As terrible as this shooting spree is, has anyone else noticed that there is very little discussion of anything else?

This has taken nearly all of the attention away from the POTUS eligibility and Electoral College issues that are so important right now.


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yes I believe so to. I ask Jesus to comfort all of the families that lost loved ones in that school shooting.

what about Hillary Clinton being in the hospital when she was suppose to testifiy?

gun ownership is our right as an American. we're gonna have to fight to keep it.

I don't have a gun but I keep telling my husband we should get one.

We have an evil president and there's nothing that he won't do to promote his agenda.

I couldn't believe he showed up at that town. He is such a fake. He is not welcome in my home.

I have to respect his position as president of this great land but he's the devil's spawn.

Lord help us Jesus! Things are just getting in order for our Lord and Savior to come and pull us out of here.

And I'm ready!

Dianna , I'm different than you as I don't respect anything DC including the office of the Presidency . Buy that gun but don't just to have one . It must be purpose oriented if you know what I mean . Better do it soon if you want one .
Personally I 'd just as soon that Jesus wait a while .

He's just spouting the rhetoric (and threats) that his "masters" told him to.

That fat cop better start with the usurper in the White House and then work his way down from there.  At that rate, it will take him a lifetime to get to me!

"Never let a good crisis go unanswered...."

The important thing is to stay focused and keep hitting them on the issue.  MAKE THEM KNOW we haven't forgotten......

Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

OH Yes !   That is the way it works, create a disaster, then get to the judges with threats and demands, all in the name of the CABAL, the Fed Res, well the bad guys tactics of staying in control.  

   But now 160 countries have signed a treaty to not use the US dollar, Obummer goes to the Asian conference and was told to go home, the US would not be allowed in...... can we blame them, they have already gotten rid of all those bad guys...... why aren't we? 

Distraction by design

I've noticed and read some very interesting observations by others that this might be a false flag event designed to keep us all distracted from issues like Hillary's inability to testify before the congressional committee investigating the events in Libya, election fraud investigations and fiscal cliff negotiations.....the congress that cannot resolve the financial "crisis" are now busy drafting anti gun legislation in response to this event.

Golden Eagle; The  Designed  bangs  are  all  across  the  U.S. Lining  up  the  Diversion's  which  that  most  of  the   American  public  cannot  comprehend..!!  The   Why..!!

The pathetic thing to me is to see how many soft-hearted souls play into this farce, hook, line and sinker.  So many people are over their heads with daily survival for themselves and their families, that they don't have the time or mental energy to research, analyze and understand what is being perpetrated upon them by this sham government that we now have....government by the longer guided by the legal principles of the Constitution.  It's a sad and scary time to be an American patriot. 

Now there will be a focus on "mental health" as defined and identified by government "psychologists and psychiatrists"....a truly dangerous power to give this corrupt band criminals.  How many true patriots can expect a knock at the door, relieving them of their guns because by new government standards, they are not "mentally competent" enough to have them.  I shudder at the thoughts of what is coming.

Remember that most in Congress and Senate are X lawyers, which means they never tell the truth to start with and only work for those that will over pay them...

But, mentally "dummies" and very dangerous ones to boot.  Remember the liberal professor that found the bad gene in liberal/progressive's brains.  Very dangerous people.  Liars, fanatics, busybodies, bitter, unhappy and are going to bring everyone else down with them.  That is their goal.




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