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Heading back to DC to Counter the Muslims on March 3rd...Please Join Us If You Can

I can't stand the thought that our wonderful and so very brave military might see these miscreants all over our White House unopposed!!!!  We promised them "You keep fighting over there for all of us and we'll keep fighting over here for all of you!"  I believe this has everything to do with our troops and the jihadi's way of undermining their efforts and messing with their "hearts and minds."  I will be there to mess with their hearts and minds, along with others.  The general thought is that military support groups will not officially oppose, however folks who can make it will attend, as Americans in opposition
It is still not determined whether these 3 terrorists have their VISA to enter the US.   Capitol  Police have not seen a permit request filed with any Muslim group as of yet.  I was told a permit request could also possibly go thru the Park Police or the Secret Service. WHATEVER, I will be there just in case and I hope those in the area will join us. 
My fear is that even if the psycho terrorists do not get their VISA, they may activate their "cells" to make a show.  This too may be their practice run to see how things go for their big splash on July 4th in DC.  Now that is really infuriating folks, they think they are going to make our Independence Day theirs!  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  from this website:  " to begin the difficult process of post 9/11 healing."  
What a sIap in the face of our troops and our 9/11 families, I think we'd all like to give them a reason to heal!!  I also read the March will denounce terrorism, well that is a little difficult to believe when CAIR is one of the Sponsors of their March.  CAIR has been identified by the government at trial as a participant in an ongoing and ultimately unlawful conspiracy to support a designated terrorist organization, Hamas.
So please, make preparations to be in DC on the 4th of July to counter the Million Muslim March and help me start spreading the word.  If you are in or near the DC area or you know folks who are, please ask them to join us in LaFayette Park on Thursday. Their rally shows a time of 12-4pm.  I will be in the park around 10am.  Hope to see you there!
Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers

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Go to DC March 3 with Pastor Terry Jones - he is my Senior Pastor and we are working hard to get ppl to this event. If you have questions about Dr Jones, please ask!! I have been a member of the church for 20 years and FULLY support the Pastor's stand against Islam: The sign in our yard: ISLAM IS OF THE DEVIL, the T Shirts we wear, BURN the KORAN DAY, JUDGE the KORAN DAY. Don't listen to negative talk and media - ask us. Dr Terry Jones is a man of God, of the highest moral and ethical standards. He loves America and is pro-military, pro-Israel, pro-the Bible and the Word of God, with all his heart.  Thanks and glad to be part of this group.

info on Choudary Counter Rally 352 371 2487

Pastor Terry Jones is the Guy that was going to burn a quran on the 9/11 anniversary. His Church is the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida. This so-called Church is in and out of the news and you can look them up with ease. He is associated with the now defunct Maranatha Campus Ministries from his beginnings and a Church in Germany that has several reports about it that are unnerving. The Westboro Baptist Church and Dove World Outreach Center have supported each other on many of the despicable acts that they have each carried out. The support has been posted on their respective websites and can be looked up if you care.


Christliche Gemeinde Koln is the Church in Germany that cut ties with Jones. His daughter still lives there and has even corroborated reports of mental abuse of the congregation and financial improprieties to start with.




i will be in DC on the 3rd.


this is not an issue of whether or not anyone agrees with dr. jones - this is about each and every american making a decision as to when they have had enough of this creeping shariah, and when they will make a stand.


unfortunately there are far to many americans that are to lazy and/or self-absorbed to go out and make a stand.  they are content to go on about their own personal business and let someone else fight their battles for them.

1,000,000 terrorists and supporters, damned that would be one hell of  napalm strike... Still I will say to any one who can go to the counter demonstration, get there, make our voiced heard!

twana - i wouldn't even get bothered about putting out press releases etc etc.  people should just focus on being there as singular american citizens.  i am not involved with terry jones, i don't care about him or his group, whatever actions they take they are not speaking for me, and i would not get distracted by press releases etc etc. 


our country is in grave peril and individual people should wake up to that and stop trying to figure out which group they are with and which one they don't like and which one they want to out etc etc etc.  while all of this nonsense is going on the muslims are laughing at us and continuing their infiltration.


