Government arms race kicks into high gear as DHS buys 2,700 armored vehicles for streets of America

"There is so much information available. It's impossible to know the true facts. I know I do not trust anything anyone in this current administration says because they have been caught in so many blatant lies, especially Obama, Holder and Clinton. The Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, 10 commandments and state constitutions mean nothing to them.

They will try whatever they think they can get away with. For instance, they just appointed a known Muslim (John Brenan, who converted to Islam while serving in Saudi Arabia) as chief of our most secret organization, the CIA, knowing that the Koran, Hadith and Sira says that a Muslim can lie
cheat or steal from a non Muslim if it furthers the cause of Islam. Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse.

This web site raises a lot of very serious questions about the intent of a president who claimed he was going to build a civilian defense force that was stronger than our military forces. He seems to be making good on that pledge by incrementally building his civilian force while systematically tearing down our own military; destroying the morality of the force, employing horrible personnel management and failing to maintain and acquire vital equipment. We have to immediately find some true Christian, conservative
leaders that will follow the constitution at the local, state and federal level ."

J. Harding


Natural News

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) When DHS purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition to be used domestically, inside the USA, and I said this looks like a government agency preparing for war with the American people, I was told, "That's crazy. The government would never do that."

When DHS purchased 7,000 full-auto assault rifles to be used inside the United States, calling them "personal defense weapons" that could be used in urban warfare, I was once again told I was crazy for suggesting the government was arming up for war with the American people.

Now DHS has retrofitted 2,717 "Navistar Defense" armored vehicles for service on the streets of America. Click here to see pictures and specs for this vehicle from the manufacturer's website.

These vehicles, which people who don't know any better might call "light tanks," are specifically designed to resist mines and ambush attacks. They use bulletproof windows and are designed to withstand small arms fire, including smaller-caliber rifles such as .223 Remington.

The retrofit was completed in May, 2012, and these 2,700+ armored vehicles are now ready to deploy across the streets of America, reports Modern Survival Blog, the primary source for this story.

A domestic arms race

Importantly, none of these armaments -- billions of bullets, thousands of full-auto assault rifles and thousands of armored assault vehicles -- are being purchased by the Pentagon for use in wars overseas. Instead, these are being purchased by DHS for use inside the United States... on the streets of America.

This is a domestic department of the federal government that is clearly and unambiguously arming for war against the American people.

This war will also involve the use of armed military drones attacking American citizens, which is exactly why the Obama administration now claims the legal authority to assassinate Americans on U.S. soil using militarized drones.

This is at the same time the American people are arming up like never before as well. U.S. ammunition manufacturers are currently producing over one billion rounds per week. All that ammo is flying off the shelves, with virtually nothing remaining in stock anywhere.

Magazine manufacturers like ProMag Industries are backordered for over a year, and gun manufacturers are anywhere from 6 months to 18 months behind schedule, desperately trying to keep up with customer demand that continues to grow. I called Desert Tactical Arms today and confirmed their guns are running six months behind schedule. This is the company that makes the portable .338 Lapua and .50 BMG rifles favored by U.S. troops in activities such as so-called "hard target interdiction." (i.e. killing vehicles.)

As the government arms race continues to stockpile weapons and ammo in the hands of DHS, the American people are increasingly turning to large-caliber weapons for their own stockpiles. Just last week, I recently went shooting here in Texas where we had three .50 cal Barrett BMG rifles, plus two .338 Lapua magnum sniper rifles, all firing on some thick steel targets. The targets were decimated, and every single shooter in our group was able to put lead on target, even from long-range distances.

Holocaust deniers and DHS deniers

Of course, there are people who deny DHS is engaged in an arms race, just as there are Holocaust deniers who deny Hitler ever took guns away from the Jews (before committing mass murder). Those deniers either claim that these purchases are not happening (but they are), or that the government is only buying such large quantities "to save money."

This is a distraction, of course. You don't "save money" buying things you don't need. Clearly, someone at the top of DHS believes the government needs these armored vehicles and full-auto assault rifles deployed on the streets of America.

