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The real reason 'mainstream media' protect Hillary

Posted By David Kupelian On 10/16/2016 @ 5:40 pm In APP Frontpage,Commentary,Opinion | No Comments


The blizzard of WikiLeaks revelations of collusion between the “mainstream media” and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign – working hand-in-hand behind the scenes to destroy Donald Trump and return the Clintons to the White House – are highly disturbing, but not at all surprising. Here’s why.

Rush Limbaugh’s frequent characterization of the establishment press as “an extension of the Democratic Party” is neither a metaphor nor an exaggeration. It is literally true. As the Media Research Center has long documented, not only is there a virtual “revolving door” between Democratic Party administrations and the “mainstream media” – but to a great extent, the two institutions are made up of the same people!

Many Americans have suspected this, especially when seeing high-profile examples like George Stephanopoulos, the fiercely loyal Clinton partisan who served as White House communications director and senior policy for adviser for Bill Clinton, but who later magically morphed into a top “mainstream” journalist as chief anchor and chief political correspondent for ABC News, co-anchor of “Good Morning America,” host of ABC’s “Sunday Morning This Week” and regular substitute anchor for “ABC World News Tonight.” One of the thousands of just-leaked Clinton campaign emails strongly suggests Hillary’s campaign colluded with Stephanopoulos before his interview with “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer last year (an interview for which Stephanopoulos was later criticized for not disclosing he’d personally donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation).

Even more egregious, another WikiLeaks email dump reveals that Donna Brazile, while at CNN, was literally Clinton’s mole – feeding her intel about Bernie Sanders attacks during the primary season, and reportedly tipping off Clinton as to questions that would be asked at upcoming... After Debbie Wasserman Schultz (thanks to revelations from an earlier WikiLeaks data-dump) was fired as chair of the Democratic National Committee for sabotaging Bernie Sanders’ primary run, she was replaced as DNC chair by Brazile.

The mask is off! Get October’s stunning pre-election Whistleblower ...

But Stephanopoulos and Brazile are just the tip of the iceberg. Here, courtesy of MRC, are just a few more of the countless other Obama-era examples of the wild revolving door between the left-wing “mainstream media” and the left-wing government:

  • Jay Carney, once Time magazine’s Washington correspondent, and later Time’s Washington bureau chief, became assistant to the vice president and director of communications for Vice President Joe Biden, and eventually White House press secretary for Barack Obama. Then in September 2014, Carney jumped back into the “mainstream media,” joining CNN as senior political commentator.
  • Samantha Power, a foreign correspondent for U.S. News & World Report, the Boston Globe and the New Republic, became special assistant to the president and senior director for multilateral affairs and human rights on the National Security Staff, later becoming the highly influential U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under Obama.
  • David Axelrod, once a political reporter for the Chicago Tribune, became chief strategist for the Obama presidential campaign and later Obama’s senior adviser. Since 2013, he has gone back to the media, working as a senior political analyst for MSNBC, and more recently, for CNN.
  • Ronan Farrow, a special adviser for humanitarian and NGO affairs in the Office of the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan under Obama, and later a special adviser to the secretary of state, Office of Global Youth Issues, became host of MSNBC’s “Ronan Farrow Daily” in 2014. After the show was canceled, Farrow became special correspondent for MSNBC and the NBC News Investigative Unit.
  • Aneesh Raman, a CNN Middle East correspondent, worked in communications for the 2008 Obama campaign, later becoming a speechwriter for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and ultimately a speechwriter for President Barack Obama.
  • Jane Pauley, co-host of NBC’s “Today” and later co-host of “Dateline NBC,” campaigned in Indiana for Barack Obama in 2008, later going back to the “Today” show in 2010. Pauley subsequently joined CBS News as a contributor to “CBS News Sunday Morning.”
  • Shailagh Murray, a Wall Street Journal correspondent and later Washington Post political reporter, became the communications director for Vice President Joe Biden and was later named senior adviser to President Obama.
  • Desson Thomson, Washington Post film critic, became a speechwriter for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
  • Richard Stengel, managing editor of and later managing editor of Time magazine, became undersecretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs under Obama.
  • Beverley Lumpkin, long-time Justice Department correspondent in the Washington bureaus of CBS News and ABC News, became press secretary at the Justice Department under Obama.
  • Warren Bass, senior editor of the Washington Post’s “Book World” and deputy editor of the “Outlook” section, became director of speechwriting and senior policy adviser to Obama’s U.N. Ambassador Susan E. Rice.
  • Glen Johnson, online politics editor for the Boston Globe and journalist with the Associated Press, became deputy assistant secretary of state, Bureau of Public Affairs, and senior adviser to Secretary of State John Kerry.
  • Peter Gosselin, a Los Angeles Times Washington and economics correspondent, became chief speechwriter for Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner in 2009, eventually moving back into the media as senior health-care analyst with Bloomberg Government.
  • Vijay Ravindran, chief technology officer for Catalist, a voter database provider who worked for the Obama for America campaign in 2008, later became chief digital officer and senior vice president of the Washington Post Company.
  • Tara Sonenshine, ABC News Washington Bureau producer and later editorial producer for ABC’s “Nightline,” became undersecretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs in the Obama administration.
  • Desiree Rogers, White House social secretary under Obama, became chief executive officer of the Chicago-based Johnson Publishing Company, owner of Ebony and Jet magazines.

