Constitutional Emergency

Happy Birthday to the U.S. Army!
Born in the Revolution in 1775,
The U.S. Army has kept our great nation alive.
Happy Birthday! It is 240 years
of fighting this country's dangers and fears.

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Thank you and a Happy Birthday.

I LOVE our Military. Army, Navy, Marines an Air Force and National Guard. They are what keeps us as safe as possible. Until you get people like Obummer in office and starts to destroy them from with-in. We have lost so many GREAT persons who were high up in commnd but did not go along with what Obummer wants so he had to make them go bye-bye.


May our Military be there for US like we have and are for them. WE the PEOPLE are worried that they will think WE do not matter and IF Obummer were to say, "kill them", that they would. And I am sure there are many out there who wonder, what will they do if TSHTF?? Us or him?? 

Happy birthday
Happy Birthday..... Army Strong!!

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You really think you're safe today from your own government?  Seriously?  Then I think you had better wake up, and start watching and studying what is happening in this country right now.  You think Jade Helm 15 is just an "exercise"?  I think it is a whole LOT MORE than just an exercise.  And I think it is going to be too late for most people to wake up.  Like everything else, time will tell the story.  I hope I'm wrong, but there are just too many false flag events that have taken place but to think otherwise.  It's time to pray, folks, like you've never prayed before.  It's God's hand that is needed, along with action on our part. 

I HOPE AND PRAY YOU ARE RIGHT , SIR BUT, I HAVE SOME DOUBTS AFTER THE TREATMENT OF OUR MILTARY FOR THE PAST 7 YEARS BY THIS SO-CALLED COMMANDER IN CHIEF WHO IS RESPECTED BY MANY IN THE CURRENT SERVICE NOT FOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS FOR HE HAS NONE, BUT FOR HIS CUTTING OF PAY AND BENEFITS, THE IMPOVERISHMENT OF MIILTARY FAMILES AND THE SIGNAL DISRESPECT THE MAN OBVOUSLY HAS FOR ALL THOSE WHO SERVE AND HAVE SERVED HONORABLY, AS HE AND MANY IN CONGRESS NEVER HAVE!. I SEE THEM AS CRIMNALLY COMPLICIT AND ENABLING OF A MAN WHOSE VERY RATIONALITY I DEEM QUESTIONABLE AND WHOSE LOYALTY IS NOT TO THIS COUNTRY IN MY OPINION!  I say so as  a veteran of the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam and a subsequent 2 year assignment to WRAMC in Washington , D.C. at the height of the war and the apex of the discontent with our involvement from the point of view of a college educated degree holder in GOVERNMENT combat veteran with the 199th LIB from May of 1968-May of 1969 and who ENLISTED voluntarily to fulfill a citizenship OBLIGATION under the Selective Service Act in operation at the time. My RA prefix is something along with my HONORABLE service I am proud of though rarely was I ever respected for it and like most of that time; was vilified as a rapist, baby killer and war criminal by a people unworthy of our sacrifices and a government that betrayed us and would NOT let us fight to win as we SHOULD have, We NEVER lost a battle and though the war was lost; it was those at home and in Washington who lost it: not we who so served. TO MANY NOW: OUR GREATEST ENEMY IS NOT PERCEIVED TO BE ISIS OR A FOREIGN THREAT BUT RATHER, A DOMESTIC ONE. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY AND ; WHEREVER THE CHIPS MAY FALL: THIS WE'LL DEFEND.; HOPEFULLY ALL OF US AND IN UNITY; THOUGH THE POWERS THAT HAVE BEEN THESE LAST 7 YEARS  HAVE DELIBERATELY DONE THEIR BEST TO DIVIDE US! GOD BLESS AMERCA AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL OF MY U.S. ARMY BRETHREN.: THOUGH IT BE IMPOLITIC TO SO STATE THESE DAYS!

This we defended.: There is some reasonable doubt because of the times and the LACK of traditional values as to whether that is still so. I hope it is but; there is certainly little honor, duty, sense of obligation, responsibility for one's actions or accountability for them under the previously followed Rule of Law and long term constitutional compliance, in Washington: MORE IS THE PITY!

Brian A. Rich, THANK YOU SIR.

Although I did serve in the USAF, - (1960- 1964 - 1966) I did NOT fight in Viet Nam like so may others that have joined us here on the PFA. I was honourably discharged from active duty Feb 1964. By that time I was already married and had three children. The Army and Marine Corp denied my requests for transfer. In April 1965 I was injured in an industrial accident which landed me in the hospital for nearly two solid years. That ended all aspirations of joining the Marines, (and it also ended my marrage).

Enough of my lame excuses of why I did not go to Nam. My way of looking at those years is that I've always heard that GOD looks after fools and idiots. And for me that was probably his way of keeping me alive,, To fight another day. And another battle. I think this may be what he had in mind.
People like your self and Col Riley, Master Chief Sgt Nick Santini and so many others have served this country and have given so much. Believe me SIR that you have earned OUR respect and our gratitude from all the members of this PFA/OAS. With your permission sir I will post and share your message on our OAS Facebook pages so everyone can see and read it.