But the bigger question -- and this is the question the mainstream media refuses to even ask -- is WHY does DHS need:

• 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition
• 7,000+ assault rifles
• 2,700+ armored assault vehicles

Unless you're insane or a denier, the answer is clear: DHS is expecting a large-scale domestic conflict.

Why is DHS expecting a domestic war?

So then, the commonsense question becomes: Why is DHS expecting a domestic war?

I've asked this question of many of my contacts, and what I keep hearing is that an economic collapse is fast approaching, and DHS is likely going to use all this equipment to try to maintain government power during the chaos and riots that are sure to follow the economic collapse. This equipment will all be needed to "maintain order on the streets," I'm told.

But that's only one possible scenario. Another scenario involves the criminally-run government announcing a nationwide gun confiscation scheme (just as Sen. Feinstein says she wants), then attempting to defend itself against the inevitable civil war that will result. The most likely outcome here is that DHS will only be able to control the areas that have been forcibly disarmed such as Chicago and New York City. They will be utterly unable to hold rural territories where freedom-loving Americans have already decided to fight back against tyranny no matter what the cost.

Yet a third scenario could involve government anticipation of a nuclear attack from North Korea followed by a "Red Dawn" land invasion from China or Korea. And DHS is here to fight for freedom and defeat the communists. (And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell ya... far more likely is that DHS wants to welcome in the communists!)

This domestic war machine was built by claiming it was for terrorists

Keep in mind that DHS was created by President Bush in response to the 9/11 terror attacks. In fact, since 2001, the U.S. federal government has built a domestic war infrastructure by claiming it was all being constructed to protect us from the terrorists.

Now, in 2013, the government has "flipped the script" on who the threat is. According to Janet Napolitano, head of DHS, the real threat to America is now returning veterans and gun owners. So the feds have this massive armament infrastructure and spy grid lockdown over the entire population, and it turns out it was all built not for terrorists but for YOU.

The terrorists are nowhere to be found in all this, by the way. Every single terror plot halted by the FBI is a terror plot that was literally dreamed up, planned and nearly carried out by the FBI.

TSA has caught exactly zero terrorists trying to sneak through airport security.

The "war on terror" is and always has been a complete hoax. The purpose of the hoax was to provide a cover story for the building up of a massive domestic military force to be used against the American people when the time comes.

That's what we are really seeing with the purchase of ammo, automatic weapons and armored assault vehicles. This is why cable barriers are being erected on highways across the country. And this is why DHS has recently begun redacting the requested quantities from its public bid documents... in order to make sure the public can no longer learn how much it's stockpiling weapons and ammo.

But none of this is real, right?

Astonishingly, the vast majority of Americans remain completely unaware of any of this. For those mainstream sheeple, anything that doesn't appear on CNN must not be real.

So DHS really isn't buying 1.6 billion rounds of ammo, 7,000+ assault rifles, or 2,700+ armored mine-resistant assault vehicles. All of us who are reporting these purchases are "conspiracy theorists," we're all told, even though what we're reporting on is absolutely true.

Remember this: Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs has now publicly admitted he was ordered by the White House to deny the existence of the U.S. militarized drone program even while the program existed and was known to be real. Denial has always been a key tactic for any government preparing to do something unethical or criminal.

But I've been told by some seemingly convincing people that none of this is real. It's all just a bad dream, you see, and soon you will wake up and find yourself in the land of the free, where there isn't poison in the crops and there isn't mercury in the vaccines. The President love you, and corporations are all ethical. Senators are humanitarians who put the good of the country ahead of their own selfish greed. The FDA stops censoring the truth about nutritional therapies and the USDA outlaws GMOs.

That's the delusional world that 90% of Americans believe they live in, and they even believe that as long as they just "believe" something, then reality doesn't even matter. Belief IS reality, according to the "Law of Attraction" followers, and if you just believe the government is good, then your belief will make it so.

That's a fascinating bit of self-hypnosis, because DHS doesn't care what you believe. It is stockpiling guns, ammo and armored vehicles for some very real reason. This isn't their imagination: it's hardware.

