Have anyone seen this letter dated 5 August, 2013 from the UN Disarmament Office?



This is not only the information age, it is also the DISINFORMATION age."

JB Williams


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I got a copy too! I visited their website and see no reason why it is not real.  I didn't find anything that would doubt otherwise.  They can not unite into a single government ruled planet without disarming us.

I also think they messed up on the number of arms in our hands. It's a hell of a lot more than a half billion!

They will not be able to do this in my lifetime but once their schools of socialism mature and start voting, it's good bye freedom, hello bossman! We're subjects again. 

I respectfully disagree with your evaluation that this will not happen in your lifetime.

The following points relate to the points in the questioned document.

1- Assault Weapons Ban

2- Food for Guns programs around the country.

3- Background checks and CCW permits.

4- Background checks for ALL firearms.

5- Attempted background checks for ammunition, and some state attempts to outlaw mail order sales of ammunition.

This is not GOING to happen, it HAS happened, whether we like it or not.....



This document is a fake. if you print the doc and scan the code this is what you get (http://www.un.org/ga/search/view_doc...l=A/CN.10/L.70). UNODA is real. There is no document A/CN.11/L.72 in undocs.org. This appears to be disguised as an original document by using the blue UN crest. I would like to hear what other OK'ers more experienced in document analysis have to say.

This reminds me of Obama's birth certificate.........

hahahahahaha!  Good one!

When I was in another group we were trained and warned about neutralization, where the enemy introduces disinformation, hype, and unproductive activity in order to waste your energy, time, and resources. This letter appears to be something that may occupy some of our time, but provide no valuable, useful info.

One form of neutraliztion I'd like to warn about is this rash of rino fundraising, where everybody under the repub. sun emails you patriotic appeals for $5 or $10. They know how to push your buttons by headlining emails with "Help us Stop Amnesty" and "They're Trying to Take Your Guns" and other such things. Some are real, but I get a feeling there's an organized effort to bombard us with causes and conservative groups and drain our web time and wallets. Just a heads up. Anyone else see the neutralization trend?

Every day, in my inbox, 5-10 emails begging for whatever you can afford to 'defend liberty', and 'stop amnesty'.

Yes, I see it,

Yes, I feel it.



Between emails and snail mail, I am bombarded daily with those "patriotic appeals"....tho most start out wanting $75 but any amount will do and usually the smallest suggested amount is $35. If it's in a SASE I return with $0 on the write-in line.

With the way the country is going, I am paying off bills and stocking up currently. If the economy doesn't crash to the Great Depression levels, then I'll be ahead and can support some organizations. Otherwise I want to be ready.


The book "They Fired the First Shot" explains that the senate cannot go against the Constitution- so if they ratifiy it- it is still unconstitutional

Agreed, but, that assumes that there are people of good moral character occuping positions of power and responsibility.



I have seen it.  I made a copy of it.  I've read the refutation, and the counter-argument.  I'm inclined to believe it is real.  Especially when you have read the actual UN bill.  This lines right up with it!

Molon Labe, I will die firing......



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