I hate waking up in a marxists dictatorship ran country. I don't know how to live with this and I damn sure don't want to.

  • I love liberty!
  • I love my fellow statesmen/women who love to live as free men and women.
  • I love natural law and not man made law.
  • I love our Declaration of Independence and our U.S. Constitution.
  • I love the children in my family and hate that the government is raising them instead of their parents, who were also raised by the government (schools).
  • I love my greatest treasured liberty: Freedom of conscious

I don't love cowards who will not stand openly and boldly in honor and integrity with a straight back against those who are working hard to destroy our once blessed republic.

Happy New Year? I'm trying but it really sucks waking up seeing all I love being riped from me/us.

Twana Blevins

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Last night, as we watched the ball drop on TV, I said to my husband "This is the first time I have dreaded welcoming the New Year"
I agree with you.

I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, both foreign and domestic in 1969.  No one has ever told me that I was relieved of that oath, so I am honer bound to that oath.


Ditto here. There is no expiration date.

Semper Fi

Ditto my friend, I too am honor bound to protect and uphold that oath.

I took my oath in 1970 joining the U.S.Army and again in 76 when I became a Naturalized Citizen and I stand tall with all of you here because I am a Free man in a Free Nation and Intend to keep it that way.

Took my oath in 1967.

I am waiting for all this to come to a head. I can't believe this sort of governance in the United Stattes of America will be allowed to stand unchallenged.

I took an oath 60 years ago when I pledged allegiance to the Flag and by God's help I will continue to do so and to teach all of the folks in my church to Love God, Family and Country at all cost!

We have politcal amnesia,we keep voting in the same people hoping for a different result. I for one cannot understand how this is possible. The main stream media will be the death of this country along with the our school system.We are a dumb down society with our hands out for more of what ever the Feds will put in it. As long as there are more takers then givers we will live as slaves.

Personally, it has occurred  to me that one of the reasons our current military is scattered all over the globe is to keep them from being home to actually see what is happening here. I have to believe that the biggest percentage of them would NOT approve.

Point in fact, same thing happened with the vietnam war,,,,,,They kept us there so we couldn't see the Jane Fonda's here..........

Valerie, our deployed military knows what is happening. The Internet has enabled them to keep informed with cell phones and laptops. Don't doubt for a second that they would be home in a flash, however they could get her, when the need arises. My grandsons, a Marine and a Navy Seabee, both deployed, keep me up to date on what their teammates are saying and thinking. And they're really ticked off about their votes not being counted!



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