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Guns N' Roses Welcome To The Jungle- Kong Skull Island by TTTG Networking

IFPI going to fight child porn, from 2010, but their members and Music Artist are into child rape. It's like "O" being gay means they have rights to children?

 You will enjoy what was researched. ⒸMovie Trailer Kong Skull Island, a interesting find, and the investigation is not over. All I ever wanted for this channel on youtube was to create better music move videos.

IFPI and child porn..? How is that working out????

This gay, so called "jesus" needs to leave children alone, what a screwed up world.

Guns N' Roses Welcome To The Jungle- Kong Skull Island- YouTube

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Tif, What the hell is this?
And why do I want this story about child pornography on this forum?
It looks like child pornography gay anti-Christ what-ever .???????

 It was a counter attack against IFPI, because they attacked the network because we stand against the UN. So they took down that video also. But many others went up.

 Once it was released that IFPI attacked Israel, took them off of the net, IFPI stepped back, you see IFPI used this anti child porn as a weapon to censor, the net. It blew up in their face.

 Then we found out this....

Revolving Door: US Copyright General Counsel Joins Music Industry

Continuing the revolving door tradition between the United States government intellectual property and trade officials and the industries they represent, David Carson, general counsel of the US Copyright Office, will join the top international music industry association in September. Carson will assume a role of influencing policymakers in drafting legislation to protect and promote copyright. His is latest in a series of moves blurring US industry and government lines, and extending to the (UN) United Nations.

 Carson will become the head of global legal policy at IFPI (the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), the London-based international association of the recording industry.

 Carson will join IFPI on 24 September, according to an IFPI release. He will report chief executive Frances Moore and will “help coordinate the organisation’s outreach to policymakers worldwide,” IFPI said.

“At IFPI, Carson will coordinate the recorded music industry’s legal policy strategy worldwide, working with governments, lawmakers, other industries and international organisations on a wide variety of copyright issues, including the need to achieve robust legislation to help tackle online piracy and establish a sustainable digital music market,” it said.

 Carson, a frequent participant in negotiations at the World Intellectual Property Organization, has served as general counsel at the Copyright Office since 1997, with a term as associate register for policy and international affairs in 2007-2008.

“He has been involved on behalf of the United States government in virtually every significant copyright law and policy matter in the past 15 years,” IFPI said.

 Carson came to the Copyright Office from a career in private practice in film industry centre Beverly Hills, California, and New York. He graduated from Harvard Law School and Stanford University, as well as international studies at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Carson is only the latest in a series of moves involving US officials with deep ties to the copyright industry.

 Earlier this year, Shira Perlmutter left the top global legal policy post at IFPI to become the lead official for international affairs at the US Patent and Trademark Office.

 Perlmutter filled the post at USPTO after Albert Tramposch returned to the private sector at the American Intellectual Property Law Association in Washington, DC.

(see IP-Watch coverage here and here.)

 Examples of US industry-policymaker ties also extend to WIPO. This summer, Michele Woods was named director of the Copyright Law Division for the Culture and Creative Industries Sector for the next two years. Woods came from the US Copyright Office, and before that was an industry lawyer representing clients such as major league sports.

 Other WIPO officials from the United States have come from strong industry backgrounds as well. On the patent side, the top WIPO official for patents and global issues, James Pooley, was a long-time industry lawyer.

 And in the newest twist, WIPO this year has brought on a top lawyer from US-based Intellectual Ventures, Matthew Rainey, to oversee the new innovation division. Intellectual Ventures is a multi-billion dollar non-practicising entity, sometimes referred to as a patent troll, which is expert at buying up IP and defending it.

William New may be reached at

Creative Commons License"Revolving Door: US Copyright General Counsel Joins Music Industry" by Intellectual Property Watch is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 Internati....

(UN) United Nations Agenda = Control = Money + IFPI + a corrupt US Government + Music Artist + Diplomacy Is A Lie = Globalist Opinions, by Bankers.


The UN in Israel, feels as if they have authority over the Israeli Government, War Politics.

 The UN along with CFR and a few other groups, took over the media in America.

 And all the American media is doing is allowing Israel to to the heat.

 So what did Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel do that the UN will allow his charges to go through? He voiced a opinion against the UN taking over Israel to take down the wall.

 The Israeli attorney general has announced that his office intends to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in three corruption cases.

 Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit stated that he intended to officially charge the Israeli leader pending a hearing, where Netanyahu would be given a chance to defend himself before charges are filed.

The charges include bribery, fraud and breach of trust.

Then some have the nerve, to ask us why the UN should not be involved in US Copyright Office, and IFPI,   joined at the hip, in controlling them for the money they need to build this half ass NWO.

 Now you have all these Jewish Networks from the EU, slamming Netanyahu. Even so, I did find it interesting all the sex scandals, Rock & Roll, plus XXX Video Tape, hey man they are just human.

 There is only one kind, Globalist Banking, involved in the UN. To drag more people of the USA to war so they can make a dollar from our blood.

UN Intellectual rights, so show me where the UN ever gave a damn, about intellectual rights...Hmmm?

 They miss-use the media through CFR and others for war, then the UN's so called migration, human rights, is a joke

 Did you   Know we have videos where the UN is involved with ISIS in Africa, and they have taken half of Africa back under their Islamic UN Agenda.

 Then the IFPI is a joke, they attacked TTTG Networking, because of a video, called,

9 Things That COULD Happen if Trump Don't Build "The Wall"!

 When dad pointed out this fact in another video, IFPI took down that video.

But they left up the video "9 Things That COULD Happen if Trump Don't Build "The Wall"!" why?

 I will tell you why, youtube remix of videos goes viral, very popular at youtube, it make them a lot of money. But we stand against the UN.

 So IFPI threaten YouTube, we want more money, but music artist are saying, hey you IFPI, why are you paying us less money now?????

 IFPI puts up a blog that music artist make more money now then they ever did, but music artist say, WHAT??? Where Is The BEEF.

 You know what everyone is their right minds know that the UN is a corrupt organization, nwo IFPI and this stink coming out of our Government hands it all over to the UN...

 Its not to hard to figure out.



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