Are we loosing our Republic? Have we already lost it?

To anyone who has ever served in the Military of these United States of America, and to anyone , (and Everyone) who loves our freedoms and liberties guaranteed to us under the Constitution of the United States of America, That could be a pretty hard question to swallow. It's not something we like to think about. Most of us don't even want to ask such a question. It's too difficult to contemplate.
But I think it's a question that needs to be asked, it needs to  be addressed.

If we read the news today and listen to the radio, watch the feeds on the social media pages, it's all pretty discouraging. I'm not asking that question to discourage people, I'm asking that question to issue a very severe warning. The name of this web site forum in addition to Patriots For America is Constitutional Emergency, And THAT is precisely where we are in this country today.

The Bundy case:
The news media and most people think that's all about Cliven Bundy refusing to pay his grazing fees, and when the federal government tried to remove his cattle from federal lands, Bundy and a bunch of wild yahoo cowboys threatened to shoot the BLM and federal law enforcement officials. But the Bundy ranch standoff in 2014 was only the event that sparked to disclosure of what the government has been doing for more than 30 years. Exposing that dirty secret for the whole world to see is why Senator Harry Reid, SOS Hillary Clinton, Barrack Hussein Obama and hundreds of other people around the world are so viciously attacking the Bundy's. That event at the Bundy ranch in Nevada, and also the Ammon Bundy standoff on Oregon with the Hammond ranchers exposed the real truth behind the Federal land grab that has been going on for many years.
So what IS all this land grab? What's it all about? And what does the Bundy ranch, the Hammonds, and now the Bundy trials have to do with loosing our Constitutional Republic? And while we're on the subject we should also include the trial and imprisonment of our own Terry Trussell.

The Federal Reserve Bank, and America's banking system:
Everyone is familiar with the national debt clock and the idea that America is now somewhere around $20-TRILLION Dollars in debt. Most of us have a hard time even contemplating those kind of figures. When we ask the question of how the hell did we get to that kind of numbers all we can come up with is Blame our government officials..... Well yes, that's the problem. But how did we get here, and what's more important how do we get out of this mess. The real history behind this one is way out of my reach, but I can at least set a course for people to do a little research. It starts back in 1913 with President Woodrow Wilson., and yes – the Communist party. Woodrow Wilson was our first Communist president. But during the time of the first world war and the Communist take over of the Russian Bolshevik Revolution, That was also around the time of Mao Tse-Tong and the Chinese revolution, the American Communist party decided that calling themselves Communists was probably not a good idea. The American people would never accept that, so they changed the name to “Progressive” to mask over who and what they really are. The American Communist Party became the Progressive party of today. While Stalin and Mao took over their countries in violent destructive revolutions, Woodrow Wilson had to settle for the slower and less violent method of letting time take care of the transformation into Communism. Actually the problems with America's banking system goes all the way back to the revolution and how we managed to pay back the costs of that revolutionary war. We somehow had to pay France, Canada, and yes, even England. So without going into a full world history of banking and financing systems let's just say that's where America's debt problems all started. Things got worse during the first Civil war when again America had to pay off another huge debt and again it went to England and France, this time there were many other countries that we ended up borrowing money from and eventually had to pay it back. The problem is that instead of America setting up our own banking systems we allowed our federal government to borrow money from other countries. I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who warned us about a federal or national banking system, so over the years we've pretty much avoided that. We already had the Federal Treasury but that's not a federal bank., not a bank as we know them today anyway. Anyway, back to Woodrow Wilson. He set up the Federal Reserve system, Later President Nixon took America off the gold based currency system and dumped America into our current system of Fiat currency. Wow – what a mess. America's banking system and that national debt has been a problem since day one of the Nation. Three US Presidents have already paid the price for trying to get us out of it all. While the Civil war may have been about slavery and the disputes between the Northern and Southern states, President Abraham Lincoln was actually killed because he attempted to get America out of that world banking system. Lincoln tried to great what is known today as the green-back dollar. A system where the US currency was based on our own values as a people, (our labor and production) and it was backed up by hard assets of GOLD, ie Fort Knox. President William McKinley was killed because it was felt that he betrayed the corporate machine that helped put him into office. McKinley again tried to get America out of that world banking mess. And President John F. Kennedy was killed for much the same reasons.
No one has been allowed, not even Congress, to look inside the vaults at Ft. Knox for well over 130 years. Today we basically have no idea what's in or what's NOT inside those vaults.

