Government arms race kicks into high gear as DHS buys 2,700 armored vehicles for streets of America

"There is so much information available. It's impossible to know the true facts. I know I do not trust anything anyone in this current administration says because they have been caught in so many blatant lies, especially Obama, Holder and Clinton. The Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, 10 commandments and state constitutions mean nothing to them.

They will try whatever they think they can get away with. For instance, they just appointed a known Muslim (John Brenan, who converted to Islam while serving in Saudi Arabia) as chief of our most secret organization, the CIA, knowing that the Koran, Hadith and Sira says that a Muslim can lie
cheat or steal from a non Muslim if it furthers the cause of Islam. Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse.

This web site raises a lot of very serious questions about the intent of a president who claimed he was going to build a civilian defense force that was stronger than our military forces. He seems to be making good on that pledge by incrementally building his civilian force while systematically tearing down our own military; destroying the morality of the force, employing horrible personnel management and failing to maintain and acquire vital equipment. We have to immediately find some true Christian, conservative
leaders that will follow the constitution at the local, state and federal level ."

J. Harding


Natural News

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) When DHS purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition to be used domestically, inside the USA, and I said this looks like a government agency preparing for war with the American people, I was told, "That's crazy. The government would never do that."

When DHS purchased 7,000 full-auto assault rifles to be used inside the United States, calling them "personal defense weapons" that could be used in urban warfare, I was once again told I was crazy for suggesting the government was arming up for war with the American people.

Now DHS has retrofitted 2,717 "Navistar Defense" armored vehicles for service on the streets of America. Click here to see pictures and specs for this vehicle from the manufacturer's website.

These vehicles, which people who don't know any better might call "light tanks," are specifically designed to resist mines and ambush attacks. They use bulletproof windows and are designed to withstand small arms fire, including smaller-caliber rifles such as .223 Remington.

The retrofit was completed in May, 2012, and these 2,700+ armored vehicles are now ready to deploy across the streets of America, reports Modern Survival Blog, the primary source for this story.

A domestic arms race

Importantly, none of these armaments -- billions of bullets, thousands of full-auto assault rifles and thousands of armored assault vehicles -- are being purchased by the Pentagon for use in wars overseas. Instead, these are being purchased by DHS for use inside the United States... on the streets of America.

This is a domestic department of the federal government that is clearly and unambiguously arming for war against the American people.

This war will also involve the use of armed military drones attacking American citizens, which is exactly why the Obama administration now claims the legal authority to assassinate Americans on U.S. soil using militarized drones.

This is at the same time the American people are arming up like never before as well. U.S. ammunition manufacturers are currently producing over one billion rounds per week. All that ammo is flying off the shelves, with virtually nothing remaining in stock anywhere.

Magazine manufacturers like ProMag Industries are backordered for over a year, and gun manufacturers are anywhere from 6 months to 18 months behind schedule, desperately trying to keep up with customer demand that continues to grow. I called Desert Tactical Arms today and confirmed their guns are running six months behind schedule. This is the company that makes the portable .338 Lapua and .50 BMG rifles favored by U.S. troops in activities such as so-called "hard target interdiction." (i.e. killing vehicles.)

As the government arms race continues to stockpile weapons and ammo in the hands of DHS, the American people are increasingly turning to large-caliber weapons for their own stockpiles. Just last week, I recently went shooting here in Texas where we had three .50 cal Barrett BMG rifles, plus two .338 Lapua magnum sniper rifles, all firing on some thick steel targets. The targets were decimated, and every single shooter in our group was able to put lead on target, even from long-range distances.

Holocaust deniers and DHS deniers

Of course, there are people who deny DHS is engaged in an arms race, just as there are Holocaust deniers who deny Hitler ever took guns away from the Jews (before committing mass murder). Those deniers either claim that these purchases are not happening (but they are), or that the government is only buying such large quantities "to save money."

This is a distraction, of course. You don't "save money" buying things you don't need. Clearly, someone at the top of DHS believes the government needs these armored vehicles and full-auto assault rifles deployed on the streets of America.