And hardware is rarely accumulated in such large quantities unless it is deemed necessary for some specific purpose. It seems that the American people -- delusional or otherwise -- may soon discover what purpose DHS has in mind.

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I can only find photos of 14 these vehicles.  Until more come onto the radar, I'd just take notes and quietly watch.

Older post dated June 24, 2011;

Searching around the defense lines and I found something very... well, you could call it interesting but I could put disturbing down on the record. The Department of Homeland Security has, apparently, purchased a Golan MRAP (armored vehicle). Only one's been confirmed so far, and the pictures to prove it make me want to buy one. But, like I said, it makes me weary. You can read Rafael's Golan Brochure PDF here.

One Pluto665 of Flickr took these pictures back in Aug. 2009, on the 14th of a Dept. of Homeland Security (ICE) Golan in Detroit, Michigan, used by an Special Response Team. The Golan Wheeled Armored Vehicle (Hebrew: גולן‎) is a (was/prototype) Israeli infantry fighting vehicle made by the Israeli Rafael Advanced Defense Systems jointly with the American Protected Vehicles Incorporated. Only sixty-four vehicles were made for the USMC and the IDF, but the US Marine Corps had placed an order for 60 units to be fielded in Iraq as Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Category 2 vehicles. It was being considered for large purchases both in the American and Israeli armed forces. The Golan was eliminated from the Marine Corps competition, and most of the vehicles left Corps' service.

The acronym MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) has its origins in a U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) program established in November 2006 to deliver a vehicle for use in Operation 'Iraqi Freedom' (OIF) and Operation 'Enduring Freedom' (OEF) that offered troops on the ground higher levels of protection from emerging threats than their then current up-armoured versions of the beleaguered High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (Humvee). From its beginnings as a far lower-profile Marine Corps project, the program, in fewer than 12 months, had grown exponentially to become the US Department of Defense's third largest acquisition program behind missile defense and the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF).

The standard variant sported a remote weapons turret, Cummins Diesel 315 HP engine, six-speed Allison transmission in standard 4x4 config. The V-shaped hull and vehicle body has been specifically designed to withstand mines and IEDs. Configurable to carry different levels of armor, from light passive armor to heavy reactive armor that can deflect RPGs, mostly from the Soviet 7-variants (taking the enemy's arsenal in the Middle East today in account). When equipped with reactive armor, the vehicle is the only MRAP vehicle able to defeat Explosively Formed Penetrators.

The variant seen here, used by Homeland, is probably the standard troop carrier, which seats ten personnel in addition to the driver and depending on the modifications made to it, the Golan will weigh somewhere in the range of 15-tons.

Main Highlights
Defeats Threats of Small Arms, RPG, EFP, IEDs and mines
Hybrid Reactive Armor
Built of Monocoque 4x4 Structure For Optimal Protection
High Mobility, On-Road/Off-Road
Air-Transportable On C-130
High Payload Capabilities
Vehicle Interior Configuration Enables Flexible Design

Firing Capabilites
Five Firing-Ports and Four Roof Hatches
Roof Opening for MG Gunner
Samson Remote Weapons Station Capable (7.62mm/12.7mm/40mm Capable)
Day/Night Capable

Plug-in "Multi Spectral" Systems To Defeat (Or Detect) IEDs
Plug-in Small Arms Fire Detection System (SADS)
Smoke Grenade Launcher
Front and/or Rear Winch
Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS)
Trophy Active Protection System-Light Capable

The Golan seemed like the logical choice in the MRAP competition when the Corps' had it open, but it was guessed that over-saturation of the MRAP market, and the fact that it's Israeli is what killed it's chances. That means it is a very smart, very effective design, but also that a lot of governments can't or won't touch it due to political reasons. Such shaky political support is especially an issue when you need prolonged lifetime log/tech support. You can see more on the Golan here from Rafael's promotional video.

