GRAVE INFORMATION - Even If Only A Small Part Is Accurate It's A Dire Prediction

From Douglas Hagmann at Northeast Intelligence Network

"Rosebud" emerged with new, non-public information about plans being

discussed and prepared for implementation by the Department of Homeland

Security (DHS) in the near future.

DHS Insider Part I

DHS Insider Part II


I believe the overall theme of the above report is on target........we all know it but can't prove it.  Nor do we have any means right now to gather opposition beyond personal preparation.  Unfortunately it will take an "in your face" physical attack, detention, incarceration, by anti-constitution forces against American citizens for action(s) clearly a right(s) guaranteed under the US Constitution.  Only when blood starts flowing will America wake up to the threat to freedom and liberty. Thus, the beginning of a violent struggle against good and evil in the form of insurgency vs socialism/ short, in opposition to Obama and his army thugs.

I am fully prepared and expect to be picked up at the time the enemy of United States freedom and liberty may be soon or next year.  Many of us can expect varying levels of intimidation, actual visits, perhaps police questioning, or worse.........we will be forced to choose so make your peace now.

God grant me the courage to kneel only to Him.

Harry Riley

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Harry Riley, thanks for posting this. I have received it my email as well and it is very distrubing. Unfortuantely I do NOT deny it is likely real and true. It basically validates I've seen "written on the wall" for a while now. I really don't know how anyone could escape the logical deduction of what we have seen happening already and the conclusions the connected dots bring us to. Guns will go. Perhaps not without a bloody fight but Americans ARE outgunned and out manned. Besides I truly believe foreign military will be brought in to complete the process. It doesn't look very hopeful to me. I'm NO expert but I don't see a way out!!

I would think Gaybinator is trying to warn us about Agenda21. By now everyone should know how destructive to American life this UN plan is. I suspect he is urging us to stay in touch with our local government entities so ward off advances of Agenda 21. All politics is local anyway. ICLES I think it is that appears on many Agenda 21 local tentacles. For those who are not familiar with Agenda 21 I strongly suggest you educate yourselves because it's on its way.

Agenda 21 is the inventory of all the world resources, including YOU. It's tentacles are everywhere. Once you see it, you will not be able to miss it. It is about changing the government to an administrative one through stakeholder councils and phony consensus (Delphi) meetings that give the illusion of public buy-in to the planner's pre-conceived plans. It is separating the citizens from private property through zoning, conservation easements. It is an economy based on public/private partnerships - free markets are destroyed. It is about economic social justice. What is not sustainable? Borders, fences, grazing livestock, single family homes, private property, roads, dams. It is about the guilting of the citizenry through the precautionary principle, that if ANYTHING might harm the environment, it is to be forbidden.

THERE IS NOT ONE OF OUR PROBLEMS THAT CANNOT BE TRACED TO AGENDA 21. But before you run into your city council or county commission meeting, you must educate yourself. Remember that the plan originated with the U.N., but IT IS OUR OWN GOVERNMENT THAT HAS FOISTED IT ON US. It is diabolical and covert. Most of your local officials are not aware of what they are a part of. All they know is that they are elected, then state and federal agencies, foundations, and U.N. non-government organizations (Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy) keep giving them money - and they don't care why, they just know that they don't have to raise taxes. They have no idea that they are robbing their children and grandchildren of liberty. This is why you must first educate yourself, then educate them.

NEITHER REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT -- IT IS COMMUNISM, USING THE ENVIRONMENT AS BAIT - however Dems are more prone to buy it. The Republican Party issued a resolution against it in January 2011 and it was in their platform at the convention.

Tennessee, Alabama and others have passed various legislation to try to stop it.

Florida will have a bill this legislative session - sign petition to support. We need at least 25,000 signatures to make a good showing:


14 min video, short and to the point:

Ruth Dupont Esser and Karen Bracken -

I do not mean to hijack the urgent story above. It is all interconnected, though. U.N. Agenda 21, brought to you by Executive Order from slick Willie is the big picture. THIS IS THE UTOPIA THAT MARK LEVIN CALLS AMERITOPIA AND IT IS HERE NOW, HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT.


And to think..... millions have no clue AT ALL....... buckle your seat belts.  This kind of inside information leaves me breathing hard and cringing, gritting my teeth, and looking again to attempt to determine how I can cover my bases.... have I done enough, what have I missed....or even if preparedness is a possibility..... Will the cataclysmic event be economic (duh), together with some massive attack--am EMP.... what?  Makes me crazy.......... Lord, give us strength.

When the SHTF will not matter what gun is in your hands. Hope it has 30 round clips!

Prepare NOW! With many others buying guns and ammo, would be afraid not to.

Offered a shotgun to my son, but he said: No.

Have to worry about my grown "kids" and grandchildren.

Can't be everywhere, plus they don't know what I do or have my experiences.

I try to supply them with various.

I have mentioned kicking out or moving the UN back to Geneva. Why should we support

a breeding ground for spies and those who plan to take us over and have willing stooges to help them?

America 1st!   Let the other countries take care of themselves. We have Enough of Our Own Problems!

(which have been planned out in advance by our enemies and traitors)

I, for one, DO blame the GOP! None of them has shown the courage it really takes to challenge the affront this country is facing. But them it's ONLY the people that are facing it as I beginning to believe that the GOP is to some degree complicit.  If only but their unwillingness to face the facts and realities of what I truly believe to be a political coup committed on this country. It's quite sickening.

This link will not work on this site, but if you go to and check out this headline, you can see an interview with Hagman by Alex Jones.

Homeland Insecurity Insider: Obama to Fully Engage Gun Owners with Armed Feds in 2013!



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