Resistance is not futile!


The fight has officially been brought to my front door.. From a citizen in Delaware..

Last night I was out with a buddy of mine. I got a text from my wife that the cops and dyfs are at the house and they wanna check out my guns and needed me to open my safe.
I'm instantly on my way. I get in contact with evan Nappen on the way. I explain the situation. I walk in my house and hand the phone to the first cop I see. Then direct all of em outside. Dyfs got a call because of a pic on my son holding a gun. They wanted to look around and check all my guns out, make sure they were all registered. Obviously that didn't go well because I refused. I had Nappen on speaker phone the entire time so they had to deal with both of us. They kept trying to pressure me to open my safe. They had no warrant, no charges, nothing. I didn't budge. I was told I was being "unreasonable" and that I was acting suspicious because I wouldn't open my safe. Told me they were gonna get a search warrant. Told em go ahead. Nappen (my lawyer) asked me for the dyfs workers name. she wouldnt give it. i asked for credentials and she wouldnt show em. i tried to take a pic of her and she turned around real fast and walked away. After a while of them threatening to take my kids, get warrants and intimidation they left. Empty handed and seeing nothing.

People it can happen that fast. Most people wouldn't have stood up to them like I did.


Showed up with the tactical gear

All over this picture

That's a m&p-15 22

They never even saw the picture. It was all hear say. Just a phone call saying someone saw a pic of a child holding a gun.
I stood my ground

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I think we can expect to see a lot more of this in the coming days. 

Sieg Heil



They need to learn that there are consequences for this type of illegal activity.  Take them to court and put a hurt on their budgets.  Deplete their budgets untill the police are back to walking their beat.  That way they will get to know the people that they serve. 

"They" will use anything.

so ur saying live in fear ...I think not ....

I live in Santa Rosa Cty ,Fl and my Sheriff has publicly stated he will not allow anyone fm the Federal Govt to come in and try this bull S___. He does not have to answer to them. He is Boss. Thank God this guy resisted. What the hell do these Cops think they R doing. Does no one in this country in a Law situation and this Administration and our BELOVED CONGRESS

know the Constitution or do they even care.

why don't they go after people that have illegal weapons? it seems as if they're afraid of those people.

we've got to get ready cause it's gonna get ugly!


I'm learning that our safes may not be the safest place to keep arms!   Maybe learn to disassemble my black guns and store them through-out the premises.  Burial tubes could work but would need to be dug below the frost line I would think. Could be a challenge  to recover if the ground was frozen. Scary stuff happening all over.  I hope we keep tabs on the New Jersey incident if there is any media left that reports still. That should be classified as a Hate Crime and would have been had she been Muslim. The left would be all over it if she was.  This guy did the right thing but I hope he goes further and brings about lawsuits. The NAGR and NRA should be providing funding to accomplish this even if it is not feasible. Make them go to court regardless!

Nice that the kid is properly holding the firearm.  A laptop in his hands would actually put him in more danger than this black rifle! 

Bill, at this writing your gun safe is still the safest place for your arms.  And Tish is right.  Get your lawyer lined up right now for the day someone tries to do the same to you. Do not even think of burying your weapons in your back yard, they have ground penetrating radar and it goes too far down for you to effectively hide it from them.  Besides, you do not need to do so, just call your lawyer and have them on the phone at the time you are talking with them. You do not have to let them in your home and you do not have to show them your guns whether they have a registration law (which they should not have anyway) unless they have a warrant.  They will not pursue the warrant issue unless there is probable cause and even though that can be lied about, they still have to be really careful about that too.  So just be like the guy in the lead in.  And as for being careful what you say, we still have the freedom to say what and to whom we want so long as we do not offend anyone or use verbal assault techniques.  Politeness works as well as refusing to be threatened.  Semper Fidelis.

Excellent points Richard. Thanks for the great advice. Not sure I would be as lucky to have a lawyer I could call right away.  Keeping my cool after someone entered my house would not be easy for me although my wife would also let them in God love here :-)   Maybe now I will think back to what you said and remain calm if it was to ever happen. 


You were brilliant.

They are evil- 

They live in an area where the 4th Amendment does not apply.  That's why they had no warrant.  I am glad he stood his ground.



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