Constitutional Emergency

I hate waking up in a marxists dictatorship ran country. I don't know how to live with this and I damn sure don't want to.

  • I love liberty!
  • I love my fellow statesmen/women who love to live as free men and women.
  • I love natural law and not man made law.
  • I love our Declaration of Independence and our U.S. Constitution.
  • I love the children in my family and hate that the government is raising them instead of their parents, who were also raised by the government (schools).
  • I love my greatest treasured liberty: Freedom of conscious

I don't love cowards who will not stand openly and boldly in honor and integrity with a straight back against those who are working hard to destroy our once blessed republic.

Happy New Year? I'm trying but it really sucks waking up seeing all I love being riped from me/us.

Twana Blevins

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Amen Twana,

Twana,  There's  going  to  be  more `Loves  added  here, as  the  dictatorship  is  running  full force..! `Tensons  will  run  high  gear  the  next  4  years,  On  one  hand,  a  great  share  of  people  will  be  feelig  a  strong  need  for  stability  and  discipline   of  our  once  blessed  republic,  While  on  the  other  Camp  will  be  calling  for  fun,  freebies,  and  carefree  frivolity  by  their   absence  of  shame,  manners,  and  decency..!!  Yes ` I  woke  up  with  a  feeling  of  slavery,  the  Emancipation  Proclamation  150  years  ago  was   to  go  Away,  realized  I've  become  very  fluent  in  3  languages~~  English,  sarcasm,  and  military  profanity,  but  by  my  side  is  the  bible,  my  oath, and  integrity  { no expiration  date}..!  Mercy, Salute,  you did  what   my  pastor  brother  has  said~~~Lord  WHAT  AN  OUTSTANDING  TEAM  HERE..!!!  We  stand  together  and  Fight,  the  louder  we  the  people  talk== haste   makes  waste.  God  bless  you  all..     

I hear that ! Hoping to see the day when we get it all back.

Me, myself & I just can't figure how STUPID the people are for voting this guy back into office! The only logical reason I can see is either he bought his way from all the illegals that are getting a FREE RIDE , or our country is full of that many IDIOTS ! I just don't understand what they are watching , or maybe better yet ,, what they are smoking???

I think it was a combination of voter fraud, amnesty for illegals, free rides, and just plain stupidity. I know who among my friends voted for the idiot-in-chief, and they will be among the last ones I help when the SHTF.

Most of the people I know that voted for NObama were of the Caucasian persuasion, all have jobs, are liberals with some even professing to a religion of Christianity. I don't understand!

Of course they are, little lambs being led to slaughter!

THey are all sitting at home in their cuddly lil homes, but when the crap happens , what do think they will be doing? They think survival is watching Disney movies and learning from it, they will not come heathing at my place , that is one thing FOR SURE!

YEP ! You got that right and same here!

Same here was never told the oath ended when i got out!!!!!!!once a marine always a marine

Right On !

What I see for 2013 that by the end of the year the white house wants the USA to be just like Iran...



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