Constitutional Emergency

Guilty: North Carolina Jihadists who targeted Marine Corps wives and children

Penned Timothy Whiteman

In Federal Court in New Bern, NC today, three would-be Islamist terrorists were found guilty of a slew of terrorism-related charges in a planned attack on unsuspecting wives and children of Marine Corps personnel residing on the sprawling Marine base in Quantico, Virginia.
Ziyad Yaghi, 23; Hysen Sherifi, 27; and Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan, 24 all stood before Her Honor U.S. District Judge Louise Flanagan as they had their convictions and sentences publically read to them.
The Associated Press, via, is reporting that;
  • Yaghi was convicted of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorism and conspiracy to carry out attacks overseas, and was sentenced to almost 32 years in prison.
  • Sherifi was convicted of both crimes, two counts of firearms possession, and conspiracy to kill federal officers or employees for plotting the Quantico attack. He was sentenced to 45 years in prison.
  • Hassan was convicted of providing material support to terrorists, and received a 15 year sentence.
Ringleader Daniel Patrick Boyd, who now goes by the name of Safallah, Arabic for "Sword of God," has already plead guilty and is awaiting sentence.
Two of Boyd's sons have already plead guilty to similar charges and were sentenced to eight years and nine years in prison.
Tale Of The Tape...
As previously reported, Boyd was recorded by an undercover informant bragging about how easy it would be to get on base. 
Boyd's bravado shone through when he was taped stating;
"My father was an officer. What will they say, their hero's son cutting their head off?"
As caught on tape concerning possible targets;
"The generals' wives, they're jogging. Their children are playing."

Boyd was also recorded expressing his admiration for dead al-Qaeda ex-leader Usama bin-Laden, as well as understanding clearly orders via the internet he received from jihadist leaders overseas;

"Hit everything you can that hurt America and the Jew."

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Watch BO commute their sentence to Time Served !

At what point do we stop talking and start taking names.

If Sheriff Joe Arpaio comes down on the wrong side of this issue, what then?

After watching the fiasco in Atlanta last month, no one gets a free pass from me!

The judicial system is not working and yet we continue to allow this system to abuse the citizen partiots of America.

If Sheriff Joe can be turned, their argument must be very pursuasive or very threatening.

The Crusaders of the Middle Ages weren't "turned"  They had No sheriff with them.

Did i miss something regarding Sheriff Joe A.?

Turn these freaks over to the 'wives and children' of the Marines.  I personally know several wives and daughters of Marines who would make short work of these idiots...and make damn sure when they reached their islamic paradise they would NEVER enjoy their 72 virgins for lack of equipment.


I like your method of expression !

Subtle, but to the point.

yeah...that works.

Works for me .

Cowards..The religion of peace at it's best. People will say that these are radical muslims but islam is islam no matter how you look at it. 90% are radical but the other 10% are still muslims and muslims are the threat to everyone these days. Where are our countries leaders when we need them?

Hopefully there'll be NO Appeal.  A back alley bull whip and salt shaker trial might have been better. In prison they'll be welcomed with open arms by the contingent of converts they'll find in there. And just knowing it would be to the Beltway Caliph's advantage to "Spring" every "Big House" in the country, to set loose loads of like minded Scurrilous predators.   

What you say is so true!!!


Let's hope!



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