Hand Book Shows ICNA's (Islamic Circle of North America) True Goals


December 6, 2010


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We already have a maslam in the house.and he will do every thing he can to get this movement going in this country. Remember he has been siding with the maslams all the while. he been in office. There are enough of them in this country to start a small size city or at the very least a medium one. Look at what's happening over in Europe and in those countries not good, And they are and have been trying and pushing for their own law here as well.
Been to Dearborn, MI lately?
The Muslims have already gotten Islamic Sharia Law into several Courts...... I would say that there is plenty to worry about with Liberals pushing their agenda, Activist Judges on the Bench and Democrats in a Lame Duck Congress starting to ram everything the can starting tonight.
I can see this happening.
America may be too liberal but I think that is what the Muslims are counting on. Look at the judge in Oklahoma. She took an oath to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States and yet she has issued an order putting on hold a ballot measure that forbids state courts from considering or using international laws. What is so hard to understand about her judicial oath. She has sworn to uphold our Constitution and the United States laws. No where in her oath does it mention any international laws. But I guess if you are arrested for murder you could use Sharia law and find some reasonable excuse for killing someone.
Look at how the Muslim world is trying to gain a foothold in every country. We need to make sure that all US judges follow their oath and not the will of the Muslims. What sense would it make for each religion to have their own laws? I guess you could belong to all of them and do whatever you wanted in the name of one of your religious beliefs.
the muslims are taken over the united states .first americans sell them the cash buisnesses.thats just the start.little by little they are taken over.they are making babies like crazy even if they cant afford them because you will pay for it.white americans are not marrying or having kids. if they do have kids they have one we are being outnumberd in our own country.when one of your kids goes for a job he will be out numberd 100 to 1 get them used to holding a cup
Well what do expect from a terrorist group.
Don't you see that they have the help from are Gov. Treason dose not say enough.
This is essentially what every mosque on earth has been teaching for the past 1400 years. Islam has only one source Muhammad and the kuran. And the Kuran instructs Muslims to destroy every non-Islamic society in the world and replace it with Islam. And that kuranic teaching is what ICNA and probably every other Muslim group on earth officially or unofficially abides by.
It is time to get the truth abt the OKC 1995 bombing. Please help!
Write to:
OK County DA David Prater
320 Robert Kerr R 505
OKlahoma City, OK 73102
Or--make a call: 405-713-1600
Prater has the legal power to seek justice, arrest and charge the "others unknown".
Respectfully ask him to act on the evidence presented by Jayna Davis.


We might find out what "they" have planned next....



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