But what does all that have to do with the Bundys and Hammonds? That world banking system has decided that the labor and fruits of America's general GDP was no longer enough to cover that debt. And since no one knows what's really in those vaults, the world banks wanted more assurance that that debt would be covered. Enter America's wealth in land and minerals. And enter the United Nations. Now I'm probably not the best person around to be giving a history lesson on American history, and I may have gotten a few things out of place here, but on this next part I'm pretty sure I've got it right. Those world banking people, working through the United Nations, (and the Federal Reserve), have made treaties and deals (and secret rules) to change our collateral system from blood sweat and tears of the American people to the more lucrative hard assets of land and minerals.

American GREED: Enter Hillary Clinton, Senator Harry Reid, and the Russians.
Once again Hillary and Bill Clinton got greedy and instead of allowing the Federal Reserve and the world banking cartels, The United Nations, to gain complete control over all that wealth in American soils and minerals, they decided to cash in as fast as they could. This is where Hillary (and Bill) Clinton made the deals that ended up selling American uranium to Russia. The Uranium One mining operations. Russia got an estimated ½ of all uranium owned by the US.
Only problem was they had to get those pesky ranchers off that land first. Senator Harry Reid basically did the same thing in Nevada. Now if these people are willing to murder three US Presidents over this wealth what chance do you think the Bundys and the Hammonds have?

Senator Harry Reid and the Bundy's, where is the Constitution?
Nevada district Federal judge Gloria Navarro is Harry Reid's puppet. She is essentially conducting an execution of the Bundy family. Senator Harry Reid never expected 300 or more local people, ranchers and militia men to show up to defend the Bundys. The BLM did expect some resistance from the Bundy family but they never expected anything like what they encountered at Bunkerville in 2014.
That episode blew the lid off Harry Reid's and Hillary Clinton's BLM land grab. And because of that failure to succeed in removing the Bundys family from their ranch the Chinese government and the international minerals cartels nearly killed Senator Harry Reid. NO, That was no accident of falling off a tread-mill at the gym. That was Harry Reid's warning that he better get them out one way or another. And this is where the blood-judge in Nevada comes in. And it is also where the Oregon Governor comes in. Governor Brown ordered the Oregon State Police to “End that standoff anyway they have too”. The prosecutor of the Ammon Bundy trial in Oregon said “We have to have a definitive result in this case and make sure nothing like this never happens again, otherwise these people will be all over the place.

Going back to the Constitution, Judge Gloria Navarro has forbidden the defence from making any mention of the Constitution, the first or second amendments, and completely forbidden the Bundy defence attorney's from even mentioning the Constitution at all. She has refused the Bundy's from hiring the attorney's they wanted. To the best of my knowledge there has never been an indictment by a grand jury of the Bundys or any of the other men being held in Nevada prisons concerning the Bunkerville Stand off. There has never been any bail or bond set and they have all been held in prison since January 2016.

America's health care bill, Obamacare: Where is that in the Constitution? Where in the Constitution does it permit the Federal Government to control and set all provisions and regulations concerning the health care and the insurance industry of America?

Elections, the election of an illegal alien to serve as President of the United States. To this day we still don't know if Barack Hussein Obama, (aka Barry Soetoro) is even a legal US Citizen much less a Natural Born Citizen as demanded by our Constitution. That may sound to some like I'm still beating a dead horse here on this birth certificate thing but it really becomes important when we ask the questions about our Constitution.

The American system of justice, The Department of Justice, and our legal system;
Sometime back in the 1940's the Department of Justice decided that the old system of Common Law was basically detrimental to their reign over the American people, so they changed it. Not by Congressional legislation but by simply re-writing the rules of the justice department. These changes not only eliminated the Common Laws but it also eliminated all rights and access to the courts and justice department by the citizens of the USA.
Think about that for a minute, what does that really mean to American citizens? Prior to these changes in our justice system the American people had the ability to convene a grand jury and hear complaints concerning elected government officials. Known as a Citizen's grand Jury the people most commonly used this system to control local and federal government officials. Anytime a government official went rouge and got out of control (Like Harry Reid and Gloria Navarro) the people could convene a citizen's grand jury and stop that official. They could actually expel and if necessary indict and convict that rouge official. The actions taken by the justice department eliminated all power of the people over these government officials. And if you don't believe it ask Terry Trussell. He is sitting in a Florida prison for trying to do just that. Terry Trussell tried to file a criminal complaint against a state prosecutor.