we are all adults and we should start acting like it

twana - i apologize if i gave the wrong impression with my late night rant last night. in fact i am a good friend of the woman who wrote the letter that is the topic of this thread, and i will be standing with her in DC on thursday.  further, i am am deeply involved in the troop support movement and have attended COUNTLESS counter-rallies against the likes of code pink, moveon, ANSWER, IVAW etc etc etc.


i did research on ms. ingram, and you are quite right about her.  i have forwarded out that info to the people that i know who are attending the rally.  i never had any intention of joining the jones rally and march to the WH.


i guess i was just a bit tired when i posted, and made my point in a rather convoluted manner.  so, by way of trying to repair that, i will try to rephrase my comments.......... here goes:

1. screw jones and his group - this is not about trying to figure him or his group out.  if you don't like them (which i don't) forget them and don't waste any more time on them.  he will be there, and that is none of our concern, other than not associating with him.  don't waste time on press releases about jones - FOCUS ON THE TERRORISTS.

2. MAKE AN EFFORT TO BE IN DC ON THURSDAY - far too many people are self-absorbed, and sitting on their backsides and letting other people do the work for them.  DO NOT use jones's group presence as a reason to not attend.  this is not about jones, this is about our country.  we are all adults, we can manage to ignore jones, and we should start acting like adults as regards making the effort to stand for our country.


again, twana. i apologize for my obscure comments last night, and i remain yours in the fight!



phew!! i am glad that we got that cleared up, and again i apologize for my intial convoluted comments.  thank you for your clarifications as i was concerned that this would divert out into a discussion about the jones group, and the focus be off of the terrorists......... screw jones - i have always been a bit concerned about him, even though some of the major talk shows (mark levin, i think) have interviewed him about thursdays rally.


truth be told i got kind of ticked off last night and perhaps was doing a rant; i am less worried about the appearance of the jones group than i am about the NON-APPEARANCE of hordes of patriotic americans.  far far too often i have attended counter-protests where there were only a few of there, yet bunches of people on these talk threads wishing us luck and telling us that they were with us in spirit.  and to them i say SHAME ON YOU - i don't need your spirit or your well-wishes; get up and get out there. - your country needs you.  if the terry jones's of the country capture the headlines, it is because you stayed home and they didn't.

bev is coming from IL, i am coming from NJ - we are not in the DC area.  we sacrifice our time, effort, and finances to stand for our country.  let's see a few more people put their money where their mouth is.


twana - thank you for all that you are doing by running this site.

i agree with col riley - anyone within a 250 mile radius can be there and home within the day.   Oklahoma is pretty far away!!!   but i trust that when (and if we all don't stand up, it will be "when". and not "if") shariah hits the shores of OK, you will be the first on line at the counter-protest!

we are continuing to fight the good fight here in the NYC metro area to combat the GZ mosque

Only one muslin came to pray. What happened?

we had about 150 patriot sin attendance.  only one muslim showed up and started to do his prayers.  he actually looked like he was mentally ill (but then, a lot of them look that way).


we had a very good press conf featuring frank gaffney.

twana - i just got back home, and will be getting hold of the videos and reports - will forward to you.


as ever, it feels good to stand with patriots!!


perhaps one of the oddest aspects was that terry jones was there, and that everyone avoided him and his group like the plague. he was with only a small group - he said that many people dropped out after choudary cancelled.  anyway, i went to talk to jones to inquire about this connection with the WBC.  he was not unaware of my concerns, and he replied by saying that his church stood only one time with the WBC in a mutual protest against the rise of open homosexuality within the christian churches.  he directly denounced the WBC for it's treatment of our soldiers, and he said that his church has put out youtube videos expressing their support of our troops.  i assured him that his hook-up with the WBC is of grave concern to many many people, and that it has alienated people from him.  he was gracious and acknowledged that he was aware of people's anger about the WBC issue.


 frank gaffney gave a very good press conference with speakers from the 911 families, liberty alliance, and bev perlson, to name a few.

Your report is most welcomed Carolyn..........thank you and all the others so much for standing arm in arm for our nation, our principles, freedom and liberty in God..........



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