Constitutional Emergency

Guidance - Operation American Spring Forward Into Summer - No Turning Back

All Patriots,

This is to update you on latest OAS decisions regarding our continued future forward movement and the current manning/direction of the “on-the-ground” Washington D.C. team  which was decided in a meeting Wednesday night, May 28, 2014.
America has an option right’s called Operation American Spring(OAS) and is active on the DC Mall every day.  We incorporate every worthy initiative such as declaring we will have no more Fast and Furious, no more Benghazi back-stabbing, no more VA murders, no more 9/10 Amendment attacks, no more 2nd Amendment more Obama and Congress lawlessness, no more destruction of the United States by domestic enemies.
Every patriot organization, citizen.......every American that loves our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, the principles given us by our Founding Fathers, should, must join Operation America Spring which is established on the D.C. Mall across from the Air/Space Museum.  We’re there every day, fighting for every jot and tittle of our cherished Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and to reverse the moral decline that is moving America into the rubbish heap of disaster.
 Visit any of our sites....  or and lock arms with us, stand shoulder to shoulder with Americans for America.
We love our nation and the Obama Administration is dead set on destroying what over 230 years has make it worse the cowardly Congress is complicit in that they do nothing to rein Obama back to Constitution responsibility........
Show up on the D.C. Mall to lend a hand to our established movement.......we need all America to think about our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and what they will inherit if we fail the right the ship of America.  There can be no greater challenge to all of us right now than to protect our nation and leave those following us with what we have enjoyed.
I hope to see you on the Mall............Use the information at the attachment below to guide you when to come........we need an even flow of patriots onto the Mall every day except Sunday.  Sunday we have church on the Mall.  First week it was at the Lincoln Memorial, second week it was at the WWI memorial, tomorrow it will be at another memorial..........join if you can, any day, every day as we send a message to the lawless leadership in D.C. their days are numbered, they will be held accountable, our constitution will once again become the law of the land.
 The on-site D.C. Mall coordination/decision team will maintain a permanent presence(with appropriate over-lap) on the Mall and is:  Pastor Bland, Joe Bennett, Alex Coffey, Roberto Tonizzo. Critical to on-site coordination is Don Johnson, State Operation Center (SOC) Leader,  Deb Howard, the overall PR Lead 352-942-5203, Susie Price a major player for the social media from a strategic position, and SGM Nick will assist with local issues. Remaining staff and the rest of America are in support

Obviously those of us not “on the ground” will not be completely up to date on events as they unfold, so we need to be careful in our writing and radio to focus on the general mission, principles, and refer “current status” to Joe Bennett, Pastor Bland or Alex Coffey.

I will be on the ground from time to time, decide any major modification of mission, get updates on a near-daily basis to deal with radio as needed, edit press releases, etc...... 

We have a team sending OAS related press releases to me, communicating mission, principles below, whether on radio or writing and of course using media reports that clearly show the lawlessness, betrayal, backstabbing of the in-place leadership toward America, and how OAS is trying to combat the betrayals, evil corruption, greed, etc.. The on-site staff will deal with real-time issues on the ground.  Strategic supporters must not send mixed messages that deviate with actions on the ground or our mission. Unity, unity, unity...........

OAS is focused on a dual approach now..........the on-the-ground team handles just that.......programs, marches, demonstrations, visitors, permits, on-site radio shows, camper help, etc., basically maintain momentum on the D.C. mall.  Don Johnson, SOC leader,in close coordination with on-site staff, and others will reenergize the State Leaders, etc. to begin activity as warranted e.g.  (marches,demonstrations, petitions, rallies, etc.) at State Capitol, county, town, commissioner level, focusing on our mission.  

OAS is credible...........we announced to America all was well with our movement violence, unarmed, lawful, peaceful and we proved it.......the Glenn Beck’s, trouble makers, self-servers, have lost credibility in that their false predictions of violence were without basis in who will America believe in the future.......trouble makers, rumor mongers, Glenn Beck......... or OAS leadership?

We must stick like glue to our mission........not branch out into international issues........keep the pressure on the lawless Executive and Legislative branches, bureaucracy, oath breakers, etc.......keep our focus on internal U.S. issues can be embraced when US constitutional government is restored.