I could keep on going and going and going here. The violations against our Constitution are too numerous to list. Our Government officials believe they are above the laws while we the people are held accountable for every little violation they can dream of. Government officials have no accountability and no reason to feel they should answer to anyone.
Our financial system is gone, Taken over by something called the Federal Reserve bank, There probably isn't anything left at all in those vaults in Fort Knox Kentucky. They randomly take our lands away for what ever reason they decide, and when ranchers and people stand up to stop them, they shoot and kill them or place them in federal prisons. Even our newest Attorney General Jeff Sessions refuses to intervene in the Bundy case. Congress is now fighting over how to replace or repeal Obamacare while half of them want the system to become a full fledged single-payer system under the complete control of some federal bureaucracy. We no longer own our own land, we don't have any say in aour health care system, and we certainly don't have any say in our federal treasury or our banking system. Immigration and our border control is a laughing matter, and immigrants that fully intend to kill us all have been allowed to enter the country completely unchecked and uncontrolled.
We have no land, no minerals, no financial system no health care and no border, And according to Judge Gloria Navarro and Oregon Governor Brown we no longer have any Constitutional rights.

So my original question remains:
Are we loosing our Republic? Have we already lost it?

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In the minds of the looney leftists we have lost it, but in my mind there are ways to deal with those looney leftists. Let us not forget that to get the freedoms we have, we need to fight - literally and some died for the rights we have. Is it time for that to happen again? We Americans have become so docile that we forget freedom is not free. Citizen arrest is still active, as far as I know. The looney left just talk but that won't change anything but peoples minds. If our minds are made up that America will again prosper and be free and open to ways of thinking, then we need to foster that.

Sounds radical? I think not. at this time.

Deep State Attacks Attorney General Jeff Sessions with Fresh Leaks on Meetings with Russian Ambassador

WAR !! It's time for Trump and Sessions to turn the tables on these traitors. Sessions needs to open a new investigation into Mueller, Comey, and Hillary Clinton and all those Russian uranium deals.
There is even one story circulating the social media sites that claims Mueller took a trip to Russia to deliver a sample of the uranium from the Canadian mines.
Hillary Clinton sold the uranium to Russia and then had to remove the Hammonds from the land. This is HIGH TREASON.
We need to know what connections Mueller and Comey had in all of this.

Also, there are still too many of Obama's appointees left in our Government. They are in the FBI, State Department, and all other branches of our Government. It's time to get them OUT.


Breitbart article

Muller is a traitor to America.....Comey is no better.....

NO we are not lost yet

our kids need to be trained in the real history of america and her constitution 

our healthcare is NOT constitutional when govt takes it over

we need to push back now or loose this country for sure

make the calls and demand repeal of ohitlercare NONE OF THE CONGRESS OR SENATE HAVE OHITLERCARE MAYBE THEY NEED TO.   


Hi Bonnie ...I hate to say it but we are beyond calling our reps..They do not care what any of us think..They are all MARXIST GLOBALISTS ..Except for the President as far as iam concerned....I know what the answer is but it will not happen...

Bob Muller is committing treason against our president.....Rod Rosenstien is as well..He hired Muller knowing full well what the outcome would be..We are being taken down by the establishment .....If we do not act very soon we are going to be completely under the control of a Marxist government.....Harry Riley tried to stop this but no one would listen except for a few of  us....This is very sad that we are going to lose our GREAT COUNTRY that so many have died for.....I have been having a terrible time trying to sleep at night ...What do we do.....I know what we should do but what will we do....?

Looks like when you pull the curtain back most of these players on on the same team they just wear different uniforms to give the outward appearance their on different teams. When it comes to corruption our nation is no different than other nations..... it's only a matter of degrees. But once you've sunk below the "0" mark on the scale that seperates right from wrong degrees don't matter your still wrong, corrupt, unjust, dishonest and last but not least your unrighteous. There's no such thing as degrees in sin. Yeshua said if you break one you've broken them all. There's no such thing as being half way Holy or righteous. One of the Noahide laws that governed non-Jews was to establish laws that fairly upheld Gods commandments. Mans laws have their Genesis in these laws which are to govern both Jews and Gentiles (non-Jews). So when Jew or Gentile breaks these laws he is not just sinning against his fellow man but against God and that can't be good. Not only will man rebel and seek justice but God will judge all law breakers, earthly and Heavenly. These do-called leaders have made a fatal mistake... they think they are the final say, that they are in ultimate control and nothing could be further from the truth. Like Nebuchadnezzar they have been weighted in the scales and found wanting.

