having received only 1.7% of the vote… a clear losing choice by the GOP establishment.

Then the GOP establishment shifted behind ineligible “anchor baby” Marco Rubio and their endorsement sunk the Rubio campaign instantly, like throwing a boat anchor to a drowning man… Marco will soon be forced to leave the race with only 10.11% of the votes secured.

That leaves business man Donald Trump and ineligible Canadian at birth Ted Cruz in the race for the GOP nomination. Continuing their trend of picking losers, I’m certain the GOP establishment will quickly endorse 2016 GOP establishment loser #3, Ted Cruz, in their effort to stop the conservative grassroots revolt that is the Trump Campaign. They are certain to toss Cruz a boat anchor any minute now…

Not only has the GOP elite made a habit of picking total losers, they have now perfected the art. They are no longer just running unqualified RINO losers like McCain and Romney, they have reached a new low by running totally ineligible frauds like Cruz and Rubio in their effort to throw the election to Democrats.

The Democrats see the U.S. Constitution as just a relic from history no longer of any use or value to our beloved Republic. Clearly, the GOP establishment now agrees with that view, running ineligible frauds like Cruz and Rubio on the GOP ticket as if the GOP and DNC are now one in the same, both destructive of the Constitutional Republic and favoring a globalist agenda.

And then there is Trump…

The GOP elite is in full scale panic mode… dragging old losers like Romney out of the dust bin and propping them up on camera to float the idea of a brokered convention, or maybe even a late entry to the race by either Romney or House Speaker Paul Ryan, both of whom have been rejected by the GOP electorate before…

They thought that getting Rubio to act like a preschooler in a sandbox on the debate stage would derail Trump… but it only served to sink Rubio.

They thought getting Ted, the biggest lying fraud on the GOP debate stage, to call Trump a liar and fraud would work. But it only made the Trump revolution even more angry and more committed to defeating the GOP establishment by any means necessary.

They thought getting their RNC friends, Beck, Levin, Napolitano, Limbaugh, O’Reilly and Kelly, in the so-called “conservative media” to attack Trump, to set “the Donald” up in “gotcha” questions at every debate, stacking the debate audiences with pro-establishment anti-Trump crowds to scream and boo in the background like a Jerry Springer audience, might work….

But no… the more they do to derail Trump, the more the tsunami of conservative anger grows…

How can they possibly miss the message at this point? The GOP establishment says “anyone but Trump,” going so far as to tell voters “it doesn’t matter who you vote for, as long as it is against Trump” – “even if you have to vote for Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton!”

The emperor has no clothes now…

People are not supporting Trump in droves because of who Trump is… They support him because of who he isn’t…. He isn’t “them.”

The establishment who has given conservative voters loser after loser after loser, no longer has any influence with conservative voters, and neither do their minions in the so-called “conservative media.” Trump supporters aren’t just voting for Trump… they are voting against everyone else with any connection to Washington D.C. or the D.C. elite on their résumé.

Unlike Democrat voters who don’t know and don’t care what a “natural born Citizen” is… Conservative voters do know and very much care. They are totally insulted and infuriated by the moronic effort of GOP establishment folks to pass off a Canadian from birth until May 2014 as a “natural born Citizen” of the United States, eligible for the Oval Office.

Trump backers are sick and tired of being sick and tired…

They are ready to take to the streets to stop Obama leftists from finishing off the United States… but they are ten-times as angry with D.C. Republicans, all of them, for allowing Obama & Co. to destroy our country without any effort by D.C. Republicans to stop him, much less hold Obama and his entire evil criminal cabal accountable.

Trump backers are the “conservative base” of the Republican Party. They want control of their party back, in order to retake control of their country…. And that is what scares the hell out of every D.C. establishment insider, both sides of the aisle.

The jig is up, as they say… The people (at least Trump supporters) have finally figured out that everyone in D.C. today should be on the unemployment line tomorrow morning. That includes the two Senate Republicans who have defrauded millions of American voters out of their money and votes, Cruz and Rubio.

I hope they throw everything including the kitchen sink at Trump… because the more they do it, the more the people rise up against them. No matter who or what Trump himself may be, one thing should be very clear to everyone in America by now….

Trump represents the conservative core of America…. And they mean business this time! It’s time to get on the bus, before you find yourselves under the bus!

