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UPDATE.........UPDATE..........HELP FREE TERRY TRUSSELL (Share this flyer from Wendell Beattie)

About one year ago, Terry Trussell, a 72 year old combat veteran of the Vietnam War, a patriot, sought to exercise his 1st amendment right to petition the government for a redress of grievances via the Dixie County Florida Grand Jury. The judicial system, the state attorney and judge blocked his efforts.

Terry then participated in a People's Grand Jury under Common Law of Dixie County; the result was two true bills of presentment that he provided to the Clerk of Court for filing. How the court viewed the Common Law Grand Jury as a legal body in Dixie County Florida is unclear.

After the People’s Grand Jury action, what ensued was a year of several incarcerations and trial by jury where Terry was convicted on five of the fourteen felony charges brought against him by the state of Florida. He is currently serving his sentence of 105 months in the state prison system. To add to the situation, Terry has never previously been charged with or convicted of a crime. He is not a threat to society.

During Terry’s sentencing, the judge said that his service to his country occurred too long ago to be taken into account for reduction of Terry's sentence. When does taking an oath to serve our country, essentially signing a blank check up to and including one's life to the United States of America go out of date? Never! Terry Trussell should not be in prison.

Help Terry fight this injustice by donating to his appeal fund at !

For more information go to the website and search for Terry Trussell or scroll down to the bottom of the page. You can view interviews and the trial at with a search for Terry Trussell Dixie County.


Click on “online docket” and enter last four of case number  3763
The appeal filing can be seen on the Florida District Court of Appeals website. The case number is: 1D 16-3763. When you put in the number, you see the docket. There is not a great deal there at this point. As with the first trial, the docket builds as the case develops.
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Thank you for the information.

bring this to Donald Trumps attention >

Lt.Comd. Fitzpatrick is also been in jail for bring up charges against BO ? the Bundys as well, all that try to defend the Constitution? politico prison PERIOD may God help us all amen

bringing up charges typo


Click on “online docket” and enter last four of case number  3763
The appeal filing can be seen on the Florida District Court of Appeals website. The case number is: 1D 16-3763. When you put in the number, you see the docket. There is not a great deal there at this point. As with the first trial, the docket builds as the case develops.
Help with funding below:

This man is innocent.  I am positive that Donald Trump is the only person that can help him.  The judge is crooked.  There are two men who are crooked, too. The man who offered the bribe and the one who took the bribe to put in place Common Core in the Florida Educational System.  Folks, keep education at the local level to prevent this type of thing from happening.  This is what happens in tyranny:  all decisions come from the top--the are centralized!!!

Re: Common Core

“Where did Common Core come from?” is a question I often hear from parents as I travel the country speaking about the Islamic infiltration of America.

Because in 2014-15 America, public school students via Common Core are:

• Participating in public school-sponsored trips to mosques via taxpayer expense, girls must wear head scarves (Colorado parents complain)

Debating whether or not the Holocaust was “merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain,” (an eighth-grade assignment defended by the Rialto Unified School District, Los Angeles)

Pledging allegiance in Arabic (New York)

Observing two “Muslim holy days,” (New York City)

Being taught Islamic vocabulary lessons (North Carolina)

Being taught Islamic culture (Tennessee)

Being taught world history from Islamic perspective (Florida) that includes learning about the five pillars of Islam (Maryland father, a Marine Corps veteran, complains and is banned from school grounds)

Told to proselytize by creating a pamphlet about Islam to “introduce Islam to 3rd graders” that introduces Allah to children as the same God of the Christians and Jews (Michigan)

Reciting in class the Shahada, “There is No God but Allah,” and the Muslim call to prayer (Massachusetts)

Common Core origins

The short answer is that President Obama’s push for “hope and change” translates into completely transforming America — for the worse.

Common Core is but one of many parts of an intricate plan to infiltrate every area of American society with Islam.

Which is why, Common Core’s origin and funding came from Qatar, Libya and Saudi Arabia.

Globally, Common Core originated from the “One World Education” concept, a global goal orchestrated by the Connect All Schools program. Its origin is funded by the Qatar Foundation International (QFI). The director of QFI’s Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics is Tariq Ramadan, grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder, Hassan al-Banna.

Judith, great find and post, Thanks. Good work.
This garbage is what Terry Trussell ran into. There is now no doubt about that three + Million dollar bribe Terry uncovered with the Dixie County School Board. I believe the origins of the Common-Core curriculum  stem from the Communist manifesto, the total indoctrination of our school age children. The Islamic part of all this come straight out of the White House and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Believe me they are more than happy and willing to incorporate their Islamic doctrines into the Communists teachings.The part that really amazes me is the numbers of our own American citizens and School administrators that are willing to sell their souls and implement this treason just for a few bucks and to "save" their jobs.from
Texas has banned Common Core Curriculum from being taught in Texas Schools, but that doesn't mean they have given up and simply gone away. They are still trying down in Austin and Houston. Both heavily Democratic regions of the state. The big problem is that they have hidden it from the parents, people don't know about it.



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