Constitutional Emergency

Happy Birthday to the U.S. Army!
Born in the Revolution in 1775,
The U.S. Army has kept our great nation alive.
Happy Birthday! It is 240 years
of fighting this country's dangers and fears.

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I happen to believe we are living under a horrible dictator right now.

I have my opinions which evolved from my being targeted by ex-military Homeland Security agency personnel involved with covert black ops crimes against US citizens.

I have first hand experience, just like Kay Griggs did of the burglaries, vandalism, and vehicle tampering.    I know that Michael Hastings and Phillip Marshall were also targeted victims and covert operations 'hits'.

When people like me are targeted for these criminal acts by covert agents of the Government -- you can't blame them for developing negative feelings about the military as well as  the people involved in these criminal covert acts against citizens.

I have a grip.   I have photograped evidence of gang stalking for years, which began after 9-11 and "the Patriot Act".  I posted some of photos on my google plus photo albums....   Unfortunately there was one photo I posted of a gang stalker that went up on a website I posted to years ago, and the next day a blur filter was put over the license plate, so I know that was one of the people that someone was trying to prevent from being exposed.  I have also posted information on Scribd from a Private Investigator I paid.  I believe it is only because of the high profile that I am alive today and the help of God and His angels in this world and above.
Unfortunately the wiring in one of my vehicles has been damaged from tampering recently and I have to deal with that now too, which may be expensive, depending on the features that have been damaged and how much damage was done.


Crystal I have to agree with others. I know you think highly of yourself and that's ok but if being high profile was why people remained alive Abraham Lincoln, JFK, his brother Bobby and MLK would all still be with us. Your are but a member of the proletariat as the rest of us your seen as just another worker bee or army ant. The government does not fear being exposed, their unconstitutional deeds are being done in the open, they pass bills without reading them first, they pass bills in secret. The only thing that might concern them is you becoming disabled or dying and they lose your labor and your taxes! I am glad to hear that you are dissatisfied with what our government has become and want to expose them. I am also sorry your personal property has been destroyed for whatever reason. I don't understand "Gang Stalking"?
One thing we can all agree on is that our represenatives are not following the will of the people or the constitution. If you want to be productive in correcting the nations problems become active with us or others like us in finding a solution. Check out the 10th Amendment nullification proccess taking root in many states. Support those who support the constitution, write your state leaders and demand they follow the constitution and their oath. It is true that there is a BOOGY man behind every tree, but don't spend all your time chasing them and not working on a solution to get rid of them. These are just my opinions, but like you I am a conspiricy theorist, I have seen too much and read and verified what I believe to be the truth so I encourage you not to get caught up in the CONSIRACY but also work on the solution with other like minded Patriots. Just my suggestion after decades of investigation.

I am not one of the regular mindless sheeple in the US.
I have been a 9-11 Truth Activist.  I knew from the moment I saw the video on on television that the 9-11 event  it took way more intelligence data and technology to carry this act out than any "foreign" terrorist group could have had without government involvement.  The Mainstream Media Spin is just Brainwashing the dumbed down population in this country with corporate an government propaganda to cover up their crimes.

Because the government put 9-11 activists on the FBI "Watch List", I have been monitored, surveilled and stalked for years.  I began my activism passing out thousands and thousands of 9-11 deception dollars a public events and street fairs in the Seattle area.  I joined 9-11 Truth and 9-11 Visiblity Groups and attended a conference in California with many different professionals and activists.

My life was changed by 9-11 and the gang stalking / psyops / surveillance operations, which turned into burglaries, vandalism and pet torture since 2011.  

I was never an activist and just an unenlightened American before that.

There is no going back as my whole life has been trashed by these Government Criminals operating in the Border Patrol and other Homeland Security Agencies. 

Tell Brian Rich he is out of luck.   I'm not a normal brain dead American.

