Constitutional Emergency

Government Completely Out Of Control - It's beyond chaos, they're now jeopardizing our food supply, our water, and the very existence of our farmers.

There will come a time when America will awaken from the slumber, stupor, hypnosis or whatever "we the people" are currently under.  Will it be too late? 

Is it possible for anyone, anyone, to view what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is doing in attempting rules over every ditch, every puddle, every drop of water in the United States?  This is just another of the communist ideology in an on-going attempt to totally control every facet of the the lives of American citizens. They control our money supply, trying to control our healthcare, and now total water control.

Check out

I'm beyond being tired of constantly oppressed by a government fully mobilized in destroying every free movement and reversing the rights given the people of America by God...they can't do it, they won't be allowed to do it...

As the farm family says in the video, "enough is enough, we won't back down". 

Active resistance is being thrust upon us whether we want it or not.

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Time to clean house.

The EPA needs to be stopped this government is out of control! Time to clean house is right. Long OVERDUE.

read the article by todd starnes immigration crisis tb spreading 


You are absolutely right and it is We the People who must do it since the congress nor the Senate seems to want to lift a finger to save America.  The whole govenment needs to be impeached but in the meantime I think D C needs a visit from about 10, million americans to visit the Congress the Senate,  the White House. The Justice Department  and put them on notice that we demand they clean up this mess, honor their oaths of office or we will clean it up for them by impeaching  the whole lot of them.....That just might get their attention.

That was what OAS was supposed to do.  No one showed in large numbers.  Funny no one shows for anyone else's "show," just their own.  Pathetic.  Our Founding Fathers went way out on the limb for us.  If they didn't hold war, they would have been tried for treason and would have been hung.  If they had lost the war, the results would have been exactly the same.  Most had their homes, churches, barns, livestock, and grain burned to the ground and their wives and children killed, yet they persevered.  We sit on our lawnmowers and weed the gardens.  I know that is cynical and not exactly true, but the point remains: where were they.  The Founding Fathers each brought their own agenda and argued vehemently, but they rallied round their ultimate cause and forgot their little differences.  There would be time enough for them late on.  And here we are arguing among republicans, among Tea Part Patriots, et cetera.  We argue and talk about so much which is inconsequential to what we should be focusing upon entirely: how to rid ourselves of the liberals, et cetera, and when we have taken power, what do we do.  Everybody has a plan...maybe.  But the Party needs a plan we all bite into and bite into it now.  We are not prepared to take leadership.  We are NOT.  THIS is so sad!

True, the expectations were not met, in the beginning of the march on the Capitol. It was hyped, because so many had pledged to show up, but decided for whatever reason, to let the other guy do it. Well, it appears way too many of the million plus anticipated, were depending upon someone else to make the appearance for them.

I have the greatest respect for those few who are still standing up for what the event was supposed to be, and still carry the Flag of our Country over the banner of freedom seeking American Patriots. I am in hopes that as time goes on, more will eventually join the cause, until the voices represented, cannot be ignored, and the media chimes in, in support of the cause. The taking back of our Country from the filthy dirty Regime in control.

I have to agree with you, John. There isn't anyone to lead the American and if there is they are not stepping up to the plate. Congress and the Senate is filled with cowards who are only interested in their personal agendas and that is to continue to get reelected. America is being destroyed because of them. They could stop Obama but they won't out of fear. These men and women should all hang their heads in shame but why would they? They have no loyalty but to themselves. I loath every damn one of them for what they are doing to America and they know damn well they are all guilty of complicity. 

Who needs to be led?  You?  Can't you lead yourself?!  I remember a mother who harassed George Bush during the Iraq War. No one led her.  Go to Out House and harass BO  -    yourself!  Who led the Founding Fathers?  No one.  They led themselves.  Are you afraid that you will be the only one?  Do you need a crowd to comfort you?  Make excuses!  Go ahead!  God is your Leader.  Grab your Bible and go to work!  Do something!

Let's Roll!

John, there are leaders and there are followers! I'm a follower so what are you? Can you imagine the trouble George Washington would have had if everyone wanted to lead? He would have lost the war against the British for sure. There can only be one leader and if you think you are that man then step up or keep your mouth shut and learn something!

John, we are not prepared because we are not educated. We don't know where to go because we don't know where we have been. My wife and I started a training session about our founders at the local Republican party HQ. We functioned about a year and a half then they kicked us out so that they could do their campaigns. We don't have our priorities straight. Republicans today do not even know their own history...nor do they care. We have since been doing our classes at other locations...but I think that it is tragic that we have so much apathy and ignorance out there; I don't know and I don't care attitude. Our group's name is "Bring God Back to America". Our country was founded on Judeo- Christian ethics. We are floundering because we are destroying the rudder. We play checkers and the enemy plays chess (and cheats).

Terry, excuses, excuses, excuses!  Move it!  Do you think people in other lands had an education? Here is your education.  People lacked freedom to practice their various religions in their various countries.  So they came here for religious freedom.  Now people want to strip us of that religion.  It is part and parcel of their plan.  People came here because for relief from governmental oppression.  We are getting oppressed ourselves now.  It is part and parcel of their plan. People came here for a chance at prosperity.  We have NO  chance of that now.  It is part and parcel of their plan. Now you are educated.  Go fight.  Fight with your vote.  Fight with your preaching to your neighbors, family, and friends.  Oh, they will steer clear of you. So what!  They do that anyway.  Fight with your computer.  Fight with your phone. We have a phone and we have a pen.  Fight as if your future depends upon it; your very existence does!

Let's Roll!



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