But, back on topic... Why is Homeland operating a military-standard MRAP designed to defeat (up-to, but for a short period of time only) a tracked LAV/APC variant (think Russian BMP) because it has enough armor to take a few rounds. Definitely. Hell, you slap some more SLAT armor on it (the caging you see over the windows) and you could probably defend for a short period of time (enough to get away) against a light-tank.

If the danger is small-arms on the border then they've been lying to the American people. If it's some other domestic terror threat then, again, they've been lying to us. See, unless Homeland's been lying to us, there would be no reason to need more than a heavy (equipped) Suburban or GMC like we already have. Why do we need a vehicle that can defeat RPGs and IEDs? I've been hearing about the car bombs and IEDs from inside Mexico, but the last report is nearly a year old. There have also been RPGs confiscated from weapons caches and raids, but I have not found one confirmed report of an RPG being used that was covered by the news in Mexico. And if you want news on shit like that, you start looking through STRATFOR's logs, but there's nothing according to Jordon, who has full-access to that site. So, what the fuck, over?

Anyway, I'm just talking out loud. Going to see if I can't find where the other Golans went.

Shoot, based on the specifications on this vehicle, short of Armour piercing rounds, nothing that the Civilian population has will take these vehicles out of action.  Maybe the military will be able to disable, but forget the Civilians, it will damn near be impossible.....

All of us who are commonly on this forum know well we can't trust the word of government, neither State, unless we have taken that challenge and come to grips with it, nor most emphatically, the central illegal government.  It is heartening to know some businesses are willing to risk everything in the face of adversity, but know beyond a doubt, they will be kicked in, trampled over, and killed if we don't secure our States and keep the criminals out.

   There is only one rational explanation why the obvious illegal alien remains in office, the sole means of removing him resides in this central government which has long discarded any subjugation to the authority of the constitution, and by this, feel no need to accede to any demand made by citizens.  The fact "70%" have come forth with the demand of his validation has had no impact because we have no power.

   Many believe we have been infiltrated by communists since WWII.  Some even consider Wilson, and the century behind as our real problem.  Very few are aware the initial influx of socialists and communists began in the early 1800's, with substantial expansion by the 1830's, a time when they had made themselves "persona non-grata" throughout Europe, and on the verge of being run out vindictively.

   Our political process was not designed on "party principles", but on individual voting.  Parties are the antithesis of Free and Sovereign Citizens, parties are for half-educated people to gather and be mutually supporting, but in establishing such, are easily subject to being taken over by leaders with an agenda, and such people have no need for freedom, but are clearly seeking power, and thereby the proximate enemy.

   The focus of every aspect of our Constitution and form of State under it, was to provide exactly the needed authority and power to fulfill the eighteen duties and purposes it was understood as being the least which would be sufficient, and to absolutely, without any question, deny all other power and authority from it under any and all circumstances.

   We have allowed our "Citizen Sovereignty" be subsumed" for all intents and purposes by parties claiming our loyalty, and threatening us with horrible consequences if we fail to stand with them.  To undo this is simple, however it requires the majority of would be sovereign citizens to come to realize just what that means, just what it's impact is on every aspect of each of our individual lives, and deliberately choose to take the risks of becoming an independent Citizen again, and while holding community close, choosing right and wrong, truth and lies, by our own cognizance of the facts we confront, using our own intellect to assemble the facts and make a rational picture of where we stand, and choose the "chancy-ness of free enterprise, liberty and free choice" over any promised security giving government our rightful power gains us.

   If obama were not an installed president, our system would not have allowed his success in gaining office, much less keeping it.  We must acknowledge as a simple matter of fact, obama  is indeed "The Manchurian Candidate", installed by the communist party of America, and by this understanding, we must accept the whole of the illegal central government is primarily controlled by those who installed him.

   The design has always been to establish world government by those who at any given time, have almost "world power" and see it only a few short steps away.

   Every other nation in the world has come to nationhood by assumption of power when a coherent society exists and is worth the cost of taking control of.  Our Nation alone won its independence from the ruling Empire, and chose to operate without government until it was proven we could not compete with the world without government to represent us.

   We alone deliberately designed a government for a carefully studied and intended outcome, and while we were less than perfect, we have largely overcome practically all the significant errors in our form.

