Constitutional Emergency

Happy Birthday to the U.S. Army!
Born in the Revolution in 1775,
The U.S. Army has kept our great nation alive.
Happy Birthday! It is 240 years
of fighting this country's dangers and fears.

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Hello Patriot Vet......I was stationed in Pleiku during a portion of 69......matter of fact I made a weekly trip over to 4th ID headquarters to give an intel briefing. Spent the last half of my tour with an ARVN Inf Battalion.........

Well, Sir, it is a small world. Camp Enari was home to many infantrymen over the years. Prior to entering the country, I departed the 82nd Airborne at Ft. Bragg with orders to report to the 173rd Airborne  Brigade at Anh Khe but was reassigned to the Ivy Dragoons when I entered the country due to the heavy causalities suffered by the 4th Infantry. Of all things, an airborne trooper assigned to a leg outfit.I feared if I made it back to the 82nd I would be razzed until my ETS.  

The captured Chinese 51 mm AA gun at the head of the boardwalk was the first weapon I encountered at Camp Enari. The welcome banner proudly on display. Just a few of the memories. I know you have heard it before, Thank each and every one of you for your service. Welcome home, Brothers and Sisters. 


ANYONE who thinks you can trust our government has been living with their heads up their ass for a LONG time. No matter what was said YEARS ago with MLKJr, JKF and the list goes on like Jade Helm 15 who do you REALLY did the deed?? Was not what was posted/ printed or on the TV. WE don't know 10% of what they are planning. We need to stay in the ready and pray.

I would hope and pray that those in the Army would not turn against us (their family etc) for they are us as we are them. The same goes for Navy, Marines, Air Force and National Guard. WE ARE FAMILY. But remember the POS in charge has gotten rid of MANY higher-ups in the Military that did not or would not go along with him telling them you might have to pull the trigger on them for they are the enemy if he says so.

I worry for ALL of us if he goes for his Martial Law plan an how far he will go to make it happen HIS way!! If ANYONE who belongs to this group hears something I hope has the courage to post it for us who might not have heard about it for to me, WE ARE FAMILY!! May GOD watch over us and protect us from the evil around us.

There is nothing in the world like the U.S. Army.  Happy Birthday to you all..

God Bless the United States of America and all of our Service Men and Women.

Happy birthday Army.  We the people app rice all that you have done, are doing now, and in the future.  May God bless you and keep you.  IM GLAD YOU WORD FOR US.

Happy Birthday! I am forever grateful to them and all who serve our beautiful country.

Happy Birthday to the US Army! Many great things in history is written deeds US soldiers. The Second World War. US sailors escorted military convoys through the Arctic to the northern ports of the USSR - Arkhangelsk and Murmansk. Total August 1941 to May 1945 was conducted 78 convoys. In Murmansk, a monument to the participants of Arctic Convoys. At the southern tip of Manhattan is a memorial to the steles, which are listed by name who died during the war, American sailors ... The landing of Allied troops in France. Marines 6 June 1944 was conducted on the wide stretch of coastline 80 km between the mouth of the River Orne and commune Ozvil. The commander of the first US Army General Omar Bradley… We must remember this. Nazism was destroyed. Hitler and the Third Reich destroyed forever. Concentration camp prisoners released. Many American soldiers gave their lives to make it happen. Today, how many years ago, the army must stand in defense of democracy, constitution, freedom of the people and the preservation of peace. So be it! Sincerely, Evgeniy.

Deleted by Admin. Crystal no more of this trash please.



I think you are the one who is the LEECH.... and a Government Shill / Disinformation Agent as well.

Crystal.... If I were you I'd, "Check yourself before you wreck yourself". Delta has proved his patriotism, his honorable service and his oath keeping prove that. Don't think that everything you post here people are just going to swallow, or take as gospel. Most of us are too old, too experienced and too sceptical to believe everything we read. Until any of us are removed you like us are free to post your thoughts, just don't expect that everyone will agree with you all the time. "Check yourself!"

I don't know your "Delta".  He is the one who called me a Leech.... and I am not working for the government, and I will not be a party to their disinformation or psyops strategies.



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