Hello Patriots! It's 12:43 am....I just got in...but I added a new tab to the top of the page. It's called March on DC memories. Please post all of your DC videos, pictures, writings, etc. there.

Hello Patriots!

It's 12:43 am Monday Morning....I just got in...I added a new tab to the top of the page. It's called March on DC memories. Please post all of your DC videos, pictures, writings, etc. there. When you click the tab it will take you to the discussion forum that we have made specifically for this.

The March on DC Rocked! The Capitol Police told the security workers that there was 2.1 MILLION Patriot Marchers. I will take the Capitol Polices word any day over the msm's lies. Plus - WE WERE THERE AND WE KNOW THE TRUTH!


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I have been to many rallies, demonstrations in DC, and other cities, as a worker and marcher, BUT I have never been more proud and honored to be part of anything. than I was as a volunteer of this March when...as you put it...the March on DC Rocked.

Working as a volunteer just past Freedom Plaza towards the Capitol, I had the opportunity to talk with one of the supervisors of the DC police. He said as soon as the last runner in the 5K race passed this location and he moved his police cars, which was sooner than the original planned start time, he was going to let them ( marchers) start moving. He commented the streets, some over a mile in many directions were so packed that he needed to starts things moving to open some of the streets.

As one of the officers said at that time, its close to 1.6 and smiling he said, since the million man march, we can't speak on the record. Naturally we all smiled.

What a great day for America.

Our work has just begun, as we must continue in this struggle for the values and freedoms that many have fought and died for. I really believe our forfathers / founders are proud of what took place on 9-12-09 in DC and across America.

God Bless America for finally waking up and now we must keep each other awake and strive for what we all believe in....America and her values. We must stay focused on 2010 and stay united in voting out the trash that seek their own agenda's at OUR - AMERICA'S expense.

Thank you and all those that worked so hard in making this a day that will forever be part of our history.

I was in front of the Capitol and could hear an echo of the cheering coming from behind me off in the distance.
It was not an echo as I first thought.
It was to my surprise people all the way back to the Washington Monument.
I was humbled ...proud to be an American. ...CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW! ...to the revolution!

bill, a 48%er!
America kept coming and coming........as late as 2PM on 912, patriots were still streaming down the mall from the Washington Monument toward the US Capitol.......

The march was literally elbow to elbow....the situation would make a sardine blush.....we were one gigantic, happy, peaceful, courteous, uplifted, encouraged, united, and blessed by God.

While some were suprised at the gigantic turnout, we at PFA knew in our hearts the under current in America was about to bubble over....it did on 912 with over a million enthusiastic patriots......what a wonderful experience to lock arms, stand shoulder to shoulder, back to back with Americans demanding our country back......

While many that wanted to be there couldn't, it was the team effort leading up to the event that set the stage for America to rise up........God bless everyone for the faith in America.........we hope those of us that were able to attend represented you well, with class, dignity, and worthy of our great American heritage........
We were so disappointed that we were unable to attend this bountiful overflowing of Patriots For America. We are humbled and proud of all of those who attended. As tears run down my face while I am posting this message, I just want all of you to know how much we thank each of you for the hard work that went into this accomplishment. Even though we were unable to go, without a doubt, I know that Col. Harry Riley knows that our minds, hearts and soul followed you there. God Bless all of you, God Bless our Troops and God Bless America. The Threadgills
Jackie - Bo:

You was there, on our right and on our left as millions of other true Americans were, you were one of the many reasons we were there doing our part for those that couldn't be there on that day. We all are tired of OUR AMERICA - WE THE PEOPLE - being torn apart and trampled on by crooks and liars taking advantage of OUR America for their own agenda. Your voice's were heard the same time ours were and make no mistake about it, WE were heard..

And now we must continue on main street America and the back yards of America and the living rooms of America, letting our voice's be heard as loud as we can...NO MORE...NO MORE will we stand by and see OUR AMERICA be torn apart and we will take a stand to remove those that are staining and ripping apart our Constitution.

2010 elections will be one of our major, if not THE major battle ground to remove the crooks in Washington and take back what OUR forfathers gave to us. The first volley was fired and we will be silent no more.

God Bless you and God Bless America
Thank you, Harold. Thank you for attending the March in DC, helping to represent all of America. I just joined the Delware Group and would like to invite you to join the Alabama Group if you could see your way clear to do so. We can't stop now. We must continue to hold our Representatives and Senators accountable for the corruption, waste, etc. If they are not handling America's business as they should, then we must work to replace them in 2010.
Just send me the link, it would be my pleasure, my email is yankeevet@aol.com.

only 4 of 100
Going to Your tab now,this may take a minute..?
I'm gonna try this one more time,I am not savvy enough,I guess,to
string the pics like some folks,let's have a look.If not,I'll put them on My page.

I will post pics on Your link shortly.I'm sorry I missed the rally-point but the damn bus was 4-1/2 hours
late dropping Us,1/2 block south of Madison,10:45 am,boogied up to 15th and constitution as fast as
I could,but it was 11 by the time I got there,and Y'all were long gone.I boogied some more to Freedom
Plaza,and ran smack into a crowd the likes of which I had never seen before.Without cell#'s to call,I had
no idea where PFA was,was looking for shirts like Mine,but in a crowd of 2 million good luck with that!!

I regret not meeting with My friends here,You especially,but make no mistake,I WAS THERE!!

We made history,and I will brag forevermore that I was there.
My biggest regret was not meeting up with PFA,like I had planned,I basically walked the crowd alone,
but had a great and exhilerating time of it.

My husband and I were also volunteers for the March. We were positioned on the corner of 13th and Pennsylvania and were assisting the police in keeping 13th street open for the 5K foot race that was taking place before the start of the March. One officer stated "we were not prepared for this...". Another commented to my husband, "I have never seen such a civilized crowd." WOW! for over a million people in attendance this is quite a compliment.

Once the foot race was over, it was a flood of people headed for Pennsylvania Ave. One second I could see my husband, the next I had no idea where he was. It took us about a half of an hour to find each other and we were only about 45 feet apart. I felt like a salmon swimming upstream when I tried to get back to the corner. As volunteers, we were asked to wait until the end of the March to join in. We waited nearly 2 hours before we were able to join the March.

This is, by far, the Greatest Event I have ever been a part of. I met so many people...3 young people (late teens to early 20's) from Hawaii, a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary - their children and grandchildren pooled money and sent them as their gift. I saw a young couple with a 2 week old baby, I saw people in wheelchairs, using walkers, I saw men and women in their 70's and 80's, and every age old and young alike.

I had to choke back tears of joy and pride many times throughout the course of the day.

We were unable to attend Walter Reed Friday night due to the fact that there was a bomb threat at Freedomworks Headquarters. We were helping to get things ready fro the March and about 3:45 or so, were asked to evacuate the building. Our van was parked under the building so we had to wait for the bomb-sniffing dogs to go through and the police to give to ok. We waited more than an hour before the all clear was given. By then, it was late and we couldn't get there in time.

Another reason we can all hold our heads high - that place was as clean or cleaner than when we arrived. Even though the garbage cans were overflowing, people still picked up after themselves and set their garbage beside the garbage cans. My husband and I helped a young woman pick up and bag the small stuff because she was afraid it would blow around. Even the police commented on how clean we left that place. Stop and think what it looked like after the inaugeration - knee deep in garbage. So, congrats everyone! Not only on being a part of history and marching, but for showing the country that we are a responsible, respectful and caring bunch.

Not one incident, not one arrest (as far as I've heard) with over a million people gathered together. Can the other side say that?

Also, I would like to thank John & Polly - without them we wouldn't have been able to attend this great event.




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