Gov. Christie Nominations include a Muslim for Judgeship

I am not going to pick these articles apart for information for everyone. I will just post them under some titles and you can look through them as you will.


Christie has appointed an Indian born Muslim Immigrant for a Supreme Court Judges Seat in NJ. The seat is in the largest concentration of Muslims in NJ.


Links to articles for nomination


This article has some details about some of the work he has done. (WARNING LIBERAL RAG SORRY)


List of some of the nominees from Christie


Info on Sohail Mohammed

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The people who voted him in can surely do that - be recalled and removed from his seat.


The possible decisions that he might make on cases could be a detriment to us all.If he were to make a decision in a case that went on to higher courts and was upheld, it could then be used in other States if it had went ino the Federal Courts. That precedence could reach every State from that one instance. So it does/could effect evryone of us.

Christie is OUT IN MY BOOK, DON'T WANT ANOTHER THING FROM HIM.  It seems that he is just as greedy and money hungry as the rest.  To allow an unthinkable act as opening the door for a judge to undermind the laws of the United States for the unjust, UNAMERICAN  sharia law is an outrage.  With him geing a muslim....only time stands between that fateful decision.  THERE HAVE NEVER BEEN LAWS FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY OR RELIGION UPHELD IN OUR COURTS AND IGNORING THE FEDERAL AND STATE LAWS.....WE WILL SEE ON THIS!!!


There is multiple accounts in the last year of International Law, Sharia Law and Unconstitutional verdicts being decreed by activists Judges from the bench.


Disappointing and tragic - I thought Christie had his head on straight. Politicians are not worthy of our respect....ever. We must encourage politicians as envisioned by the founding fathers, ones that go to Washington or the state capitol, serve and return to run their companies, stores or farms. We must end the era of the professional politician!

Agreed Don, a return to having a true STATESMAN in Office that does the job and returns to his life of before.


what we have at this time is no statesman, What we have is a self serving SOB that only cares for him self and his religion he cares nothing for this country or it's people.

Agreed Paul, That is why we need to find, endorse and get elected true Statesman back into office. Men that are their t do the job we send them to do, come home and get back to their life.


you got that right

No more professional politicians, I agree


Read the article, it wont be long before that county has Sharia Law. Christie is trying to look as one

who is open minded, but   unfortunately its gonna backfire on him.

That county is a STATE, called New Jersey, one  of the original 13.  Used to have signs posted all over the place "George Washington slept here" from during the Revolution.



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