Constitutional Emergency

Happy Birthday to the U.S. Army!
Born in the Revolution in 1775,
The U.S. Army has kept our great nation alive.
Happy Birthday! It is 240 years
of fighting this country's dangers and fears.

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There is nothing glorious about supporting Terrorists and Terrorist Organizations.

You Tube is a Teaching and Education  Tool to Counter the Disinformation being Generated by Govenment Agents and Defense Contrators who benefit from War......

Facts are Facts and Public Documents Disclose  the Truth. 

Intelligent People Do Not Ignore Evidence.

Stupid People are Easily Led.  Disinformation Agents Abound to try to discredit Truthers on the Internet.

Too Many People Know the US Government has become the Biggest Terrorist Organization on the Planet and Uses the Military to Carry out the Globalists' Agenda and Support their Phony False Flag Events.

Going Rogue: I concur with you as I , like your husband am deteriorating from the same cause though from the sound of it, not as swiftly. For your own peace of mind: don't talk further to Chrystal. She may not consider herself leftist but, she acts like a liberal lunatic and in her presentiments has all the ANSWERS before Anyone asks any Questions. Therefore, talking to one such as she is a frustrating exercise in rage and futility and counterproductive result, the BEST thing to do is simply ignore her. Eventually, she will go away. Several here including Old Rooster and myself have tried to speak reason to her but, you cannot force anyone to accept reality. If we could: what we have sitting in the white House would have either never been there in the first place of flushed out as it SHOULD BE. There is supposed to be Impeachment processing ongoing by the end of this month against the president for his transgressions but, I will believe THAT, only when I see it occur. Take heart and be strong. My best to you and your husband and God Bless.

Chrystal; your heart is in the right place from what you say in regard to government but, your knowledge of the military personnel who SERVED THIS COUNTRY HONORABLY and those removed from service for doing so is abysmal. Ask ANY Vietnam vet about government and the things it has done to the Military since we served .Ask any Iraq, or Afghanistan vet about their service and they will inform you . The problems in our military have been CAUSED by this administration. Morale is at an all time low, the traditional values diminished to the point that even CHAPLAINS are persecuted for openly preaching the Word of God! Pay has been cut, training too, military families are on food stamps. Veterans who EARNED their care and been disabled for life receive inconsistent care . Some waited for as long as 2 years for an appointment only to expire during the waiting period but Neither the Government nor their political Appointees slowing service to vets DELIBERATELY and allocating monies to themselves INSTEAD, give a rat's behind! To my knowledge , NONE of those caught doing so have been fired or prosecuted; simply transferred and continue the abuses to veterans!These are all violations of the Oaths of Office of the politicians from the President on down the political hierarchy in Washington and in EVERY State Legislature. Do NOT blame the troops as they have no control of the criminally complicit cretins in GOVERNMENT at all levels The problem is not and NEVER  has been those who serve: it is those who rarely if ever do, do not have the guts or the Patriotism for it, have no moral conscience, do not believe in America or American Exceptionalism and consider themselves above the laws followed in compliance by all of US! One need only look at Obama's constant denigration of constitution and country, the military services and Hillary's failure to answer pointed questions while trying to lie her way based on her record to achieve occupancy in the White House. Get your facts straight. Research these people under the FOIA and then be appalled at their notion of the "New World Order." and slavish allegiance to the United Nations to which BOTH are trying to present our SOVEREIGNTY and RESOURCES without YOUR consent and by International Treaties like the LOST and Small Arms Treaties we have so far stymied: but; they will keep trying until the day they are successful IF this country does not AWAKEN from it's intellectual; torpor. Our military is NOT the problem: they are loyal. The government is the problem, not the solution and it is NOT loyal and should be replaced in it's entirety for false impersonation of a Constitutional Republican government; the one thing it most certainly IS NOT but, which by law is supposed to be!


Most people don't know that People are being Promoted and Rewarded into Homeland Security, Law Enforcement and Government Positions across the country and around the world, from these Military Torture, Dentention, Black Sites.

Many of the Army and Military Personnel that do have a conscience, end up killing themselves after they get back, while the worst War Criminals just move higher in the Military and Government, and some of the people involved in special operations are used to generate phony domestic terrorist events on American soil like the Boston Bombing and Oklahoma City.

