Did you know that we, the American people, were just forced to cosign a loan in order to send seven billion dollars to Pakistan. I know this doesn’t sound like a lot when compared to the 700 billion we cosigned for with the Bush bailout plan. Nor does it sound like a lot when compared to the Obama stimulus package, which amounted to another 700 billion dollar loan. The amount is not the point. The fact is that we are supporting terrorism. I don’t like the fact that our president is sending MY money, which I have not even earned yet, to support terrorists. I know the Pakistani government says that they are our friends, but their behavior proves otherwise. They will say anything to our face in order to get the aid money. However, we can find many examples of their actions which prove that they are anything but friends. How many times do we have to be snookered before we realize that we are being scammed. I for one am sick of being fleeced by these terrorists. We look like fools in the eyes of the world. I am not against charity, but charity is an individual choice and above all goes to support a cause that you believe in. Charity is also given from the excess of ones wealth, not when one lacks the means to give. Only an idiot would go into debt, to give money that they could never pay back to a cause, even if the cause is worthy. Why should the American people go into debt, to give money that we have no hope of paying back, in order to support a country that is our enemy and will help other enemies who have vowed to destroy us. This is lunacy. This would be like me giving my gun to the thug that wants to rob me. How stupid are we? We need to get this government under control. I am tired of being played the fool. GET THESE FOOLS OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT.

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All we need to do is have a tax revolt. Either that or just a plain revolt. Either one would work. Heck....why not both?
If we revolt outright then not paying taxes is a give in. However, if we stop paying taxes then we will be arrested so we might as well revolt. The problem with either of these scenarios is that you have to have a massive participation. Unfortunately we have a long way to go before we can implement that plan. In the mean time we have to do things that will work. Our founding fathers set up an imperfectly great system. The problem is that we need to get our elected representatives to follow the system. I'm not totally convinced that we can't fix what is wrong with our system. One reason it has fallen so far is people like me who refused to participate in the system until it reached critical mass. For that I repent. My plan is to try to reach as many of the non-voters as possible.



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