#NeverTrumpers offer only “corruption as usual”


by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD May 31, 2016




This article is not meant to, or intended to be interpreted as a political endorsement, or lack thereof, of any political candidate. Family Security Matters takes no political point of view whatsoever.

Charles Murray, the W. H. Brady Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, writing in the National Review, says that Donald Trump "is unfit to be president in ways that apply to no other candidate of the two major political parties throughout American history."

Wow. I wonder if Murray has been in a vegetative state for the last eight years.

And just who are these Republican establishment "angels" Mr. Murray prefers to Trump?

He doesn't say, but he seems to favor the hopelessly corrupt Hillary Clinton as a reasonable alternative, who, according to Murray, tells lies within "normal parameters."

I suppose those "normal parameter" lies include Benghazi, "Clinton Cash," the potentially felonious email scandal or her Avogadro's number of other lies.

Since January 20, 2009, the executive branch of the federal government has been composed of people who do not believe that United States should be a strong, sovereign, capitalistic- and Judeo-Christian-based constitutional republic.

If Barack Obama was the perpetrator, the two major political parties have been his willing accomplices, facilitating the most divisive, destructive and deceitful administration in American history.

Both the Democrat and Republican parties comprise what can now only be described as an anti-American establishment, both of whom have fostered policies pernicious to the well-being of the country, one in the pursuit of totalitarianism, the other to become beneficiaries of globalist greed.

If the Democrat Party has adopted an Islamo-Marxist agenda, the Republican Party has eagerly become a wholly-owned subsidiary of corporate lobbyists and international financial interests.

The Democrat Party is controlled by the radical left and Islamic sympathizers, whose messianic goals can only be achieved by attacking the basis of Western Judeo-Christian civilization, which emphasizes the uniqueness and sacredness of the individual. While Islamic radicals seek to impose Sharia by purging the world of heresies and of the infidels who practice them, leftist radicals seek to purge society of the vices allegedly spawned by capitalism -- those being racism, sexism, imperialism, and income inequality.

The Republican establishment, by contrast, is simply willing to sell-out the country to the highest international bidder and considers American workers as little more than farm animals.

To maintain control of a timid citizenry, both Democrats and Republicans foster a culture of dependency. Democrats create dependency by expanding federal mandates and increasing entitlements. Republicans promote dependency by limiting voter choice, as Murray recommends.

There is already a long history of Republican collaboration with the Obama Administration, but the political degeneration has reached new depths of absurdity.

Here is the list of 43 Republican members of the US House of Representatives who supported Obama's transgender edicts and are willing to mandate by law that grown men should be permitted to share dressing rooms, locker rooms, or bathrooms with little girls:

Amash (Mich., third congressional district), Brooks, S. (Ind., 5), Coffman (Colo., 6), Costello (Penn., 6), Curbelo (Fla., ), Davis, R. (Ill., 13), Denham (Calif., 10), Dent (Penn., 15), Diaz-Balart (Fla., 25), Dold (Ill., 10), Donovan (N.Y., 11), Emmer (Minn., 6), Fitzpatrick (Penn., 8), Frelinghuysen (N.J., 11), Gibson (N.Y., 19), Heck (Nev., 3), Hurd (Texas, 23), Issa (Calif., 49), Jolly (Fla., 13), Katko (N.Y., 24), Kinzinger (Ill., 16), Lance (N.J., 7), LoBiondo (N.J., 2), MacArthur (N.J., 3), McSally (Ariz., 2), Meehan (Penn., 7), Messer (Ind., 6), Paulsen (Minn., 3), Poliquin (Maine, 2), Reed, (N.Y., 23), Reichert (Wash., 8), Renacci (Ohio, 16), Rooney (Fla., 17), Ros-Lehtinen (Fla., 27), Shimkus (Ill., 15), Stefanik (N.Y., 21), Upton (Mich., 6), Valadao (Calif., 21), Walden (Ore., 2), Walters (Calif., 45), Young, D. (Iowa, 3), Young, T. (Ind., 9), Zeldin (N.Y., 1).

Those Republican members of Congress, who are apparently eager to disregard privacy, decency, women's equal protection and even public safety, actively sided with Obama and the Democrats to promote transgenderism.

In essence, the Republican Party thinks it is sensible for transgenders, who are arguably mentally disturbed and representing a miniscule 0.3% of the US population, to determine social policy for the other 97.7% of us.

Unlike the #NeverTrumpers, the American people seem to have concluded, like Albert Einstein, that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Colonel Sellin is the author of "Restoring the Republic: Arguments for a Second American Revolution ". He receives email at lawrence.sellin@gmail.com.

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These reprobates voting for "Transgender"=Perversion should all be retired.     There is no reason for a Rational American to put these people back into Office.    They'll wiggle, they'll lie, make the "Usual Excuses" but, when it comes down to the "Nut Cutting" these People are not on our side.            DO NOT RE-ELECT THEM!!!!

transgender the government , then relocate all to include SCOTUS / State Dept. / Gates / Mullen / ash carter 

to Mecca naked...