The sad fact is that so many people are led into the Army under the false guise of fighting terrorism and the fact that the US Government has been financing the terrorists that they are being used to fight..... all for the profits of the Defense Contractors.

Some of what you say Crystal may be true and accurate. Even General Eisenhower warned against the potential of a Military industrial complex.  But you should be very careful about who you brand as a killer and a terrorist, especially when you start talking about US. This web site and this forum is created and maintained by veterans for the purposes of communicating with other Patriotic Americans who want to protect, preserve, and defend America. Are there veterans here who have killed people in the past? Yes there are. But not one damned one of them is a killer in the sense of being a terrorist or a murderer. War is not a pretty thing, it never has been and never will be. People die - on all sides, but there is not one veteran here or anywhere else in America that ever went to war to kill people for their money, for a corporation's interest, or to take another countries property (or their land or their oil).
When you talk about Oklahoma City, I assume you are referring to Timothy McVeigh. He was not a veteran, he was washed out because he couldn't make the grade. At that point he simply went nuts because HE really did want to kill people. He went after what he perceived as the real terrorists, our US Government, and - yes - some of the same damned people we have in our government right now. McVeigh was deranged dysfunctional spoiled little brat that had no business being in uniform in the first place. That's why he was washed out. As for his excuse for killing innocent women and children in Oklahoma City, he wanted revenge against a rogue government official that used her office to kill 185 people in Waco Texas. (AG Janet Reno under the administration of one mister William Jefferson Clinton.)
I live about 40 miles from that Mt. Calm compound where the Branch Dividians were all killed. My Son-in-law rode up that hill on the hood of an ambulance to try to save those women and kids from the fire. Was the National Guard involved? Yes, they were. But not a single one of those men did that because they "Wanted" to kill somebody. There was NO Corporate interests involved. They did that because they were following orders from a demented narcissist Communist woman running our justice department. She is no different than Hillary Clinton. (ie Benghazi and Libya)
You want facts Crystal - start looking in the right places, and don't come around here spreading your Jane Fonda style Bull Shit and left wing "flower-child" propaganda.

Old Rooster: I could not have said it better or more accurately. I admire your accuracy and your Honesty. There is always room for dissenting opinions and some we may find upsetting but, short of those who enter to embarrass themselves while trying to embarrass others. the forum has always been a place for exchange of ideas and summations designed to protect and expand all those things provided for us all by the existence of and adherence to, two very important engines: the United States Constitution and the accompanying Rule of Law. Neither are enforced and often radically ignored; by the cretins in Congress and the White House. We all know this and the goal should be to try to apprise all, others so incredibly unaware of the threat posed by these truths. You do so in a professional and articulate manner. Kudos to you and to all who take the stands we all do at a time when there is, if one is honest, a certain element of personal risk that did NOT EXIST, prior to the Clinton and Obama administrations. The Bush's may not have been perfect but they were, at least, in constitutional Compliance most of the time and it is something we all, obviously strive to return to for the benefit of all; especially those who have served HONORABLY in the military Services but are denied everything such service has earned them; the current ongoing VA scandal and the denial of Military overseas voting rights by design being but two ready instances of transgression for which those responsible from Obama on down if involved, should ALL be removed from their offices. It is refreshing as well to, see your structured explanation of the events and the people involved in both Waco and Oklahoma City and, in my opinion, your closing statements after elucidation were a master stroke of CLARITY. Thank you again. Many more like you are needed but there are fewer every year we allow these irresponsible, pathological prevaricators and professional parasites to hold offices they NEVER deserved  and who perpetually NEED to be held both responsible and accountable for their PERFORMANCES and their terms limited along with the benefits and raises they vote themselves regardless of a massive lack of merit or acceptable performance for the AMERICAN CITIZEN electorate; their alleged constituents who are relegated to a lower tier of consideration than Illegals,  Muslims and cartel members along with other special interest groups; so corrupt has government at large become on both power and the capacity to ABUSE it! Our elders, the middle class, veterans and our active military are all under attack in one way or another and it is time we unite and make them CEASE AND DESIST! Perhaps Chrystal sees things more clearly now! Hopefully, if we are stong in unity and large in numbers, we WILL prevail in the end.