Old Rooster: I have seen many of your comments in this and other venues since we are all under screen names and I use 3: my real one and am also known as Nikita 63 and different venues. I am proud you think the comments worthy to be posted on facebook and although I REALIZE the inherent risk in this political climate in THIS country and at this time, I will NEVER be intimidated by those in office. They will NEVER get me to comply with what I know by breeding , education, sentiment and moral conscience; something few in Government at large have in their possession, TO BE LEGALLY AND MORALLY WRONG; NO MATTER HOW COMPROMISED EVEN THE SUPREME JUDICIAL COURT HAS BEEN BY RECENT APPOINTMENTS AND OTHER SUSPECTED IF UNPROVED INFLUENCES; SOME NOT ORIGINATING IN THIS COUNTRY. Whatever happens in the immediate future; I will live as always I have, as an honorably serving and disabled by Agent Orange veteran proud of his service but ashamed of what the country has become under those who wish her nothing but ill.

I cannot force others to see TRUTH,. They need to see it for themselves and for that to happen, the educational system must revert to American oriented history and civics ; subjects rarely if ever adequately taught in other than a purely Socialist or worse fashion in the public school forums dedicated to raising good little Socialists incapable of independent thought and discouraged from EVER asking questions of "Authority; the same tactics used by The Young Pioneers in the Former Soviet Union and Hitler's 1933 foundation of the Hitler Youth. We cannot let it happen here: BUT, I am afraid they will win IF,  AMERICA DOES NOT OPEN HER EYES AND SEE THE WORLD AS THIS NEW WORLD ORDER CABAL HAS REMADE IT AND NOT AS THEY IGNORE IT TO BE!  All of us must guard our children. Hillary and the State think the kids are items of the State to be manipulated as THEY see fit. " A check will substitute for a parent's love and guidance." Bill Clinton! Robert B. Cormandy, Director of the Pennsylvania School Councilor's association: "The idea that parents know what is best for their children is a flawed concept at best" Kate Millet: feminist author:  "the complete destruction of traditional marriage and the nuclear family is the revolutionary or Utopian goal of feminism.! And finally, David Brower, former Executive Director of the Sierra Club and Founder of Friends of the Earth says: "Child-bearing should be a punishable crime against society unless the parents hold a GOVERNMENT LICENSE!" Do any of you really want to live in a WORLD SO PREDICATED? IT IS CLOSER TO A REALITY THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE IF YOU FOOLS DO NOT WAKE UP: NOW! Sometimes, a slap in the face is a GOOD thing. If that applies you by conscience when you read this; heed it. The future of YOUR children and families WILL depend , in the end , on YOU and what you do or do not do NOW!  One other troubling quote for a closing that SHOULD trouble you all: David Spangler: UN Director of Planetary Initiative says: No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian initiation!" It' IS coming, you HAVE been warned. You are the enforcer of your own ignorance but please, please, do NOT let it determine the future od the world in which our innocent children will be forced to exist!

Brian A. Rich, I applaud you. I am one of your RA brethren who also enlisted and was proud to go and do my patriotic chore. I proudly served in the central highlands of South Vietnam, Cambodia and sometimes Laos. with Company D, 3rd Bn., 4th Inf. Div. during December 1968 through December 1969. As for losing the war, we did not. We have the Democratic members of the 94th Congress of the United States of America to thank for that, sir. I humbly ask that you, along with any others, who want to know "What Really Happened in Vietnam", to PLEASE watch this short video to learn and know the truth. Warning. This will make you angry all over again. As a disabled veteran I will not ever forgive the government for what they wrought on the men and women of this country who proudly stood to protect and defend.

May God bless this country and keep her safe from the tyrannical administration that is trying to destroy her and continue to bless all our service men and women now serving. Happy Birthday to the United States Army.