NOTE: This is NOT a personal endorsement of Trump, as I do NOT endorse candidates. But this is my endorsement of the people waking up and standing up against the D.C. establishment that has been allowed to destroy our country from within for far too long, from both political parties!

© 2016 JB Williams - All Rights Reserved

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I am not a psychic, a prophet, or anyone who can predict the future. This is not what I am, what i am, is a person who never jumps off the diving board without first making sure there is water in the pool. I reason, I read, I study, and analyze everything, before I make a final judgment, or choice. I have looked at all the Candidates through fish eye lenses, not through tunnel vision. I cannot tell you if Trump is what we truly need as our next POTUS, but I can tell you from my deep studies, that he is 100% American, 100% Constitution, and holds strong on most all the issues important to myself, and if not, should be of greatest importance to ALL true AMERICAN CITIZENS. He is not a Politician, and holds a large degree of dislike for the elites, the lifers, the partakers of the throne, and all the benefits which it yields to them.

He is arrogant, a bully, and on occasion shows signs of small temper tantrums, he knows how to bend things his way. Would we want anything less to run our Country, and face our enemies, both foreign and domestic?. He is well established as a Business man, and has succeeded impressively, while many trying to make a go of it in the same businesses, fail miserably. People say, well he has gone bankrupt, which is true, but he has never, ever done a personal bankruptcy. He has only done so, when he purchased failing companies, bankrupted, and reorganized them, bringing them to a job producing, paying business.

His employees have the greatest respect, and adoration for him, saying he is great to work for, and pays a very good wage. He promotes from within his Companies, giving all the chance to advance, commensurate with their own abilities, and drives. He hates the, as usual, situation our Politicians thrive in, and wants to cut out the dead wood. He would, as President, surround himself with people of like thoughts, ideals, and principals. He would rely on the many varied expert advisors in all fields, at the Presidents disposal, the same as he does in his personal business dealings.

We swallowed hook, line, and sinker, the lies and deceit of our current leader, who swooned us with the words we wanted to hear, but which meant something completely different from what was said, or implied by him. With Donald Trump, you get what you know you are getting. He has laid his cards upon the table, and I believe everything he says, concerning our Nation and the destruction of it are true. I also believe him when he says he wants to change all the negatives we are living under, and wants to bring back the Constitutionally sound Country we were, until we were betrayed, and all of it is being removed from us.

Will he be the perfect President?. I do not know, but I wasn't sure with Kennedy, I wasn’t sure with Ronald Regan, but they turned out to be of the best available to a Country which, indeed, needed their loyalty to the Country. Sometimes one has to take a chance, to find out whither or not the decision was the correct one. We know, for absolutely sure, that when we allow a nobody, with no records of any distinction, no Political background to speak of, not even a thriving business experience, who hides all his past from us, and who undermines our Country does, for and to us.

I believe we have the chance to bring back to our Country the type of leadership we truly need. I believe we have a chance to once again, live under our Constitution, by one who actually and truly believes in it, our Country, and loves it's Citizenry.

I believe, if we are indeed allowed to have elections, and if he can survive to the seat, that we will be proud once again of what our Country is, what it will again become, and we can regain the respect and honor in the world which we once enjoyed. I believe he is the only one, currently in position for the office of President, which is a truly naturally born American. I believe he wants to give back some of that which this Country has given him.

I am in deepest hopes that all who vote, have done their due diligence, searched their intellect banks, and made their minds up with logic, instead of making possibly the most important decision of our time, by listening to the ratings of those who happen not to like Donald Trump.

The truth is, even with the perfect choice for President, and doing all they say they will do, Rome was not built in a day, nor will this Country be healed overnight. We will need time to tear down the wall of strength, power, and protection which has been erected around this Government, to protect them from We the People. The wall, however, must be destroyed, and those within find out that we are tired of them using us, and our money to build that protection of themselves.

Thank you for posting this and I am in agreement with you 100%

DC establishment has outlived it's usefulness.