Ex-FBI Mueller's investigation of Trump is the final Coup D “Etat,

Russia's “Meddling” into our US elections system was NOT to aid Donald Trump to become President.
Russia was setting up to finish and complete the “Fundamental Transformation of America” which was set up and established by Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the New World Order crowd.
The Russians and the Democrats thought they had it made with Hillary Clinton getting into the White House. Once Hillary was in the White House and President of the USA, Russia could assume total control over all US political systems. It would have completed the Transformation to a Communist system here in America.
Today there are three factions battling for control of the United States. #1) Is the American people, trying to maintain our Constitutional Free Republic, independence, and Sovereignty as a nation.
#2) Is Russia. Older American's can people remember when Michail Gorbachev pounded his fist on the desk at the United Nations back in the 1960's. Gorbachev said that Russia would never have to attack and invade America, We would eventually transform ourselves into a socialist society and GIVE it to them. This is what Putin and Russia was planning for. Russia was not trying to interfere in our elections, they thought they already had it made, it was a “DONE DEAL”. Hillary was going to be President and that was all there was to it.
The 3rd faction trying to take America is the United Nations and the “New World Order”. The globalists and Global banking financial cartels want complete control of all of America's wealth, all the land, minerals, resources, and all of America's wealth contained in the labor and human resources of it's people.

Neither of these other two world factions, (Russia or the New World Order globalists) expected the American people to stand up in sufficient masses to overturn the Hillary Clinton election.
This is why they are objecting so loudly, this is why they hate Donald Trump so much.

Mueller's investigation is hell-bent on removing Donald Trump as President. This is not only a witch hunt, it's a full fledged Coup D 'eta being staged against President Donald Trump and the American people by one or both of these other two factions.
It really doesn't matter which side Mueller and his team of Clinton Lawyers is fighting FOR, Either way they are fighting AGAINST America. Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama are Communists, John McCain and those who follow him are New World Order Globalists. Both of these two factions are hell-bent and dedicated to the final destruction of America. They despise America's Sovereignty, they hate our freedoms and liberty. They despise our American Constitution.

To them it IS just as Obama's Chicago preacher proclaimed, “It not GOD Bless America, oh no no,no, it's GOD DAMN America”.
To the good Chicago Communist preacher Reverend Jeremiah Wright I say TO HELL WITH YOU, GOD DAMN YOU SIR. And the same to the rest of these Communists and Globalists.
THIS IS AMERICA, America was founded on Christian beliefs, Christian standards. American's took it, we own it, and WE are keeping it. America IS One Nation Under GOD, and as long as we honor that commitment, and as long as we are willing to fight for it, then GOD WILL BLESS AMERICA. Just as he has for the past 240 years.


Wright (won't call him reverend, there's nothing reverent about him). Is wrong on so many levels. By his own words he knows not the One True God, he's a wolf in sheeps clothing. God does not damn anyone. Man damns himself. "For while we were yet sinners" God loved us and sent His Son as the propitiation for our sins. God takes no delight in the death of the unrighteous. He desires that "all" be saved. However, the gates of hell are closed from the "inside". We shut out God when we turn our backs on him. Death existed before Adam was created. But it was dead. "Death was dead". Adam had the power to bring death to life by disobeying Gods ONE commandment he was given. He disobeyed and death was given birth, and Adam and Eve and their offspring all died. As it was then, it is now. Jesus killed death! Scripture says by His sacrifice he now holds the keys of Hell, death and the grave. When we are in Christ death has no power over us. "O death, where is thy sting?" Death is eternal separation from God. In Christ we are eternally united with Him. America as a nation is dead though it lives because as a nation it has turned away from the One who created her. There is no hope for a person or a nation who lives in rebellion against their Creator. Gods Commandments are eternal and no person, society or Nation can continue or prosper or even live in harmony with others apart from His universal, divine laws and ordinances and instructions. Destruction might not come tomorrow or next week or next year because God is long suffering but as surly as He is patient he is also just and he must punish sin. Sin quiet simply is failing to observe and follow Gods instructions. It's literally translated "missing the mark" as when an archer misses the bullseye. As sure as there is forgiveness there is judgement. God could not be just if he were otherwise. We are not required by God to submit to or follow laws that are contrary to Gods Law for Gods law trumps mans law. Many have willingly laid down there lives because they refused to submit to ungodly rulers and their laws. I cannot speak for the nation, I cannot speak for others "But as for me and my house we will follow the Lord".
I was born an American and I will die an American who served but I will die as Gods servant first.....
Not happy with Trumps continual "Bravado". He should of made one statement that if N. Korea attacks anyone we will respond with overwhelming force and leave it at that.
He just has to respond to everything, and everybody. It's foolishness to get into a war of words with a fool. Not Presidential, not Presidential at all from where I'm sitting. Wish he had more dignity. Say it once, mean what you say and then do what you mean if it comes to that. Period.....

Speak softly carry a BIG stick

How about speak loud and clear. And be willing to give love and understanding through prayer.



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