Again, there are countless other examples, as MRC documents, but these are sufficient to make the point.

As I write in the introduction to the current issue of Whistleblower magazine, titled “HILLARY’S ULTIMATE WEAPON: America’s biased and abusive news media...:

Only one thing could be more bizarre, in the United States of America, than electing Hillary Rodham Clinton as president – a sick old woman who lies constantly, values nothing but her own power and wealth, has accomplished nothing of value, advocates disastrous policies, and has spent a lifetime wallowing in criminality and corruption – and pulling all those around her down into the same muck.

That one thing even more bizarre would be the current specter of virtually the entire establishment news media, who traditionally have feigned impartiality and fairness, now falling over one another in a frenzied public campaign to put the Clintons back in the White House.

Now you know why. The “mainstream press” is increasingly just a pretense, an act, a show – just one more grand venue in which progressive-left activists can labor together to transform America. When they get tired of being “journalists” and “analysts” – or get a better job offer – they can always jump back into being part of a left-wing administration. After all, it’s really all the same show.

Just as when you watch a skit on “Saturday Night Live” with lefty comedians portraying journalists and politicians, the “mainstream press” is full of progressive actors performing their parts. The only difference is, they’re not funny.

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One more tidbit of interesting information.  Last Friday night, 10/14/2016, the Clinton held a private soiree (drinks and dinner) for approximately 40 members of the 'elite' newscasters, reporters, journalists, etc.  All the people you see and hear on TV (CBS, NBC, CNN, etc) plus read in the NY Times.  Yes, as someone said so clearly, these people do not report what the people want to hear, they report only what the Clintons want everyone to hear.  The whole system is rotten to the core.

Judith... Have to disagree with that betting site. I have researched all the major betting sites here and in England ( it's a Vegas thing!!) and it averages right now before the Debate tonight are Hillary around 80% and Trump no higher than 15%. The lines will defiantly move after the Debate tonight but I don't see it swinging anywhere near making me bet on Trump..... UNLESS...,UNLESS..... The polls are purposely squed to favor Clinton. Most poundants don't believe they are, but looking at the amount of people that turn out for Trump as opposed to Hillary I believe it's a real possibility. Being a patron of the sports book, the underdog does win even when all the statistics are verifiable and a matter of public records like sports teams. With this election we can't take any stated statistic as Gospel. I'm basing my hope on the amount of people turning out to listen to Trump as opposed to Hillary. I just wish I'd of dropped a few grand on Trump I'm the beginning when the odds were 1000/1!

The polls are purposely skewed to favor Killary, no doubt whatsoever!!!