The jig IS up, especially with the likes of Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Rush, and a myriad of AM talk show hosts.  I used to listen to Mark Levin, religiously. Then the Trump bashing began.  All day, on every station - except Michael Savage.  I kind of already knew that most radio personalities were of a certain money-grubbing type and that they would pretend to be in tune with whatever the public was saying/liking/thinking at the time just to "rake in the dough".  But I especially shame Mark Levin. Sad that when he tells people to vote for a candidate they follow like sheep.  People, Mark Levin is no god.  Just weeks ago I was surprised to hear him bashing Marco Rubio.  Levin actually admitted-on air-that he was now wrong when he told everyone to vote for Rubio.  Admitted he was wrong when he praised and pushed voters to Rubio because he was a true tea party politician.  He admitted he was wrong when he made thousands vote for Rubio in FL.  Well, why can't he be wrong again, about Cruz?  Stop listening to radio personalities.  Who are these people?  Some kind of political geniuses?

Most are more interested in hawking their wares.  I laugh when I hear their "shills" calling in pretending to love and buy their products.  It's all a game, folks.  Vote for who YOU want.  Don't listen to the actual carnival barkers on your AM dials.

George, thank you for your thoughts on this.  I was one of the faithful listeners of the "Conservative Radio Hosts" like Rush, Glenn, and Mark Levin, but was appalled when they started following the GOP line and started hawking Rubio.  Over the years I listened to what they had to say and even championed their ideas.  But never again!  They are traitors to our country and openly engage in deception and sedition to get people to undermine the U.S. Constitution.  They are all dead to me.

Paul...........a valid movement called Operation American Spring developed and went to DC in May 2014...there was a huge amount of interest.  I had the pleasure of being a focal point for the movement.  Beck came out a few days before the event and claimed we were going to initiate a "blood-bath" and urged all his listeners to boycott.  Did Beck every contact me?   No, no, no.  Even though at the time my daughter was in touch with Beck.........she implored him to call me, hear our mission, which was totally peaceful. Beck was responsible to what degree I don't know, but had an impact on our low attendance.   As it turned out not a single patriot to my knowledge ran into confrontation with the law or was arrested.  Beck is a blow-hard, traitor to our nation....he runs on garbage.


I remember.  I tried to be there with you but didn't have the time available to get off work, although I did send money.  I think it did some good at the time by sending a message to others that people are willing to stand up, but that message has now expired.  I think a new message is order, but I only have one voice and no one is listening.  I believe the time to say NO to the government and the left is nearly here.  It's not going to end well...

And another thing....In the past seven years, when callers to radio stations (Levin) would talk about their guns...and a future possible revolution, all the radio hosts would say "No, no, no...don't talk like that... that's not the way...if you really want to revolt or have a revolution, do it in your voting booth..."  Well, we are trying to "do it in the voting booth" -- and how is THAT working out?  Both us and the candidate are being ripped to shreds.

OF / BY/ FOR was dealt a deadly blow in 1913.

Voting as a means of upholding the Constitution . / Freedom / Liberty / Justice was murdered

on 22 Nov. 1063.

those , dummies , who continue to think voting as a solution are the problem...

I think you hit a bulls-eye George...most these talk-show people are "self-servers" just like the political establishment.  They don't give a tinkers damn about the Constitution or "we the people".  There is plenty of evidence that suggests the "natural born citizen" issue warrants investigation, resolution, before we get more of the Obama disasters......I think there is a legal question about Cruz election as Senator in Texas while he was still a Canadian citizen?  Can common-sense rise up for anything??

I think this a very well written article.  I want America back and Trump is the ONLY one capable of doing it


I want our country back as well, although I’m not confident “The Donald” is the one to get it back for us.  I can’t say either way, but I can say from the facts published all over the Internet he is the only one in the race that meets the Constitutional requirements for the job.  Everyone else is a failed candidate or doesn’t rate our attention. 

It isn’t so much whether The Donald can get it back, but more about the uneducated generation of today.  Our education system is broken, undermined by the left who have rewritten history and changed the dictionary to suit their needs and not the Constitution and the people’s needs.  So now what we have are two political parties who mirror the left.  They cherry-pick the candidates for both parties so no matter what they win and the people lose. 

I turned around one day to find I had lost my own children to the left.  I have pulled one back, although they still lean a little to the left.  The other I fear is lost and beyond reach.  What this tells me is that this generation will vote for and get what they want, even though they have no idea what that is.  So what’s to do?

That is the trillion dollar question.  I for one have decided to hold my ground no matter what.  I have fought for the Constitution and the people nearly my whole life and I can’t see that changing now.  



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