Mission –     Constitutional restoration to reestablish the rule of law under our Constitution. Rights restored as our Creator and Founders provided. Removal of those that fail to obey established law.

                    Forward – No Retreat

Principles:  Truth – God is our rudder.  Mobilize our pulpits

                                My initial expectation for millions on the Mall was faulty.  I misjudged the attitude of America to stand by the millions, but our call resulted in strong, hard core, patriots to carry-on and finish our mission which we always assumed would be of some length. We will not surrender, slow down, or allow the lawlessness in D.C. to dissuade us.           

                     OAS Dual Approach -  D.C. Mall presence and State Action.                  

                    OAS Success – Depends on OAS unity and developing same throughout America.  Millions of Americans are in lock-step with us now and we must cultivate strong unity to a “leaning     forward in the fox-hole” position ready to charge. Unity, unity, unity........

                     Expectation – Numbers are no longer critical(unless called for) on the Mall but are outside D.C. in America's neighborhoods.

                     OAS Supporters – Desire to re-establish constitutional government, liberty and freedom only requirement to stand with OAS.

                     Messaging   – Communications/messaging must be a priority to get the mission, principles, and status, far and wide.”  FB, Twitter, Blogs, Web sites, et al

                     Alliances – Form them but not expect endorsement...we only ask acknowledgement of OAS on media resources and any other support they deem appropriate.

                     Social Media – Maximize our coverage.

                     Self-Supporting -  People helping people as we’ve done in the past.  NO OAS organization.......a “movement to action” is our strength.

                     Guidance – Mission, Principles before personalities.

America is at the tipping point...we must persevere to the last drop of..................God bless every America citizen as we fight once again for our freedom and liberty.


Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret.

OAS Founder


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For those of you not going, what are YOU doing to participate? A bunch of us in AZ that were not going collected donations from friends, neighbors and fellow church members to the tune of just shy of $2,000+ food+ prayer for those going. I never knew the people going, all I knew was they were Americans fighting for my country and I was not going to let them shoulder all of the burden while we sat home.There are zero excuses for not participating, it is our country and all of us need to be active and together working on this now! Please look at yourself in the mirror and ask, if not me, who will stand for my family, my friends, my neighbors or fellow church members?

Do you find it acceptable to do nothing and watch as people you know are taken to Fema camps, because you had a lame excuse for not doing something when you should have?

During the Revolution soldiers at valley Forge fought hungry and some fought without shoes in the snow, do you have it that bad that you can't help your country right now?

How about the Soldiers that fought for our country in Korea at the Chosin Reservoir where they fought in minus 24 degrees and held off forces 10 times what they had.

Maybe a little self analysis to figure out when you lost the AMERICAN Spirit and why and then figure out how you are going to get back up on the wall of the Alamo with the rest of us fighting for THIS country. You and I do not have much time, it is dawn and the bugles are sounding, let's get er done together so we can go back to enjoying this great nation again and more so our kids and grandkids will as well. 

Well Matthew....I can't speak for anybody else.  But for ME....I'm at home taking care of my 89-year-old mother who has advanced dementia and congestive heart failure.  I can't even leave the house for more than an hour without having a sitter for her.  I'm the ONLY family there is and I'm trying to let her die in her own home, instead of putting her in a nursing home.  I'm losing money too for the past 4 years....since of course this isn't a paying job.  So if you'd like to come fill in for me, and pay my way there, I'd be GLAD to go!!!!!!!!!!!! because frankly I'm going nuts being cooped up in the house and unable to see or talk to anyone in person.  I'd be happy to have someone take over for a while.  Most of the time she's in a hospital bed, and on a good day maybe sitting in the wheel chair.

Understand your predicament Marilyn.  I'm unable to go to DC also.  God Bless you for taking care of your mother.  Prayer is powerful and OAS can sure use your prayers.  You and your mom are in my prayers.