The ballot box is shattered! The ammo box is all we have left to fall back on!

well spoken

This article provided the most in depth and informative explanation I've read yet regarding the self absorbed anti-America traitors and hypocrites of both political  party's.  These 'traitors'  should be impeached then imprisoned as most of these hypocrites make Benedict Arnold look like a Boy Scout!!

I pray to God that Trump wins this election and that he 'shakes up' the corrupted political institutions in this Country to their very foundations! 

< eight months remaining with queer n queen occupation of the whitehouse.

his latest attempt to spread perversion may be difficult to outdo.

yet , my feeling is nothing is too low for your elected government.

Our Government has become, as one possessed. It seems to see, the only way for this Country’s direction, as that of against God the Creator, and gone the direction of Satan, in it’s dealings with We the People, We no longer have a Government of We the People, we now instead have a Government of We the Elite.
The Constitution is being trodden upon, and it seems as if there are none who can stop the onslaught of it against the American Citizens. There was a time when by the Constitution, we owned and controlled the Government, but over the last 8 years, particularly, we have seen a dramatic power shift from the People controlling the Government, to the Government controlling the People.
Our President oversteps his Constitutional boundaries, and obligations, with NO visible opposition to this overreach, and his march towards Dictatorship. There seems to be nothing we can do to stop this madness, as it appears that both parties are in cooperation with his agendas of destruction, and eventual takeover of this once great Country. Where do we go to have our voices heard?. There are none to listen, and certainly none willing to place their head on the Nobama guillotine, to speak out, or do anything to stop his flagrant disregard for our Constitution, our freedoms, our rights, or our wills.
He has gone far beyond, in reverse of, his sworn Oath of office to protect, and defend our Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. Every law he puts his signature on, and certainly all of his executive orders are completely un-Constitutional, making him a criminal against our Country.
We the People, in the recent past said NO MORE, and gave the Republicans the majority in both house and senate, thinking this would make a difference, and they would stand up for us with that power. WE gave them the tools to work with, and for us, to weaken his power grab, and take away his power over us. In return, it appears they have, instead, joined forces with the Demon-N-Chief, against us.
He has done more, with their help, in the 8 years of his sitting in the Presidents seat, to destroy this Country, than all of those brave souls over the last 230 years who have given body, blood, Life and limb, to keep us free, have done to make us great.

He has done all he possibly can do, to this point, to remove Christianity, God, and Jesus Christ from this Country. The worst, is still to come. He may be able to scrub it off walls, and chisel it off our monuments, but he cannot take it from our Hearts, and Souls as Christians. We will have victory in the end, he and all else who have done such evil against Christianity, the People and the Country, will when the proper time comes, be cast into the bottomless pit by the very God and Son, he has fought so hard and vainly against. True Christians will, in the end, win the day, and life eternal in Heaven. He and the likes of him, will also inherit eternal life, but it will be in the escape proof pit of Hell itself. It will then be they, who will be the ones to find out what true, pure evil and subservience is. They will be captive for eternity in the heat, misery, torture, torment, and evil of the place they have chosen for themselves. We Christians, will be in the perfection, beauty, peace, and eternity, of Heaven. They may win the battle, but God will win the war, and they will all be powerless to stop it.
God’s will be done. He is in control, although at times it seems not. He has a plan, and will complete that plan, in his own time. Stay strong, cling to your faith, and God will reward us, as promised, with eternity in his kingdom. He created the Universe, and all things in it. They are all his, and his plan will proceed for it, just as we have been told in Prophecies for thousands of years. His Second coming is near, so hang on tight, it is going to be a wild and bumpy ride. Our bodies are merely vessels possessed for a short time, then we will gain eternity in a pure, faultless, and perfect reincarnated body. We will be changed, as we are taken to meet him in the clouds, when we are called in that Great Day. Trust in him, live for him, and stay faithful to the end.

Satan is going ALL OUT to pervert and unhinge people who do not know GOD. He knows his control of Earth is in it's final days. I have no doubt that "queer" is demon possessed. He calls upon Satan to do his best to tear apart every Christian and those who do not know GOD.

The stupid people who elected him without asking one word about Transform it to WHAT?, are also doing Satan's bidding.

We who stand firm against this onslaught have nothing to fear but many do.

The nevertrumpers are cousins to the Bush deranged.

It's really rather sad.

They prefer to ruin their country rather than support a candidate they did not choose.

Dr. Sellin,

An excellent and perfect article.  May I forward it to my mail lists, quoting you of course?


Stephanie Robinson e-mail:  stephaniebertling@yahoo.com

Stephanie...........COL Sellin's email address is at the bottom of the article if you want to contact him.  Otherwise, since it's a publication, forward to your email list giving the credit to COL Sellin............



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