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IMPORTANT: Something You Should Know About Straight Ticket Voting

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If you just vote a straight Republican ticket in NC

you will NOTvote for Gov. Romney for President

If using the "straight ticket" option on your ballot - vote in three steps:

1. Vote for Governor Romney for president

2. Vote Straight ticket option

3. Then vote for Judicial Contests and local non partisan contests.


North Carolina Straight Ticket Confusion

Voting Straight Ticket in North Carolina does NOT include the Presidential contest.

NC voters threw away 92,000 votes for President in 2004 because of confusing law. Other states report problems in ballot miscounts due to straight ticket programming errors.

"The offices of President and Vice President of the United States are not included in a Straight Party vote. This contest must be voted separately."

NC is the only state in the US where straight ticket voting does not count for President. Our state has one of the highest undervote rates for President in the Country

NC Straight Ticket Voting Facts:

President - straight ticket voting does not count for President You must vote separately for President.

Non Partisan - straight ticket doesn't count for non partisan contests (like Judicial).

Multi Seat Contests - If you vote straight ticket but you also cross over vote, your party choices are erased in that multi seat race.

You will have to go back and mark your party choices in that multi seat race.

Straight Ticket is optional. You do not have to select the "straight party". Just make your choices separately.

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Awesome advice. I will share this some christian friends in N.C. Dat is BAD thanks.

I can't understand why so many problems continue twelve years after the Bush/Gore dispute from 2000.  We have a Dept of Justice suing to stop PHOTO ID's after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in April of 2008 that PHOTO ID's are LEGAL AND CONSTITUTIONAL!  America NEEDS CONGRESS to address a national standard for presidential elections--including PHOTO ID's as requirements and STIFF FINES/MANDATORY JAIL TIMES FOR FRAUD!!  DemocRATS continue to ignore the problem telling America it rarely happens (vote FRAUD), they never tell YOU Rep Loretta Sanchez won her seat in House of Representatives in '95 with FRAUDULENT VOTES, Al Franken won his Senate seat in '10 with FRAUDULENT VOTES--that's two DemocRATS currently serving in Congress after winning with FRAUDULENT VOTES!

There should be laws against making anything so complicated on Voting Forms.  It seems that technology isn't always so the old days, you had a clear concise manner.  The names were written down, you marked one or the other. There has been a lot of complaints, regarding the fact, that the wording of Propositions are so convoluted, now why is this???  You bet you know, to trick the Voter into thinking he is voting for something, and in reality he is doing the opposite, because some over-educated Lawyer got to compose the wording.

Up dating my recent blog, I in fact talked to several NC Christians this am and each and everyone agreed/ replied as  Mr Jo Gonzalez did, Proposal written to do something uses an old expression that it was written by a Philadelphia lawyer.. My how times have changed. Blessings to all



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