Judith ,you are 100% correct.....

FYI. Political wagering is prohibited in the US. However it is legal in Europe. The Bo
Typo... The books in England are expecting the 2016 Presidential election betting will surpass the Super Bowl. Many are forecasting ( and I'll take the books advice over the pundants any day!) that it will get down to 2to1 Hillary. And I believe Judith is right the establishment is falsifying the poles, my
Money if I could bet would be on Trump.

We don't watch any of the MSM media, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC,,,,,,, none of them.
We don't have cable or dish TV. All we have for TV entertainment is Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube.
Yes, we watch those on our 36" Livingroom TV. To get there we have a SamSung WiFi BlueRay thatn connects through my Internet DSL line.
OK, So What right? Well you wouldn't believe the amount of negative anti-HILLARY videos there are on these channels, hundreds of them, and NOT ONE negative anti-Trump video............. Not ONE.....
There are hundreds of negative Anti-media, anti-Government stuff. And hundreds of about what is really going on, what's actually happening around the world, and here in America. We're not short on news broadcasts, but we don't get any of it from the MSM corrupt establishment.

Plus we saved $120 per month doing it...............(Dish TV and Direct TV).

CUT the cable.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Starve the beast.

I checked into doing that and I cannot get any local TV news with any of those options, nor do I want my TV connected to the internet.  I watch FBN exclusively (except for Hannity and Judge Jeanine) and get my news from the web except for local. 





If I were Trump I would give these statistics in reply to Hillarys lie that the answer is taxing the rich:
A 100% tax on all millionaires would only fund the government for 4 months and free college for everyone would drastically reduce that! If you took ALL the income from everyone making 200k and above it would only amount to $1.89 trillion dollars which would not even make a dent in the deficit.
It's time she and Obama and the left get called on this lie!

The Sharks are circling:

They smell blood in the water;

The US is 20-TRILLION dollars in Debt and rising.
In order to pay the interest alone on that debt the US is now confiscating land from the States and the people so that it, along with any minerals and resources, may be auctioned off to the highest bidders.
Anyone who objects to loosing their land and stands in protest is either shot or arrested and incarcerated like the Bundy's, the Hammonds, and Lavoy Finnicum.

US Racial tensions are higher than they been since the early days of Martin Luther King and the civil rights wars in Alabama. As if the racial tensions weren't enough the nation is now divided over the current political election cycle. The political left wing of the Democratic party, (and the establishment Republicans) all hate the Republican party candidate and is dead set on eliminating any opposition to their agenda. Tensions on the right is no less volatile. The corruption pouring out of the White House, the FBI, DOJ, BLM, and the State Department is at a level never seen before.

To top this all off it seems that we now have a White House and an administration that is perfectly willing to start a war with Russia just so they can divert attention away from the corruption and interferences they created in the Middle East. They apparently hope those distractions and diversion of the peoples attention will be enough to successfully inaugurate Hillary Clinton and the Democrats back into power next November and January 2017.

Russia is getting set to take full advantage of the collapse of America as a world power and is ready to take over and dominate the Middle East. Russia's President Putin knows that Barack Hussein Obama will not respond to any real threats to seize power in the Middle East. Iran will end up with the Bomb, and the materials needed to produce those weapons will be extracted from the American West. That is part of the trade deal set up by Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State. Clinton signed the deal to sell 20+% of all US Uranium to Russia. Once Iran has enough Nuclear weapons to insure at least a minimal survival, and being assured of protection and support from Russia, Iran will attack and obliterate Israel. The US will not be able to help and will be powerless to protect or defend Israel.

Meanwhile back in the US the Obama administration has been feverishly immigrating “refugees” from war-torn Syria in their efforts to re-engineer the demographics of the US Population.
The United Nations and the New World Order of a One-World Governance is set to take over, By the way, that “One-World Governance” will consist of what is now known as the United States, Mexico, Central and South America, and will eventually include Canada.

The Sharks are circling.
And the blood they smell in the water is yours and mine.



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