GRAVE INFORMATION - Even If Only A Small Part Is Accurate It's A Dire Prediction

From Douglas Hagmann at Northeast Intelligence Network

"Rosebud" emerged with new, non-public information about plans being

discussed and prepared for implementation by the Department of Homeland

Security (DHS) in the near future.

DHS Insider Part I

DHS Insider Part II


I believe the overall theme of the above report is on target........we all know it but can't prove it.  Nor do we have any means right now to gather opposition beyond personal preparation.  Unfortunately it will take an "in your face" physical attack, detention, incarceration, by anti-constitution forces against American citizens for action(s) clearly a right(s) guaranteed under the US Constitution.  Only when blood starts flowing will America wake up to the threat to freedom and liberty. Thus, the beginning of a violent struggle against good and evil in the form of insurgency vs socialism/ short, in opposition to Obama and his army thugs.

I am fully prepared and expect to be picked up at the time the enemy of United States freedom and liberty may be soon or next year.  Many of us can expect varying levels of intimidation, actual visits, perhaps police questioning, or worse.........we will be forced to choose so make your peace now.

God grant me the courage to kneel only to Him.

Harry Riley

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I just read this very disturbing interview.
By the same token, I just read another post where the writer made an interesting point. It was stated that for the Patriots, this can not just be a " defensive" fight. The "patriots" are going to have to take the fight to them and be prepared to fight to the finish...eliminate the enemy if you will, not just fight a defensive battle till they retreat for a while.
I wonder if the "patriots" will have the leadership and the wherewithal?

God only knows where we're headed Ken..........but it does not look good at will take a group of high level, nationally known leaders, not individuals but a group that says, we've drawn the red line and announce opposition to the anti-constitutional Obama policies.  Organize a shadow government if necessary and be prepared to be arrested and has come to a very dangerous situation.

Ken .. I don't think that we could have a Better leader than Alan West !  This administration has made Many enemies!  a.k.a. Terry Lakin, Boykin, West, etc.  "THEY" really think that they in the Barry administration are Invincible, yet, I can Not believe for One Minute that there Are Patriots "WITHIN" just "Watching and Waiting".

When I heard on the news today that obama was flying back before congress came back I thought something was up. Kinda of figured it wasn't going to be good.

Exactly Sue !    I thought the same thing.  He was supposed to be taking another of his many vacations.  This one lasting for 20 days.  "WHY" is he coming back "NOW".  We ALL know he doesn't care about the Fiscal Cliff, In Fact, I think he Wants it to happen Badly !

Have you ever seen this? Look at MAPS

Please amplify your point Gaybinator............

The maps your source talks about - regionalism.

REGIONALISM - KNOW IT, FEAR IT, END IT before it ends us. This is our local battle. Make sure you have the email addresses for all of your City Council, County Commissioners, Mayor and all state officials. Create a group distribution list and keep hitting them with the information you get on Agenda 21 and Regionalism. Keep hitting them until they listen. If they refuse to listen then make sure they are not elected again.

Dr. Coffman talks about Regionalism

A letter to the CATO Institute from Michael Shaw

Good point

What's the point?  Where are you going with this?

The lite rail is to be used alongside agenda 21.  In the 21 articles its written.

I believe you are correct. I count myself likewise. And I echo your last line. If He is with us, who can be against us. May God grant you His peace and protection.




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