But the bigger question -- and this is the question the mainstream media refuses to even ask -- is WHY does DHS need:

• 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition
• 7,000+ assault rifles
• 2,700+ armored assault vehicles

Unless you're insane or a denier, the answer is clear: DHS is expecting a large-scale domestic conflict.

Why is DHS expecting a domestic war?

So then, the commonsense question becomes: Why is DHS expecting a domestic war?

I've asked this question of many of my contacts, and what I keep hearing is that an economic collapse is fast approaching, and DHS is likely going to use all this equipment to try to maintain government power during the chaos and riots that are sure to follow the economic collapse. This equipment will all be needed to "maintain order on the streets," I'm told.

But that's only one possible scenario. Another scenario involves the criminally-run government announcing a nationwide gun confiscation scheme (just as Sen. Feinstein says she wants), then attempting to defend itself against the inevitable civil war that will result. The most likely outcome here is that DHS will only be able to control the areas that have been forcibly disarmed such as Chicago and New York City. They will be utterly unable to hold rural territories where freedom-loving Americans have already decided to fight back against tyranny no matter what the cost.

Yet a third scenario could involve government anticipation of a nuclear attack from North Korea followed by a "Red Dawn" land invasion from China or Korea. And DHS is here to fight for freedom and defeat the communists. (And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell ya... far more likely is that DHS wants to welcome in the communists!)

This domestic war machine was built by claiming it was for terrorists

Keep in mind that DHS was created by President Bush in response to the 9/11 terror attacks. In fact, since 2001, the U.S. federal government has built a domestic war infrastructure by claiming it was all being constructed to protect us from the terrorists.

Now, in 2013, the government has "flipped the script" on who the threat is. According to Janet Napolitano, head of DHS, the real threat to America is now returning veterans and gun owners. So the feds have this massive armament infrastructure and spy grid lockdown over the entire population, and it turns out it was all built not for terrorists but for YOU.

The terrorists are nowhere to be found in all this, by the way. Every single terror plot halted by the FBI is a terror plot that was literally dreamed up, planned and nearly carried out by the FBI.

TSA has caught exactly zero terrorists trying to sneak through airport security.

The "war on terror" is and always has been a complete hoax. The purpose of the hoax was to provide a cover story for the building up of a massive domestic military force to be used against the American people when the time comes.

That's what we are really seeing with the purchase of ammo, automatic weapons and armored assault vehicles. This is why cable barriers are being erected on highways across the country. And this is why DHS has recently begun redacting the requested quantities from its public bid documents... in order to make sure the public can no longer learn how much it's stockpiling weapons and ammo.

But none of this is real, right?

Astonishingly, the vast majority of Americans remain completely unaware of any of this. For those mainstream sheeple, anything that doesn't appear on CNN must not be real.

So DHS really isn't buying 1.6 billion rounds of ammo, 7,000+ assault rifles, or 2,700+ armored mine-resistant assault vehicles. All of us who are reporting these purchases are "conspiracy theorists," we're all told, even though what we're reporting on is absolutely true.

Remember this: Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs has now publicly admitted he was ordered by the White House to deny the existence of the U.S. militarized drone program even while the program existed and was known to be real. Denial has always been a key tactic for any government preparing to do something unethical or criminal.

But I've been told by some seemingly convincing people that none of this is real. It's all just a bad dream, you see, and soon you will wake up and find yourself in the land of the free, where there isn't poison in the crops and there isn't mercury in the vaccines. The President love you, and corporations are all ethical. Senators are humanitarians who put the good of the country ahead of their own selfish greed. The FDA stops censoring the truth about nutritional therapies and the USDA outlaws GMOs.

That's the delusional world that 90% of Americans believe they live in, and they even believe that as long as they just "believe" something, then reality doesn't even matter. Belief IS reality, according to the "Law of Attraction" followers, and if you just believe the government is good, then your belief will make it so.

That's a fascinating bit of self-hypnosis, because DHS doesn't care what you believe. It is stockpiling guns, ammo and armored vehicles for some very real reason. This isn't their imagination: it's hardware.