I will observe the link you sent me in a few moments but I wished to acknowledge your reply. I was not specific about my service, other than it t's tour dates but I was assigned to HHC 199th Light Infantry Brigade, quartered at Long Binh but, a place I rarely saw as I was my honor and privilege to be assigned as Chaplain's assistant and personal protection to Chaplain (CPT) Charles Angelo Litkey ,who is now 84 and a Medal of Honor awardee for valor. Consequently, I went wherever he did and that was on field missions from LRRP and Search and destroy mission to NDP's and Bridge Security detai9ls among other things with all of the Infantry units in the Brigade and other units as well. Most of my time was spent with 4th and 5th Bn./ 12 Inf. and and of the 2nd of the 3rd Inf.  and 3rd of the 7th inf. I was NOT his assistant at the time of the action for which he earned the award but you can google his name and read his citation. It is ironic that we were BOTH born the same day, 14 years apart and I admit to being in awe of him as was EVERYONE in the whole Brigade. I had hoped to see him at our most recent reunion in Nashville, TN in late May and I regret he was not in attendance as I have no t seen him since 2 Noveber, 1968 when he DEROSED and ironically enough, 40 years later to the day, we were saddled with this sorry excuse for a constitutionally loyal and law abiding president and worthy Commander in chief; of which he is NEITHER. At my last assignment at WRAMC, I was forced to deal without only our honorably wounded but the dishonorable disgraces in the congress with whom I had several confrontations verbally; several that were they to occur today, would land me in prison; only because I held rightful dissenting points of view and was more than capable of expressing them in a pointed and articulate fashion since my degree had been in Government and I was NOT to be easily distracted frim arguing issues. I was actually offered a organizational position by former Democratic Senator John Stennis of Mississippi, but which I respectfully refused. WHEN QUERIED AS TO WHY, I TOLD HIM I HAD A CHARACTER FLAW; HE ASKED WHAT IT WAS AND I TOLD HIM I HAD INTEGRITY AND COULD NOT DO AS MOST IN CONGRESS TO TO A NAIVE AND UNSUSPECTING CONSTITUENCY. I WAS TOLD AS A FAVOR THAT IF I EVER CHOSE TO ENTER THE POLITICAL REALM, I WOULD EITHER LEARN TO "PLAY THE GAME," BY THE ESTABLISHED RULES OR BE FOUND EOTHER LITERALLY OR FIGURATIVELY FACE DOWN IN THE POTOMAC AND, THAT IF EVER I CLAIMED IT PUBLICLY AS A STATEMENT IT WOULD BE UNCATEGORICALLY DENIED AND IGNORED BECAUSE HE WAS A SENATOR AND A SENIOR ONE AT THAT! IT WAS A REVELATION. I WAS 24 THEN, I AM 70 now! I will never forget; nor will I ever submit to such weasels and right now Washington is  FULL OF THEM; people with utterly no morals or moral conscience, a pathological preference for prevarication and led by an Emperor wannabe with delusions of GODHOOD.

 I have known the truth about the conduct of the Vietnam war all my life ; like you and all my brethren in all services, we lived it! I meant every word I wrote about our betrayal by both the government and the people of this country and though I am thanked for that long ago HONORABLE service now, by people not old enough to remember the war, I resent those who vilified and excoriated us, discriminated against us in the workplace, pariahtized us as war criminals and denied us the SAME rights now being denied to our ACTIVE military but for one:  THE RIGHT TO VOTE! AT LEAST WE GOT THAT! Obama has REFUSED to enforce the MOVE ACT making it easier for active military overseas to vote and neither Congress or anyone else has said much about it but I WILL. Those people, above all the career parasites in Washington, D.C, Should have their right guaranteed above ALL others since only by their sacrifices do we HAVE the right! Protecting that right by massive demonstrations AGAINST that and other Policies is Necessary and I would join any group that had the resources I wish to see that right ENFORCED TO THE LETTER, in complete compliance with the constitution they DEFEND and UPHOLD and the Rule of Law so long ignored by this Administration. VIDOL, Veterans in Defense of Liberty appears to be just such an Organization. I am a member and am sending a donation to help ensure that ALL ACTIVE, LOYAL MILITARY, HERE AND OVERSEAS ON  ASSIGNMENT MILITRY VOTES ARE MADE ANDS ACCOUNTED FOR IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE existing LAW AND, IF THIS PRESIDENT AND HIS UTTERLY CORRUPT DEPT. OF JUSTICE CONTINUE TO OBFUSCATE AND INTERFERE WITH THOSE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, AND ALL THER ONGOING SCANDALS GENERATED BY IT FROM DEEP HORIZON TO SOLYNDRA, TO BENGHAZI TO THE CLINTON FOUNDATION ABUSES AND MORE IT SHOULD BE CONSIDERED TREASONOUS. HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN IMPEACHED BY NOW IF WE STILL LIVED A COUNTRY RULED BY EQUITABLY ENFORCED LAW: BUT, WE DO NOT!

I am not a seer. I do not know what will happen in this country over the remaining term of this incredibly inept and arrogant narcissist and puppet but, it does NOT bode well for OUR country or the future of pour progeny and there will be none of either IF he is not removed and is successful in his activities which remain basically unopposed by a cowardly and criminally complicit CONGRESS. But, as long as I am able, I will NOT be intimidated nor will I be silent. All of us who served this country HONORABLY as our elected leaders have FAILED TO DO for decades have EARNED the right to defend what is OURS! I invite ALL of such mind to be ready and look for like minded others in your areas. Be vigilant as we never were and: BE PREPARED TO OPPOSE EVIL,AND FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOMS. I WILL, NO MATTER WHAT.  God bless America and all who serve her ; to HELL with those who wish to see her destroyed!

Hi Brian, Fred here. I see we think and feel the same. In case you were wondering I will be 67 this year. Be asured I think of you as FAMILY!! The people in this group who are on our side and are worried about our once great country need to know there are people like us who think of them as FAMILY. That goes for you to Harry Riley for you are the wonderful person who thought to wish the ARMY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and get us to speak our minds. You have my THANKS!!  It is a shame that we have to be ready in case shit happens and with what is in the not so White House and his evil plans are. You used to hear about some people who used to pull strings well now it seems like they are pulling ropes. So may everyone be blessed and PLEASE be SAFE for we know we can nottrust those on the Hill.



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