Constitutional Emergency

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Not to mention the Republic. If you see all my tweets you will know where I come from. This movement must have plans to deal with MB IN ALL LEVELS OF THIS GOV. THEY HAVE THINK TANKS FOR EVERY OCCASION AND THEN SOME. THERE'S A GREAT OPPORTUNITY to bring this country back to the #Founders #Constitution #BillOfRights #Secirity #Beliefs that the best #government is #limited and #States provide #Creativity #opportunities using the freedoms Chosen by the citizens through the # State elections. Each State having the ability to trade with each other. BUT TO MAKE IT WORK THERE NEEDS TO BE AN UNDERGROUND NETWORK OUT AND ALSO EMBEDED IN THIS GOVERNMENT TO COUNTER BALANCE WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN PLANED FOR MANY YEARS they have FEMA CAMPS all over the country. But most of all they have MB thugs with terror camps all over and Open Borders. We have Stressed but loyal (I hope) state militias armed citizens. I say that great thought needs to be given and we don't have much time. I would like input as i am an American and have great love 4 this country and those who died so we can be free.
2016 The End Of The Republic:

To me, it doesn't matter whether it is a "Set Up" or not. There are no other options at this point. If we wait, it will only get worse, the elections in Nov. are not going to change how the Govt. does business. All of this negative stuff is only going to scare away the already scared. You can do all the right things, eat healthy, exercise, avoid things that might be a little dangerous, and still get hit by a city bus. Our cause is Just, and God will not fail us. If we focus on a positive outcome, the outcome will be positive. They can have all the plans they want, but as any Vet knows, once SHTF, all plans go out the window. Stay focused, stay positive, and we WILL get our Constitutional Republic back.

Obama Moves To Quiet Dissent

Most savvy Americans are aware of HR 347, or what is commonly known as the “Trespass bill”, which prohibits American citizens from criticizing any official who has designated Secret Service protection. The penalties are draconian. And of course, many people know about the terrifying National Defense Authorization Act, that allows the president to detain, torture and kill American citizens without due process.

Just who is Obama planning on silencing and persecuting in the upcoming martial law?

Obama’s Future Targets Are Identified

A recently leaked DHS document, detailing the nature of a martial law drill which commences today, spells the roll out of martial law in America. The document is so sensitive that it contains instructions that only DHS personnel may view the document and bans even military grade officers from laying their eyes on it.

Information about this previously secret drill comes from a leaked 160 page document entitled, Capstone 2014, Scenario Ground Truth. This is a nationwide martial law drill which is to take place from March 27- April 24, 2014. Make no mistake about it, as of this morning (March 27th) your government is practicing to enslave you.

I think you should refrain from accusing others of posting what YOU consider "tin hat stuff."  I, for one, would not be at all surprised to find this is all true.  Absolutely NOTHING remains unclear about what OAS stands for, IMO.  Perhaps you should look to your OWN mind before trashing others!

Bob, The ONE Thing I DO KNOW (As A FACT), Is That The One Living In OUR White House Does NOT Have One Piece Of Legitimate Documentation... His Birth Certificate That He Had A News Conference To Show Off, Has Been Torn Apart In EVERY Direction And PROVEN To Be A Forgery. On HIS Tax Documents POSTED On The White House Web Site, He Put 042-68-4425, Which Happens To Be A Suffix (042) Assigned To Residents Of Conneticut. Mr. Obama Has NEVER Lived In Conneticut, BUT, Harrison Brounel Did, In Fact, It IS HIS SSN!

He Was Born In Russia In 1890, Immigrated To America In The 1920s'. He Was Issued HIS Number In March, 1977.

And, It Seems The Man Residing In OUR White House Also Has A SPECIAL Selective Service Card, HIS Has A Two Digit Year Stamp, While EVERY Other Good American Who Registered With The Selective Service Has A FOUR DIGIT YEAR STAMP.

These Are Things I KNOW As FACTS... Everything Else That Takes Place In OUR Capital Must Be Covering Up For The CRIMINAL In OUR White House, Thus, Making THEM Criminals.

Please search my tweets and see if I am a Patriot.

When you say setup..Do you mean that OAS is a setup ? Set up by whom? What am i missing here ? Are you implying that the founders of OAS have set this up..And that they know what we are headed for ..I cannot figure out what you mean exactly.Iam not being sarcastic rather iam trying to understand what you are trying to get across..Although i do believe that something is and has to give very soon ..I just do not undrstand your point here..If it is truly that we are being set up by the leaders of OAS i completely disagree..Please be more clear..

I have to agree with George by asking what do you mean by setup???? Who would be setting us up???

Good ideas can be Hijacked, infiltrated. Not accusing leadership but what about the timing of gov training and HR and the fact that it's ending just before the may 16. wouldn't it be a nice way to take down teaparty who has a great success record of bringing together constitutionalists of any color religion party having great existing constitutionalists congressman Senate with September candidates added Giving the Republicans a backbone to stand up to BO. IF and I say IF THIS PLAYS OUT THE WAY THEY MAY HAVE WAR GAMED, even though honorable people may have had good intentions, It might and I say might change the opportunity we may have to Return to the Republic that the Founding Father's Beliefs and the many Patriot with pitchforks died for... FREEDOM

We can muddle down the posts on here with all kinds of theories but the heart of the matter is our constitutional rights being restored. PERIOD!. Let's not cloud it up with debate on other issues.




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