Government Completely Out Of Control - It's beyond chaos, they're now jeopardizing our food supply, our water, and the very existence of our farmers.

There will come a time when America will awaken from the slumber, stupor, hypnosis or whatever "we the people" are currently under.  Will it be too late? 

Is it possible for anyone, anyone, to view what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is doing in attempting rules over every ditch, every puddle, every drop of water in the United States?  This is just another of the communist ideology in an on-going attempt to totally control every facet of the the lives of American citizens. They control our money supply, trying to control our healthcare, and now total water control.

Check out

I'm beyond being tired of constantly oppressed by a government fully mobilized in destroying every free movement and reversing the rights given the people of America by God...they can't do it, they won't be allowed to do it...

As the farm family says in the video, "enough is enough, we won't back down". 

Active resistance is being thrust upon us whether we want it or not.

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No one is above the law, including this thing we have been dealing witih.  This is a republic.  Seems congress and others have forgotten that fact.  Boehner needs to tell the Sergeant-at-Arms make the arrest.  But i think he's been bought.  He files some silly suit that will take yrs to settle. That's nothing but politics.  Sheriffs also have the power to make the arrest if he's in their territory.  Guess that's why he won't go to Phx.  Sheriff Joe wants to make the arrest.

Boehner and the entirety of both Houses of Congress are fully complicit, from the beginning. Boehner will not act against Obama because if he does, he and all the rest go to jail with him.

As chief law enforcement officer of the Senate, the Sergeant at Arms is charged with maintaining security in the Capitol and all Senate buildings, as well as protection of the members themselves. The Sergeant at Arms serves as the executive officer of the Senate for enforcement of all rules of the Committee on Rules and Administration regulating the Senate Wing of the Capitol and the Senate Office Buildings and has responsibility for and immediate supervision of the Senate floor, chamber and galleries. The Sergeant at Arms is authorized to arrest and detain any person violating Senate rules, including the President of the United States.

I feel as if I am in a lavatory: from one john to another...LOL

I read this same fact somewhere else, or perhaps it was you on an earlier blog.  I called that office and heard a message and then left a message:  "Please arrest Pres. Obama because he has committed a crime." I went on to explain the crime.  I asked for a return call and included my telephone number.  I received no return call and BO is still walking around.  Go figure.

There is a way, the militia , the oathkeepers and the people of Murretia have shown us the way. Each of us must be part of every movement that takes place to stop the criminals that as a collective call themselves gov. We no longer have a gov, what we have are enemies of the nation which have managed a hostile takeover of this nation.

Well said, Mindy.  Give them liberty or give them death.. Same here!  Hear!  Hear!

I agree with you Mindy, what are we waiting for? Obama and his communist have taken over our country. We need to take the government back. Get those terrorists out of there.

We need to come up with strong methods to educate the blind people whom follow and support this asinine agenda. Educate them on the lies coming out of the mouths of Obozzo, Reid, Pelosi, Clinton, etc...

Firmly educate people that America is NOT a democracy, it's a Constitutional Republic!

The Warning signs and Red Flags been flying for over five years, but will still have millions who just don't get it yet. Glenn Beck showed us just how this Marxist run Government can over take us. By putting the frog's i.e. we the people into slightly warm water the frog's will not jump out of water until it's to late and boil to death. America the water is boiling and has been for over five years and many of us will fall because of it.  Ronald Reagan warn that freedom can be lost in just one Generation, our you going to let freedom slip away. 

Robert, your last sentence points out our problem..........It's are "we" going to let freedom slip away? Pointing to "you" is the enemy of unity.   Also, I'm not sure which set of spots on Glenn Beck I should support??   After his public announcement that OAS was a movement of people going to D.C. to create violence, bloodbath, etc., I now question his idea of truth.  His credibility is surely in question.

Sure the Government is out of control! They have been out of control for a LONG time. So many agencies have SWAT Team, Really?? Cut the growth of this power hungry beast! Keep waking up people and I truly loved seeing the movie America yesterday. Well worth the money spent (unlike money taken by our govt.)

I don't know what to say about our situation anymore. Every day we are assaulted at an unprecedented rate and besides a handful of resolute, brave, principled people at OAS and those who show up in Southern California to protect their State from the onslaught of illegals being shipped in daily by the Regime, pretty much no one is willing to do what is truly necessary to even have the slightest chance of saving our Country. Not even the thought of what will happen to our children and grandchildren when we are no longer here is enough.

So what is enough? I don't know. I'm believing to think it'll be when they've cordoned off all the major cities and towns, we are all confined to our own personal spaces just to wait for them to take our doors down and take us off to wherever.

What really gets me going is people that only offer critique of those who offer solutions, like Col. Riley and offer no solutions, but rather "Oh my God, if we do that it'll be Treason, they'll shoot at us, put us in internment camps, lots of people will die." OK. So what happens if we do what you're suggesting, which is just don't do anything?

Then we have the megalomaniacs that use fake names and go about trashing everyone that disagrees with them. No names mentioned, but the biggest one used to lurk here and was a part of this movement until the day Col. Riley said something he didn't like. Hurt his feelings. Now he's out raising heck, bringing aboard groupies who appreciate his arrogance and pompous attitude, degrading the OAS mission, attacking Col. Riley and his supporters personally and making it near impossible to get anything positive done.

I myself became a target of his ire when he tried to impose hiss will and I dared say I disagree. Then, on to trying to personally disgrace me by saying he saw my post here a few months back about a visit I had from the SS and FBI and say I was fos. When I said he could think what he wished, I knew my reality, he went on to create a lie that he'd personally contacted a friend in the SS who told him the incident never happened. I laughed that one off as the fabrication it was and remained respectful. In the end, I had to leave the chat because he would not stop the personal attack.

Sadly, the forum this is on believes that by humoring this individual and keeping him involved in the mechanics of it all that we can get on with our business at hand, but what really is happening is he and his groupies are alienating people and they are afraid to talk for fear of this individual's ire. I myself keep my remarks succinct and to a bare minimum, because he's always out there looking for anyone he can squash and make look little in his presence.

The only thing to do is to be aware of what is happening around us, be alert and prepared, because it appears there are very few who are willing to do anything more than offer lip service. God bless Col. Riley and those who remain in DC, as well as those who were truly unable to attend, but are out there in their own Communities raising awareness and standing where they can.



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