Guilty: North Carolina Jihadists who targeted Marine Corps wives and children

Penned Timothy Whiteman

In Federal Court in New Bern, NC today, three would-be Islamist terrorists were found guilty of a slew of terrorism-related charges in a planned attack on unsuspecting wives and children of Marine Corps personnel residing on the sprawling Marine base in Quantico, Virginia.
Ziyad Yaghi, 23; Hysen Sherifi, 27; and Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan, 24 all stood before Her Honor U.S. District Judge Louise Flanagan as they had their convictions and sentences publically read to them.
The Associated Press, via, is reporting that;
  • Yaghi was convicted of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorism and conspiracy to carry out attacks overseas, and was sentenced to almost 32 years in prison.
  • Sherifi was convicted of both crimes, two counts of firearms possession, and conspiracy to kill federal officers or employees for plotting the Quantico attack. He was sentenced to 45 years in prison.
  • Hassan was convicted of providing material support to terrorists, and received a 15 year sentence.
Ringleader Daniel Patrick Boyd, who now goes by the name of Safallah, Arabic for "Sword of God," has already plead guilty and is awaiting sentence.
Two of Boyd's sons have already plead guilty to similar charges and were sentenced to eight years and nine years in prison.
Tale Of The Tape...
As previously reported, Boyd was recorded by an undercover informant bragging about how easy it would be to get on base. 
Boyd's bravado shone through when he was taped stating;
"My father was an officer. What will they say, their hero's son cutting their head off?"
As caught on tape concerning possible targets;
"The generals' wives, they're jogging. Their children are playing."

Boyd was also recorded expressing his admiration for dead al-Qaeda ex-leader Usama bin-Laden, as well as understanding clearly orders via the internet he received from jihadist leaders overseas;

"Hit everything you can that hurt America and the Jew."

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Let's hope we can keep the walls up and the doors shut - - -K.P.Y.D.

Hope your right .

These animals don't care about their family I say kill their sheep

ISLAM is NOT NOW -NEVER WAS-- NEVER WILL BE  Compatible with America-- They ARE the enemy Foreign AND Domestic.And they have their own man in the Executive and their unfailing support in Congress And have even made  serious inroads with in our Education system. DO we bypass the enemy when we meet him on the road--or do we engage. And  do we hunker down and pray there will be backup or E&E -Or do we fight!  What will they say when the Islamic Calls to Prayer are  come from the Washington Monument and the Crescent Flag of the Moonbats flies over the White House?What do we tell our Children when they ask if we remember when we were FREE?

We really need to have a president, Congress and Supreme Court who are brave and intelligent enough to understand and name Islam as our enemy and to give life or death sentences to these terrorists. Islam is the enemy of all who are not Muslims -- and a good many who are. (Women mostly.) To continue to give these people a pass and apologize to them for our way of life, is treason -- so the president needs to be exposed as an Islamist apologist. He and all who think as he does must be replaced and our government guided by the Constitution. That precious "piece of paper" that has been under attack ever since it was written. I can't go out and fight it; I'm old and somewhat incapacitated. But it really must be done, and soon. We need to realize too that Islam is primarily the enemy of all Christians and Jews -- and atheists.

See this:

Appeasers to the Islamic worldview keep telling us that only a small percentage of Muslims are radicals. Some say it’s about ten percent. I’m not great at math, but I do know that ten percent of one billion is 100 million. That’s a lot of radical Muslims who want to see every aspect of Western culture destroyed. It would also indicate that there is a gathering storm on the horizon, and every precaution MUST be implemented and now rather than later !!! And as this post impresses on us the reality that they are here now and their intentions are clear. It is a simple confrontation, either you kill them or rest assured that they will kill you.

I know that some may find this harsh, but we didn't start this BS, the muslimes did !  Just in case your memory has faltered, I learned EVERYTHING I need to know about islime on 9/11 ! It is impossible to distinguish between a bad muslime and a good muslime as there are no good muslimes to be found. It is therefore reasonable and prudent to eliminate them in totality. There is no other option as they have let us know that they are willing to die for their "religion." So be it, so let it be done. It's our job to kill them and let God sort them out.


These and the many like them not only need to serve their time but should be required one final task in order to be released after their sentence is served. They should be expelled from the U.S. to some islamic country and NEVER allowed to return to the U.S. under any circumstance. If we don't soon realize that we cannot live with the muslims then we will do one of three things in the near future, die, convert to islime, or become their slaves. I for one will choose death, after taking as many of them with me as possible. Let me say in advance that I am sorry if you are not a "radical" islamist and I take you out anyway, I can't tell the difference just by looking at you. There in lies the problem. Can anyone tell if a muslim is a radical or not just by looking at them? Only solution is, as Eddie Reynolds posted, do 'em all and let God sort them out.

IMMIGRATION LAW serves as The Nation's Gate keeper..........these words from the First Paragraph. It gets more interesting.   Apparently the President only controls Reugees entering the USA.  And we have a "S" load coming in from Palestine, (actually refugees from themselves....but they've brought their own nature and Filthy habits with them), also recently;  VOILA -  , Either the Demographics of our State Dept. personnel are primarily mid eastern and/or someones got a Fat Wallet. State Dept. personnel are we know who'd have influence here.  We now have about 2 million Islamics in this country.   



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