Would You Please Click Here to Order John Boehner Some New Balls?
I guess Barack Obama took John Boehner’s balls because Boehner is playing with the President’s balls instead of his own.

That’s sad. I mean, think about this. For the last three months, the GOP actively campaigned against Barack Obama’s planned amnesty action while the Democrats attacked the GOP for a government shut down. You could be forgiven for thinking the GOP just got its ass kicked in the last election given the way the GOP leadership is behaving.

Boehner is going to join Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) and keep Barack Obama’s executive amnesty plan going. He’s lining up votes with Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to make sure the President’s amnesty is funded.

Obama threw all these balls in the air and Boehner is fetching them for him. It’s just kind of depressing.

So I figured Boehner must have lost his own balls. I got on Amazon. Here’s are three balls! And they’re blue! They even claim to be “longer lasting.”

I think John Boehner could use these. Maybe if we give John Boehner some balls of his own, he’ll start playing with his own instead of Barack Obama’s on this executive amnesty nonsense.

You can mail John Boehner some balls by clicking here and sending them to this address:

Rep. John Boehner
76 East High Street, 3rd Floor
Springfield, OH 45502
(937) 322-1120

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No, he'd probably tell us, "Not tonight, I have a headache"!

I believe that even if we gave boehner a new pair, he wouldn't know what to do with them, he's a wolf in pink panties!  The American People placed their faith and trust in the Republicans during the midterm elections.  I was hoping that instead of a bunch of disorganized whimps they would rally together and become blood and guts no nonsense leaders.  I hope that they don't disappoint America, again!

Ordered for delivery as requested.  Didn't have a spot to add a gift card so I hope it makes sense to the idiot. I have my doubts that it will but it is worth the attempt.

It's bad enough we've had to suffer with Obongo for all these years and now when we will finally have control of Congress and the Senate in January he makes Republicans look weak and brainless. Boner really needs to grow a new set and stop kissing Opuko's butt.

Please tell me this was all a bad nightmare.

Get ready Janet, because Bonner, and yes I spelled it wrong for an intended reason, the whiner will NOT defund Immigration, nor will he, nor McConnell will execute an Impeachment order and arrest of the Resident of the white house. We will be in a Call to Arms soon, then Congress, both houses will find out exactly how pissed off the American people are in this country. I hope it doesn't come to this, but not one single person in either house will do what needs to happen.

My worst fears are becoming a reality.  We put our trust and faith in the Republicans, during the midterm elections, hoping that they would transform from whiners and do nothings to blood and guts leaders.  That hasn't happened and we should all feel betrayed.  I think that what we're up against is the same old lies and deception with different faces!  I think you're right, a CALL TO ARMS might just be necessary to let our corrupt and incompetent government know that we mean business!  I'm not a war monger but, I will gladly sacrifice my life for my children and grandchildren.....Clois, I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.  Be Well.

And a Happy and Merry Christmas, and blessings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and his father, Amen. This Christmas will probably be the last for quite a while, and probably the last for those who get the Call to Arms, as I expect to happen very, very shortly....God Bless, All and if you are not right with our Lord, Jesus Christ, then find some Christians that are not afraid to tell you the Truth and make the leap to a thriving Christian yourself. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE !!!

Clois:  I've never been a very religious person, I've always had trouble turning the other cheek.  I hear a lot of people saying, "pray for America", that's all and good but, there are times when prayers don't mean anything to your adversary, it's all about who is willing to sacrifice the most!  I will sacrifice anything, with the exception of my children and grandchildren.  We are dealing with rebellion, invasions and a religious war, all at the same time.  Pray, but get your guns ready and keep them at the ready because, I sincerely believe that HELL is upon US!  Be Well.

I am already there my friend, but putting my trust in the Man upstairs because he will drive this contest between Good and Evil, using our brothers and sisters to do the job.

I am afraid I have to agree with you my friend ! 

Boehner is a sissy.



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