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Would You Please Click Here to Order John Boehner Some New Balls?
I guess Barack Obama took John Boehner’s balls because Boehner is playing with the President’s balls instead of his own.

That’s sad. I mean, think about this. For the last three months, the GOP actively campaigned against Barack Obama’s planned amnesty action while the Democrats attacked the GOP for a government shut down. You could be forgiven for thinking the GOP just got its ass kicked in the last election given the way the GOP leadership is behaving.

Boehner is going to join Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) and keep Barack Obama’s executive amnesty plan going. He’s lining up votes with Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to make sure the President’s amnesty is funded.

Obama threw all these balls in the air and Boehner is fetching them for him. It’s just kind of depressing.

So I figured Boehner must have lost his own balls. I got on Amazon. Here’s are three balls! And they’re blue! They even claim to be “longer lasting.”

I think John Boehner could use these. Maybe if we give John Boehner some balls of his own, he’ll start playing with his own instead of Barack Obama’s on this executive amnesty nonsense.

You can mail John Boehner some balls by clicking here and sending them to this address:

Rep. John Boehner
76 East High Street, 3rd Floor
Springfield, OH 45502
(937) 322-1120

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Oh Hell, we all know that!  Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Boehner was afraid  this was going to happen since he and the rest of congress is operating and is in transition from constitutional to U.N. treaty rule.  Now he is going to have to construct some new and deceiving  rhetoric to hide his complicity.  And that's hard to do when one is full of wine and a half bottle is still sitting on the table.

Furthermore, the transition isn't complete until the street proletarian's finish their chaotic destruction just in time for  the American version of Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) to gain a decisive edge, and have some stooge declare him to be the on-going master.   Barak Obama, Dictator of the American proletariat.  That's a long way from Kenya!

No one will ever force me to abide by anything the UN declares!  This is America, my country, so don't you dare try to impose your sorry ass rules and regulations on me!  

His blue ball are on the way! I'm sure he would rather have a new white flag for Christmas.

I'm sorry, blue balls are reserved for Christmas Trees and horny men!  Since, he doesn't qualify as either, instead of balls in his stocking Santa's going to leave him some kidney stones!

Just sent him a set ....feels pretty awesome ! 

Oh no!  Johnny, you didn't send him a pair of canine balls, I couldn't stand watching him humping Hillary's leg!

I have noticed that some when the reach a level of responsibility,  They forget, that the chore of getting rid of the garbage is still their job.



Yep!  But, I really believe that Boehner would have a problem carrying himself out with the garbage!  I wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas......Stay Well.

John Boehner has established himself as a brown noseing TWIT.  My female Schnauser has bigger balls than he does.

If Boehner wants to play with the resident liar's balls why doesn't he just stick his tongue out.  

As Hildebeast hollered out "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?"

Write a customer review after you purchase them. Sent him a pair    /OO\    and a spare    /O\



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