   That our government is designed in a document which takes about six pages covering every aspect of it, makes it far too reasonable for anything short of killing and burying the idea, to keep it from resonating with all who read it, and are capable of seriously considering all its implications.

   That it provides for everything a government can rationally be tasked with, and denied, all means of assuming powers not explicitly delegated to it makes it the most destructive stumbling block in the road to world government.

   The formation of Israel, the pure logic and rational set of laws, and the notion of holding all accountable to God, directly, and not to "man's form of government" is perhaps the single most important reason it is ever under attack by every form of government predicated on man's power, because it denies any rightful authority in man, except that which is Endowed upon men by God.

   These two nations represent the secular reason government must be "by, of and for the People", and the moral reason why government must always recognize the supreme authority of God, above any construct of man.

   This is why whether it is the socialists of France, the Communists of Russia and China, the islamists, determined to form the World Caliphate, all intent on putting the whole people of the world under one control must eliminate both Israel, and The United States of America.

   We cannot consider it a coincidence we have an illegal alien who is both a communist, dyed in the wool, and an islamist, born into communism and raised as a muslim, who came to the place of power installation at the time it was possible to complete the whole of the action.

   We must know, beyond any inward doubts, it has been a plan for far more than a century on both aspects.  We must accept as matters of fact, we have allowed our power removed from us, and are left only with rising up en masse, and taking back our nation by sheer numbers, something not appearing immediately viable at this point, or we have to accept we are going to go to war against the most powerful enemy we've ever faced, but one whose power is more tenuous than any ever before.

   Proximity, being dead in the middle of the Nation it hates, is it's source of power.  At the same time, its every move is predicated on revenue which must come from those it vies against for power, and is surrounded by.  We always win or lose wars and battles based on the truth and security of our principles.  By this knowledge, we must recognize nothing short of taking back complete control, and resuming our status of "Sovereign Citizens" is worth anything, it truly is an "all or nothing proposition".

   Those who will fight for government will do so out of avarice, greed, intent on being part of control at the end, all the reasons of selfish, self-centered people with a very limited scope of intent.  Those who will step up and fight for "Right, Freedom, Principle, and most importantly, posterity", we have no good reason to quit, and every good reason to take it all the way to the bloody end.  We have a cause, and it is full of vision or children and community.  They have a cause, and it is solely for power, the rule over others.

   In my experience, people who choose to live by principle can't be beaten, and always win.  At the same time, they are always at best, a large minority, so the costs in blood and lives is always disproportionate.  We must have the same cause to stand our ground and to advance belligerently, leaping into confrontation that Marines do when it is time to "go over the top" knowing full well seven out of ten will be casualties.  We have to do it because it was done by our forefathers that way, that we have our own liberty and the ability to do so, but more importantly, we must do it so posterity, the Americans whose parents are not yet born, may enter life with no less than the fullness of America our founders established.

   No one could have said anything to dissuade those two Seals from pursuing the rescue attempt they were bound by oath to make, even knowing it must be entirely futile, because they lived and died Before God Almighty, and walked their last hours with God foremost on their minds.

   If there is to be an "America", the active and willing minority we represent must go into the future with no better hope than those two great Americans, and with no less faith that their work is worthy and righteous.

   If we would win, we must reassume our rightful place as the Sovereignty of our States, putting our elected on notice, they serve us, and we remove those who don't serve us per our fixed standard.  We must choose to be Free and Independent States, joined together harmoniously because of mutual principles, precepts, Faith, and the full intent of keeping what was bought at a great price.  If we don't go it believing in "win or die", we will learn it in our first battles.

   We will either be a principled, responsible people who have come to understand the real value of Sovereignty and the concurrent responsibilities, or we shall enjoy the pleasures of being subjects to a subject state, ruled by people who hate the fact we ever existed, no less than the same hate the fact Israel was not destroyed by each and every enemy.

Win or Die,

Semper Fidelis, John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret.

The truth and nothing but the truth.

Semper Fi, Gunney,




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