And hardware is rarely accumulated in such large quantities unless it is deemed necessary for some specific purpose. It seems that the American people -- delusional or otherwise -- may soon discover what purpose DHS has in mind.

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you can add a more recent 21.6 million rounds of ammo they just put a req in for

Remember, a tactic that has been used on many occasions,  Bateing the view.  They are also using brand new GM civilian

vehicles to come around behing you.  The clowns like uniforms, when they start bunching up, be careful.



In 1956 during the Hungarian Revolution, when the Russian tanks rolled into Budapest,  I learned how to make Molotov cocktails.   One doesn't forget such a valuable lesson.

Prepare to go underground.

say what u want ....think what u want ...oh lemme guess u hand delivered them ...when they come for u ...dont say u werent warned ...this is the exact thing that was talked about earlier ....delete

Solicitation Number: HSFLAR-13-Q-00014Agency: Department of Homeland SecurityOffice: Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)Location: Procurement Division this is just one of the many many purchases .....

Brennan and Hagel were sworn in on a different bible that did not hold our Bill of Rights so they can do whatever they want against us!

Sorry Susan, he did NOT swear on any bible, they gave him the original ~1789 Draft Constitution that did NOT have the original 10 amendments, which was the Bill of Rights, so it has no binding at all. It is meaningless in the eyes of the Rule of Law....

The only good thing is the amount of soviet bloc weapons ending up in American hands.  I suspect we will be fighting from the brush, and I've a lot more confidence in the what we, The People are buying than what the government buys. 

    Anyone who thinks things will be nice and smooth when the economy collapses didn't watch the Rodney King trial riots.  We can see exactly what Tiananmen Square looked like ourselves, but with one slight difference.  The students didn't have a second amendment enumeration of their absolute and unalienable right to keep and bear "all the terrible instruments of war", in the words of Thomas Jefferson.

     The Tiger tank of Nazi Germany was able to rampage over our own tanks, but lots of those big Tigers got burned down with a five gallon Gerry can.  I hear "niagra starch" fits nicely between a catalytic converter and the body.  I don't believe the constitution allows for the occupation of Our Nation by the government, I believe it specifically prohibits it, and we have militias to ensure it never gets out of line.  Right now most of the people who speak and talk about militia are considered excessive, or "over the line", but I'm not bothering with the next gun show because I'm already too busy with what I've been doing.

    I've been considering this since I "occupied" Beirut, knowing there was absolutely no reason our own government couldn't be toppled from within as it has been.  In the little corner of the city we occupied there were a few dozen militias alone, and not mutually friendly, and all questionable towards us.

    If we don't make damn sure we do something to prevent that, it will be "us".  If we don't get our neighbors, communities, together and making mutual contacts in between, we will have as much tension between ourselves as with our real enemy, something we can't afford by any means at all.  The last five years of deliberate race baiting, income divisive taxes and systematic divisive rhetoric has been aimed for the moment of the breakout of anger, to focus it at each other, rather than at the cause.

   The government will find a trigger and wait for it.  We have to be ready to face the announced collapse of our economy with resolve, knowing it is bound, and all that matters is how we respond to the deliberate incitement and exaggerations.

Semper Fidelis,

John McClain

This is BHO way around the US Constitution ,because they can not us the Army on the US people ,but they can use DHS on the People .in 2007 while running for President he said he would make a civilian army as well armed /equip t as the regular Army !

A Bunch Of Gun Companies are denying the Feds the right to have Guns since Obama signed against our Second Amendment rights on Guns.

So, why is obama still in office? We should through them out on their ass! Regardless of the stupid smoke and mirrors this goverment pulls, People in this country have been living so relaxed for so many years, it seems we will all get overrun by our enemies before we finally open our eyes! They have their plan, they are oganized, its time for US to be also! Obama is a wimp, that is exactly why he is a danger to this country, i hope people are prepared to do something, if things get any worse, i cant find a way to get in contact with my nearby militias, so im sure there are more people that are like me, just waiting for some groups to form, good luck everyone!



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