Government Completely Out Of Control - It's beyond chaos, they're now jeopardizing our food supply, our water, and the very existence of our farmers.

There will come a time when America will awaken from the slumber, stupor, hypnosis or whatever "we the people" are currently under.  Will it be too late? 

Is it possible for anyone, anyone, to view what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is doing in attempting rules over every ditch, every puddle, every drop of water in the United States?  This is just another of the communist ideology in an on-going attempt to totally control every facet of the the lives of American citizens. They control our money supply, trying to control our healthcare, and now total water control.

Check out

I'm beyond being tired of constantly oppressed by a government fully mobilized in destroying every free movement and reversing the rights given the people of America by God...they can't do it, they won't be allowed to do it...

As the farm family says in the video, "enough is enough, we won't back down". 

Active resistance is being thrust upon us whether we want it or not.

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Orvell Froloffl, it is not so much that we went and elected GOOD people, we seemed to have followed our Hearts, instead of good ol fashioned DD. If all had done their Due Diligence, we would have seen that there were RINOS sitting behind the words and masks of true Conservative thinking Candidates.

The same exact thing happened with NObama, when he was first elected. People went by the hype, instead of digging deep and finding out exactly what he truly represented. It was not the people he represented, but his own agendas, which were not our agendas. He sweet talked the people into voting for a dark horse, No Pun Intended, one which had no credentials, no real scholastic achievements, NO qualifications whatsoever, to take over the position he wanted to fill.

We could have seen what he really was, with a minimum of background checking. But for some incomprehensible reason, many failed to do that. He was not even made to show his Drivers License, Social Security Card, Passports, or Birth Certificate, to prove that he was a Citizen, and even eligible for the office of President. Three months here, and five months there, gave him nothing in the way of solidity or qualifications. Someone did not do their research, and it was not only the one who did not require his Birth Certificate, to assess his legality to even run for the office of President. It was WE THE PEOPLE.

Caught up in deceitful lies, and subtle promises it was we who gave this imposter the keys to the Kingdom of America. But, like many bad mistakes, they are far easier to make, than to correct.. Vote Conservative in November, not Republican.

God Bless America, and every loyal, patriotic American Citizen

freedomfighter, I agree with your assessment as to the lack of vetting Obama. I knew nothing about this usurper prior to his election because nothing was revealed and the wool was pulled over the majority's eyes. I suspect many in Congress and the Senate knew the truth about Obama but kept their mouths shut out of fear of being labeled a racist. 

I watched Obama the day he took the Oath of Office and it was only then that I realized he was a fake and no, I did not vote for him because he did not have enough experience to sit at the seat of power of America. You're right, millions bought into him hook line and sinker and could not see the forest from the trees. Blinded by this man's lies and deception was all that was needed to fool the majority of the American people.

Yes sir, I agree- it's our job to make it happen. Sadly it appears both parties largely serve the same plutocratic masters and argue just enough about policy as to give us the illusion of choice. All one has to do is google Monsanto's ties to the government and you can see how directly these huge corporations have infiltrated our government.

Housecleaning....??What house...??

Wich was a bastion of freedom,power,proud of North Americans...??...but since 2008,become a nest of rats,traitors,gays,anti-North Americans,communists,""socialist burgeois",Islamists,Muslims...home compulsive liars,fraudulent "officials",corrupted..??for what North Americans,was a symbol and we felt proud to be the bastion of is THE DARK HOUSE"..

And I wonder...??""WITH THAT SITS COCKROACH...??

A "divine "miracle"...??With whom we...?? with the North Americans...???.
Who voted for the African usurper,that even applaud,intemperate,lustful,possible footmen,servile servers of the dictator,submissive and licks boots,worshipers of the sultan the skin color or because sympathizes for his sexual aberrations,that keep them,give the food stamps and phones free..??They love by live parasites....or "illiterate politicians",who are lying to them,deceiving them,spying on them,controlling them,and are not able to see anything or WILL NOT SEE ANYTHING..or those to which,the fraudulent dictator is turning them,to his nation in "NO MAN'S LAND",a tolerance zone for criminals,terrorits,murderers,drug traffickers,Mexican setters,invaders mercenaries,who come to recover (according to them,wrested lands...
and have North Americans,enslaved to "tortillas","gorditas","tequila",mariachis",,blatantly steal their jobs,poverty wages,...soon very soon this invasion,displace the afros,Asians,Anglos,and will turn into a majority...This macabre plan,leaving open borders,and now thousands of minor invaders,is very well manipulated by the African usurper and his corrupt clan,traitors,these little invaders,will bring their parents and family,when they will be citizens,and millions of millions,will be invading,and will be completed the plan to destroy this beautiful nation,turning it into a village of "misery and desolation",a "banana republic",enslaved to "big government",Islamist,corrupt,dictatorial,communist...
And I ask again..??WILL BE THE NORTH AMERICANS THE NECESSARY BALLS...??will be the courage....??May the North Americans open their eyes...??Awakeing of their dreams of candor,of lethargy,of submission...??Will be prepared for the ""Communist Yoke",will be prepared for the Boot fraudulent dictator...???prepared to be slaves of the South mercenaries,who come to recover their lands...


God Bless you, Noel!


Thank you very much too, I need a blessing! ;)

God, please bless us, each and every one!  And, God, please bless our nation with your grace and forgiveness. Amen.

"There will come a time when America will awaken from the slumber, stupor, hypnosis or whatever "we the people" are currently under.  Will it be too late?"

Only time will tell, but I frequently wonder. When RINOS steel elections, it doesn't give us much hope.

Loved the video. The government has to stop and Obama needs to go.

One word....REVOLUTION !!

they will try to take ever y shred of freedom we have, and turn this into the people's republic of China....



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