Brian, Thanks for the kind words. I take this as a privilege to sit where I am and an honor to be counted among men like you and Col Riley and so many others that are here. Yes, I agree with what you have to say about how this administration and the people in Washington are going crazy (my words) and how they are abusing the power and authority we have vested in them. We have a lot of work to do if we are going to restore our Constitutional Republic form of government. It has been many years getting to this point, but things have never been this bad. I don't know if we can actually get the numbers of people to wake up before things have to go to an all-out revolution and open conflict, I remain hopeful however.

Once again, Thank you SIR.

Thank You. I knew many like you and myself back in the day but the world was one of American standard morality and values complete with moral conscience, a sense of right and wrong and the desire to DO right and avoid wrongdoing. Today, we have "leaders," who have no values, no morals prefer seeing what they can get away with rather than what they were elected to DO for their constituencies and are willing to sell their souls, our country and resources to foreign interests IF the price is right! Such behavior from a strictly pragmatic view might be comprehensible but, NOT from the wonderment of how such ever came to be and the problem has been largely due to the contamination of the entire public educational system! The Bolsheviks after the  October Revolution in 1917 and  Nazis  in Hitler's Germany might have been a bit more radical in the application of their methods but, THE PRINCIPLE IS THE SAME: GET THE KIDS INDOCTRINATED EARLY AND THEY WILL DO AS YOU WISH FOREVER ; ESPECIALLY IF YOU CAN INSTILL IN THEM A FEAR OR ,THE FEELING IT IS WRONG TO ASK QUESTIONS OF AUTHORITY. IT IS PART AND PARCEL OF COMMON CORE AND THOUGH NOT AS BLATANT, IN NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND AS WELL SO THE WHOLE SERIES OF ISSUES WE FACE HAVE BEEN GRADUALLY MANUFACTURED BY THAT INDOCTRINATIONAL METHOD AND THE INCREDIBLY NAIVE AND RELUCTANT TO BE INVOLVED ELECTORATE IS THE RESULT. Like you, Old Rooster, I remain hopeful things can be corrected by other means than direct confrontation under arms but, with every passing day and the sad array of political candidates in BOTH parties with the next Election only about 16 months away and with other immediate issues of unknown impact approaching us in the currency changes; who knows? Nonetheless, all we can do is what we can do. If it should prove not to be enough, neither of us will live much longer in what replaces what is NOW. but then, those born when we were would not wish to live in such a world and the survivors cannot miss the freedoms they NEVER had so a portion will survive. Let us hope if that is so they achieve some way we cannot conceive of to live in a better world than the one we fought for; one which betrayed us as did the people for WHOM we fought. There is no justice in this world. Perhaps we will see a modicum of such later, no?  Good luck and God bless. Brian or Banshee or Nikita 63: I am sure you have seen other comments in other places under one of the names but ALWAYS the same picture. Handsome devil for an old goat, NO?

Now this: Obama says Muslim Jihadists can join the US military to learn to fight Assad.

How is this different from us training the Iraqi military - IN Iraq? Is there a difference? and if not then why is this being reported differently? Something smells here, and it ain't pretty.

Here's another part of the same story:

The Obama Administration Declares That Muslim Jihadists Can Join American Military Forces To Be Trained By US Soldiers (Obama Is Creating A Muslim Army That Will Slaughter Christians)

I think Obama will do anything to get his children into our military. He wants to take our country down any way he can and having his own there just makes it so much easier. The same goes for him wantiing to allow the ones crossing the border illegaly into our military. I thought you had to be a legal citizen to be part of our military. Did I miss something here?? Since when can this garbage become part of our family and not even be a legal citizen?? For this is how I think of our men and women who serve in our military, family. I am proud of them. This goes for those who are active as well as those who are retired. You ALL are part of my family and when I run into them I shake their hands and tell them how greatful I am for what they are or have done for us. Most of the time they tell me it is not necessary and I tell them it is to me for I think of you all as part of my family that I have never met. What would we have if not for you all?? We smile and pat eack other on the shoulder and wish each other well. I wish more people would treat them this way. Lately I have seen people walking up while they were in line or getting fuel and shaking their hands and that shows me people are not the same as they were during the Viet Nam era. It is about time.

It will be so much easier to get Foreigners to fire on Americans than it is to get American citizens to fire on Americans when they bring all these people into the country.



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