Constitutional Emergency

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There ain't never no good in communism ......but then you got to remember the good 'ol U.S. of A. is the melting pot of the World and all I got to say is when these communist wanna be's are haulin [---] out of here after we get done with them, they will forever more have a part of this Great land imbedded in them......Come to think about it, communism never wins,they stir up the stink then get stuck in it and even if they accidently take over a country someone with a higher agenda comes along and kills them,they think they got one over us but what they don't know is that once their gone we Americans alway's can straighten out the mess they made,might take awhile , but we will.

Leisa, it's great to see your comments to my post again.

I've missed you.

It's good to be back,got knocked off the air for a bit,but I haven't stopped sayin whats on my mind and I fully beleive as of right now the skull dugery is on, gasoline is sky rocketing,the cost of food has blasted off,we got a Government on the brink of a shut down........I think all of this is a distraction of what is really going on or about to happen,they know if the American Public can be tricked once , it can be tricked again and you have to remember that every time gas and food goes up something bad takes place,most people are too  worried about how they will be able to get gas to go to work,cause if they got to pay high prices for it they can't afford to buy food for the home......Let's start a petition to become a bill to become a law,that gasoline in our States can NOT be over a $1.50 a gallon no matter what!,I think with what competition there is left in the food world it will handle it's self,the Government did'nt get them all and I do know a little about gas and oil,there are two hundred thousand year's worth of it right here in the United States in CAPPED OFF OIL WELLS! , maybe they can distract some of us,but they sure would'nt expect this to happen back at them! 

Leisa, you are right on. There certainly is no oil shortage. There is certainly no supply shortage either.

But fuel prices are no longer controlled by supply and demand (ie: free enterprize) It is controlled by

those 'evil speculators'. You are also right that there is at least 250 yrs worth of oil under American

territorial control. Why there is more oil under Wyoming than is under Saudi Arabia.

While I have never been accused of being a conspiracy type, what no one is paying attention to is

beside this administration accumulating more debt than all other admin.'s put together, they have also

doubled the amount of acres under government control, and it could be just a coincident, but 90%

of the acreage that has been aquired in the last 2 years, has 65% of America's oil reserves under it.

Can we all say 'more backdoor Cap and Trade'.     

you are right about the Government land grab and the oil and gas under them,those thousand oil well's that were capped off in the 60's are in there.they hold enough gas and oil to supply the U.S. for over two hundred thousand years... I know ,I helped cap them off!,...We have a corupt form of Government that must be stopped and changes must be made,....I firmly beleive that through communication and the use of freedom of speech, our Constitutional right,we can ,We WILL MAKE A DIFFERANCE.



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