Chrystal: you are entitled to your opinions ONLY because of the efforts of generations of CONSTITUTIONALLY COMPLIANT  and HONORABLY SERVING MEN AND WOMEN, all of whom have honorable discharges for their military terns of service in the form of their DD-214's. what have YOU got besides a big mouth and a warped mind unwilling to ,listen to reason and convinced YOUR unreasoned diatribes are Gospel? If you persist in such drivel and in the insults you hurl at all those who served honorably, I will request your removal from the forum. I am sure I could likely get a quorum in a hurry once the topic was broached so if I were you, I'd amend my attitude toward those who can prove the nature of their service when I have seen NO PROOF whatsoever of your own! IS THAT CLEAR ENOUGH FOR YOU?

I have first hand experience of the corruption and the targeting of US citizens for crimes by ex-military covert operations personnel.

I'm sure there are enough people that would like me off this site, but as with most organizations and political groups, the way to control the group, it's discussions, and direct attention away from topics is to target individuals who present information and views that they would want out of the group. No matter.... the world is a very large place and there are others in it who recognize the truth from their own experiences too.

Whatever your so called "proof," I rather doubt it has a damned thing to do with those who served when service to this country in the military was unquestionably HONORABLE AND IN CONSTITUTIONAL COMPLIANCE WITH THEIR OATHS OD SERVICE; THE SAME ONE TAKEN BY THESE POLITICIANS WITH THE DIFFERENCE BEING, WE HONORED OUR OATHS AS THESE TROLLS DO NOT! That is no reason for you to disparage all military personnel and veterans and for many; especially those who served so in Vietnam ; lied to, betrayed by their government and abandoned and pariahtized by their own people, it is a continuing disservice of which they and YOU should be ashamed. However, such has been the dissolution of all for which this country once stood and was founded on has deteriorated to the point of non-recognition, I doubt YOU or many others have enough remnants of a moral conscience to feel anything for anyone but yourself. That does not justify your actions or your sentiments and while you are entitled to possess them, you are not spreading any sort of enlightenment, just more verbal diarrhea with some of it based  in truth and a lot of it NOT! MOST Vietnam vets have experienced more discrimination, more denial of earned care from their honorable service and a host of other equally obnoxious manifestations than most. When was the first time you ever saw the current sorry excuse for a sitting president visit our wounded? He discriminates against them, persecutes Christians in the Military, has weakened it's capacity to adequately function and done everything he could to weaken and divide us as a people but Congress is as bad or worse and ENABLES him. Do not blame the military for the SINS of the political establishment against us ALL! In the end, it might be that they are in fact , our last line of defense against the ENEMY WITHIN!

Crystal... Again your wrong.... The fact that your still here spewing your contempt shows we are not trying to control the conversation. You say you were attacked by homeland security personnel and former black ops personnel. Just looking at that statement I ask myself why? Your just a small fish in a big sea your but a pimple on a dogs butt. I ask myself how do you know they were "black Ops" personnel? To me your statements don't pass the smell test. Maybe you can enlighten us since you made the accusations as to exactly what happened to you thst our government felt the necessity to send eliete personnel to do whatever they did to you. As a former Recon Marine which is the Marine Corps Special Operations unit I find your statement "hard" to swallow. But keep it up, I see your making friends and influencing people!!

I NEVER implied you were a "normal ," anything! However, I will agree with your closing statement in which you address me directly: I am not out of luck. I am a pragmatic REALIST. Your by inference, self-made, is that assessment with which I wholeheartedly concur: you are an abnormal brain dead American. It is the most perspicacious and ACCURATE observation you have made. Begone, TROLL!  I shall continue to ignore you but I will ,NOT TOLERATE PERSONAL ATTACKS FROM ONE SO OBVIOUSLY AND DEEPLY MENTALLY CHALLENGED. YOU NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP BUT LACK THE SENSE OR THE COURAGE TO SEEK IT.

People need the Truth!

Yes I will !!   

Tell the truth about the army and the use of the military to target US citizens for crimes as well as in drug smuggling operations.



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