Yes.  But after I had her there about a month ago, she came home with all her skin under the underpants looking like someone had poured scalding water on her.  They had let her diarrhea go untreated, and apparently let her lay for 2 or 3 days without changing her regularly.  I'm in the process of finding out how to file a complaint.  I signed a document to release their records for how she was treated there, and so far they've haven't sent me anything.  Guess they're trying to doctor the computer data before they send it to me.  Now they're trying to claim she came there that way.  Hospice can verify that's not the case.  This was SUPPOSED to be an assisted living place with a good reputation.  But after the charge nurse said to me they reason they didn't call was because "diarrhea isn't a serious problem" I know she either failed nursing classes or she's a liar.  At least 2,000 die every day around the world as a result of diarrhea related to other health issues.  And there's NO EXCUSE for how raw her skin was.  And another nurse said "you don't always want to stop diarrhea, because it will wash out whatever is causing the problem".  REALLY?!?!?!  Their nurses are THIS STUPID?!   Or they thought I was?  They can always look good when you tour them, and what they SAY they do.....but once you're gone, you don't have any way of knowing what's happening behind your back.  So now....I'm at a loss as to what I'll do.

Guess so.  Respite care here.....depending on the hospice you're with for length of time, usually they go to a facility for 5 days.  Here the hospice comes to your home.  They keep trying to find a volunteer for me to leave for more than a couple of hours, but apparently volunteers to "mom-sit" are pretty rare and hard to come by.  So when I run to the grocery store, the lady across the street, who we've known over 30 years and is a retired nurse (she's 75) comes and stays with her.  My girlfriend lives too far away to help...she's been through this with her mom.  Until this happened with mom, I had no idea that caretakers sort of become shut-ins too.  It drives me a little nutso not to go to work and see other people, or be able to do any volunteer work.  Used to do a lot of volunteer work with Operation Wild Life and Visible Horizons, but haven't been able to since mom's health went down hill.  Wonder how they'd like it if they could only bathe 3 times a month?  I don't understand these they treat their own family this way too?

If  "it"  is cause by C-Dif, that can kill you!  That's typical, they were probably just hired off the street.

ooops caused

Marilyn.......I too have a wife who is disabled, not to the extent your mother is but my church ladies came and stayed with my wife while I was gone to D.C..  They will come again when I go back to D.C.   Maybe your church, if it's possible could give you a break....maybe not to get to D.C. but to have some time away for you to get some sunshine and get a burger..........

My mom's church, which she and dad were VERY involved members for over 40 years, and were a HUGE part of building that church-----NOBODY has come to see her in over 4 years.  None of them call, send her a card, come by to see her (and the church is only 5 minutes away), BUT, they do send the monthly offering envelopes, which I send them NOTHING.  The church I joined back in December...haven't gotten to know anybody cause I've hardly been able to go.  Mom's nieces and nephew (which she was nanny to 5 of them) never call or come by.  Many people in her family have lived in our home when they were without a place to stay.  But all they say why they never come around "we want to remember aunt Dora like she was".  And they've NEVER had anything to do with me because I'm "not blood related".  My parents adopted me when I was 7.  So...that's sort of the short end of it all.  WOW!  I never intended to get all this response.  But it's kinda' nice to know other people have some idea what I'm dealing with.  THANKS!

Marilyn: I'm not adopted, but I have two brothers who act like they were adopted out.  One hasn't  come to see her in 10 years, the other in 20 years, and both brothers married sisters so the sisters keep all the kids on their sides now that my brothers are divorced.  So, that left just me. Then, like I said, my husband left me because he didn't want to help take care of her.  But, then,  who else is better to take care of her than me???  I take just as good of care of her as she did me when I was growing up. She was constantly there for every little micro-element of my life!  Plus, one of my titles is a hairdresser, so I keep her hair fixed all the time and make-up on her.  She is able to walk short distances, but I watch her like a hawk and keep a gait belt on her even while she is in the wheelchair. Good thing I am a micro-manager, because she goes wanting for nothing.......I'm falling apart.......but, she is wanting for nothing! Also, she has always been a prayer warrior and we pray for each other. Sometimes she just says cute things when she is praying, not the strong devil chasing prayers like she used to pray, but the Lord hears her heart.  :)

Oh, by the way, Marilyn.  I am writing a book, when I am not on OAS site to hopefully make a little money because I had a felon steal about $12,000.00 off of one of my credit cards, so I have the stress of trying to get that money back while paying a lawyer to do nothing!



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